Chapter 118 Low EQ Gu Tian came again

Chapter 118 – Low EQ Gu Tian came again

This sort of comedic ending was not one that could be predicted.

Ye Ziche looked at Su Yan, who had a complaining look on her face, and Xia Keke, whose expression was slightly dark, then pulled both of them into his arms.

“Are you moved? If you are then hurry up and give us the tickets.”

Su Yan and Xia Keke, who were in his arms, suddenly struggled, then reached out their hands to grab for the tickets.

This script doesn’t seem right.

Shouldn’t the three of them act spoiled with each other, then he would promise them not to get involved with so many women casually in order to make these two beauties happy!

“What are you looking at, give us the tickets.”


He really couldn’t understand women’s thoughts. Ye Zichen could only took out two concert tickets from his pocket in confusion and hand it to the two girls.

“Alright, you can leave now.”

Ye Zichen was truly kicked away when they got the tickets.

Ye Zichen walked out of the mulberry grove in confusion as he thought back to what happened earlier.

What the hell.

“Heh, now you’re happy, right?” Liu Qing flew in front of Ye Zichen with a frown. “I really don’t know what Keke and that Su Yan were thinking. Why did they let a scum like you get lucky.”

“How am I a scum!”

“Are you not a scum when you flirt with girls outside when you got a girlfriend?” Liu Qing put her hands on her waist and said angrily.

Ye Zichen was turned completely speechless by this damn chick. She definitely disapproved any of the women around him.

However, this was indeed a bit unfair for them.

“You can’t retort now, right?” Liu Qing lifted her head proudly.

At that moment, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of them, “Brother Ye, little ghost girl!”

“Gu Tian!”

Ye Zichen haven’t met this brat for a long time. Of course, he didn’t want to meet this brat.

This brat’s EQ was too low, and what he said asked for a beating too easily.

“What are you doing not watching your family’s shopping mall, and always coming over to our Polytechnic University.”

“To find you,” Gu Tian smiled. “I even bumped into Sis earlier, and chatted with her for a bit.”


This brat was definitely talking about Xia Keke.

“What do you want from me, just say it.”

Ye Zichen resisted the urge to hit him.

Gu Tian raised his eyebrows and continued, “Oh yeah, there was another beauty when I saw Sis earlier. That beauty was a bit unhappy when I said Lil Sis…”

“That’s your Sis as well. Call both of them that in the future, then she’ll be happy.”

“Wow, Brother Ye, you really are something,” Gu Tian walked around Ye Zichen a few times. “You have such a cute ghost girl with you and two beauties that like you. You don’t let beauties or ghost beauties go. Amazing!”

Ye Zichen’s face already darkened. He squinted his eyes and looked at Gu Tian with a smile, “I’ll beat you up if you bullshit one more time.”

“Why are you going to hit me, didn’t I speak the truth?”

“I… Don’t stop me, let me beat this grandson to death!”

In the end, Ye Zichen was finally stopped by Liu Qing.

However, Gu Tian complained with an expression of not understanding, “Why are you so worked up.”

“I…” Ye Zichen raised his hand to hit him, but Liu Qing pulled him back and frowned at Gu Tian. “Can you just speak a bit less!

“Alright, but Brother Ye really…”

“Really your ass!”


This time, Liu Qing did not block him either. This brat was too deserving of a beating.

Ye Ziche kicked Gu Tian’s butt, then beat him up.

Later on, the two of them squatted outside the cold drinks store within Polytechnic University.

Gu Tian sobbed with purple eyes, and looked at Ye Zichen innocently as he held a cup of coke in his hand.

“Why did you hit me?”

“Why shouldn’t I hit you?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. To be fair, this brat could take quite a bit of a beating.

If it was a normal person, they would be laying in the hospital right now, but this brat could actually sit here and drink with him.

Ye Zichen ignored Gu Tian’s gaze and lit a cigarette for himself, then looked at Gu Tian, “What exactly do you want?”

Gu Tian’s expression turned serious upon mentioning that.

“I saw an evil ghost that wasn’t taken away by the Underworld in a haunted house earlier. I can’t deal with it myself, so I want Brother Ye to go with me.”

Ye ZIchen knew that Gu Tian had nothing good when he sought him out, but he didn’t think that he was this sort of crappy matter.

Haunted house!

Evil ghost!

Only a crazy person would go.

“This is the haunted house you were talking about?”

Ye ZIchen looked at the house in front of him with his hands on his waist.

The house in front of him was quite old, it didn’t have neither windows nor doors, and a faint chill could be felt when one neared it.


Compared to Ye Zichen’s casual demeanor, Gu Tian was clearly more vigilant.

He came here a few times and knew how savage the fellow inside was.

“Then let’s go in to take a look.”

Ye Zichen was rather interested in this evil ghost, he had seen the Black and White Impermanence capture ghosts several times.

He never could have imagined that a ghost could escape from them. Thus, he wanted to see what this evil ghost looked like.

It was fine on the outside, but once they entered the house…


Ye Zichen felt the hair on his body stand up the moment he entered this abandoned manor.

He subconsciously circulated his qi to protect his body and walked forward.

“Where exactly is the evil ghost you were talking about” Why haven’t we seen it yet?”

Ye Zichen walked around the house with Gu Tian for several minutes, but did not catch a glimpse of the evil ghost.

“It might have gone to sleep.”


Ye Zichen lifted his head and knocked on Gu Tian’s head, “Are you f*cking kidding me? Ghosts sleep?”

“Who’s kidding,” Gu Tian had a troubled expression. “Does the little ghost girl near you don’t sleep?”



A clear sound echo’d through the mansion, causing Ye Zichen and Gu Tian’s expressions to become tense.

They looked around, then set their gazes on the door in front of them.

“It seems to be from there, right?”


Gu Tian gulped.


Ye Zichen directly kicked open the door without thinking and rushed in with Gu Tian.


A sharp scream rang out from the room the moment the door was opened.

Ye Zichen and Gu Tian looked over at the source of the sound.

“Don’t look!”

A girl was squatting in the corner and peeing at the corner of the room.

“Lucy, why are you here?”

Ye Zichen was confused, the sound just now should have been caused by her stepping on something in the room.

But why did this girl come to this sort of crappy place?

Was this her home?

“None of your business. Shouldn’t you turn around?”

Lucy’s face was dyed red. Only then did Ye Zichen react and pulled Gu Tian to turn around as well.

The moment they turned around, Liu Qing, who was in the Dragon Eye, shouted, “It came out.”


Ye Zichen quickly turned his head…

Then saw a gray figure appear behind Lucy.

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