Chapter 1180 - The Xuan-Yuan Sword Leaves the Mountain



The entire mountain range suddenly rumbled. Countless boulders came tumbling down, and the ground shook beneath their feet.


Jackdaw, and the experts of the top demon and yao experts simultaneously opened their eyes and looked toward the mountain range. 


The seemingly endless mountain range had split down the center. The rift emanated dazzling golden light. A single sword dug its way through the mountains amidst that golden flow.


A naked woman sat curled up beside the blade as it floated up and into the air.


“The Xuan-Yuan Sword!” All three experts exclaimed practically simultaneously. The tigerstriped man from the yao camp was the first to react. He swung his hands outward, sending two vicous gusts in both directions.


They  were clearly intended to hinder Jackdaw and the swordbearing human leader’s ovements. Although it only bought him an instant, the yao had still created distance between him and the other two and taken the lead.


“Dammit!” Jackdaw and the swordsman glared and curse. However, even as they swore, their hands took action. Their hands rapidly twisted into seals and several spiritual arts flew forth.


“Ol’ Crow, Ol’ Chen, I, Saint Yin Hu, shall accept the Xuan-Yuan Sword.” The tigerstriped middle-aged man at the forefront laughed uproariously, andwhen he got within a thousand feet of the mountain range, he roared. His right hand transformed into a tiger’s claw, and with a single swipe he seemed to shatter the entire mountain range. He reached out and reached for the Xuan-Yuan Sword and its sword spirit.


His fist had destroyed heaven and earth. The air pressure betneath it had increased hundreds of times.


The very earth showed signs of collapsing in on itself.


“Come here, you.” Jackdaw and the swordsman tried to stop him, but the tigerstriped man’s attack was too fast. Before they could even finish unleashing their attacks, the yao expert had reached tehs word. 




His fist collided with the mountains with a deafening boom.


The tigerstriped middle-aged man’s eyes glowed with pure excitement, but before long, his expression changed. The mountains’ barrier flashed with brilliant light, shattering the giant hands he’d summoned into pieces. When the right of the two giant hands shattered, the skin and bones of actual right hand splintered and cracked, leaving him riddled with wounds.


“Ungh.” He le tout a low grunt, clutched his wounded arm, and retreated. All the other yao supremes rushed to his side, and Jackdaw and the human swordsman laughed so hard, they couldn’t contain themselves.


“Tch tch tch, you yao have really disappointed me. You’re always so brainless, but no wonder! You’re nothing but beasts. You might take on our forms, but you can never become true humans or demons!”


Jackdaw smirked at the tigerstriped man’s injuries but didn’t let up. “Saint Yin Yu, you’re really tarnished the name ‘saint!’”


The other yaos’ eyes revealed their fury, and Yin Hu’s expression darkened, but he made no effort to retort. He simply sat quietly to the side, took out an herb, and tossed it into his mouth.

While it entered his mouth, the air around him lit up, and his right arm’s wounds started knitting together before their very eyes; this was obviously no ordinary medicinal grass.”


‘Tch, tch, tch, is this how yao live nowadays? That’s a proper divine grass, but you didn’t refine it, and simply ate it straight…. Truly a waste of a heavenly treasure,” said Jackdaw, feigning envy as an excuse to keep mocking him.


“Aren’t you just jealous?” the tigerstriped Yin Hu snorted and rose to his feet. His arm was now as good as new. He glanced coolly at Jackdaw and said disdainfully, “we yao might not have much, but we have no lack of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. So what if I eat unrefined divine herbs? Do you think our home is like you demons’ barren wasteland of a home where you can barely even grow weeds? You buy all the supplies you use to refine medicine from us!”


“Fine, but you’d prefer to swallow pills too, but how many of you yao are even capable of refining divine medicine?” jeered Jackdaw. “No matter how many herbs you have, so what? In the end, you still have to buy your medicine from us demons. Where on earth do you get the nerve to act so uppity?”


Yin Hu’s expression was unsightly. It was true; the Yao Realm had abundant natural resources, with divine grasses all over the place. However, it was just like Jackdaw said; yao’s innate talent for pill refining was inferior to humans and demons. Throughout the entire Yao Realm, you could count the number of experts capable of refining divine medicine on your hands. 


Watching the yao and demons insult each other, the swordbearing human expert felt a little embarrassed. Both of htem had brought up humans, and he felt somewhat attacked.


“Jackdaw, Yin Hu, can you shut up?” The swordsman stepped forward to act as a mediator. “That’s just how demon territory is; it’s not suited to growing herbs. That’s not their fault. Yao, meanwhile, aren’t good at refining medicine, and besides…. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Five Elements Great Emperor rounded up practically every yao pill refiner, talisman master, or artifact refiner, dealing a grave blow to the entire Yao Realm’s vitality. Everyone has their weakpoints, so pipe down, okay? We didn’t come all the way here just to argue, right?”


“Chen Jiannan, shut up. Just looking at you humans pisses me off,’ Jackdaw snorted at him.


Surprisingly, the yao and demons had found common ground. The tigerstriped man sneered at the swordsman as well. Humans were the best at pill refining, and the best pill refiners around were all humans. As for medicinal herbs and resources, humans were no worse off than yao.


Furthermore, humans almost universally cultivated faster than yao and demons. After surviving divine tribulation, their strength immediately shot up….


Humans had countless innate advantages, almost as if they were loved by fate. Who wouldn’t be irritated?


Chen Jiannian seemed well-tempered. Despite the way Yin Hu and Jackdaw treated him, he laughed.


“Fine, fine, I’ll just apologize on behalf of human kind, so calm down, okay guys?” He laughed amiably, but the next moment, his expression darkened. He looked at the curled up sword spirit and the Xuan-Yuan Sword and frowned. ‘It’s not so easy to take, is it?”


“Why won’t you ask Yin Hu? He just experienced it for himself. Hey Yin Hu, what was it like?” said Jackdaw.


“Why should I tell you?” Yin Hu sneered, but responded nevertheless, ‘that attack just now contained a hand from my supreme dharma body. I used my full ninth-stage sky supreme power, but when I struck, the barrier protecting the Xuan-Yuan Sword and its sword spirit rebounded with miraculous power and shattered my Dharma Body’s right arm.” 


“Should we… just wait until they fuse?” Chen Jiannan frowned.


“Hmph, the way I see it, there’s no need,” said Jackdaw with a cold laugh. “If you ask me, the sword and swort spirit are waiting for someone!”



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