Chapter 1174 - You Have to Compensate Me

“Am I really going to make it back so easily?” Ye Zichen stood by the bonfire and clenched his fists as he waited for the warlock’s conclusion.


If he really returned to when he was nineteen years old, Ye Zichen swore never to enter any Red Packet Servers. Even if he found himself inside, he’d leave the chat immediately. 


This was all the butterfly effect; entering the chat group had affected everyone around him.


Of course, all of this was on the assumption that he could really go back..


Looking back, when the God Emperor wanted to usurp the Five Elements Great Emperor’s destiny, the warlock had granted his request with ease. His wish was far, far simpler, so the warlock should definitely be able to grant it. 


When he considered this, Ye Zichen felt complete faith in the mage’s abilities, 


However, an hour soon went by, and he’d already lost track of how many times the “devil” snapped his fingers.


He’d snap, then snap again, and again….


“Mister Devil, can I go back now?” In the images of the past he’d seen before, the warlock had spent less than a minute to grant each wish, yet this time, a full hour had passed. Ye Zichen couldn't help but speak up.


The mage’s enormous eyes shifted back and forth with no results. Even he was starting to grimace, and his forehead was full of wrinkles.


“It’s really strange.” Although Ye Zichen didn’t know it, the warlock was currently muttering to himself. 


He’d tried forming a connection with the Time Corridor to send Ye Zichen back to when he was nineteen years old, but his calls were like stones dropped into the ocean; he got no response whatsoever. 


He’d been in the Time Corridor for so long, but this was his first time encountering such a strange phenomenon. 


“What exactly is going wrong?” murmured the mage. 


Ye ZIchen, meanwhile, was already frantic from waiting so long. “Mister Devil, have you done it?”


“It’s strange,” said the mage to himself once more. He’d tried countless times with no luck. Even he had run out of patience. 


When he recalled his earlier confidence and the fact that he’d already accepted payment, the mage couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly. “Um, we’ve encountered a little problem.” He scratched his head in embarrassment. He’d lived for a long time, but he’d never felt so awkward before. 


“A little problem?” Ye Zichen was visibly displeased. “What do you mean by that?”


The warlock grinned uncomfortably and said, “It’s like this. There’s a small problem between the Great Pilar and the Time Corridor. I tried to connect to it, but I couldn’t get a response. There’s nothing I can do except say I’m sorry.”

“So what you’re saying is, you can’t grant my wish?” 


Although this was the greatest shame he’d ever experienced in his life, the warlock couldn’t help but nod. “That’s right.” 




“Kid, don’t be too upset.” The warlock walked up to Ye Zichen with his hands on his hips. “Although I couldn’t grant your wish this time, the Great Pilar will engrave this shame into his heart. Once I can connect with the Time Corridor again, I’ll find some way to bring you back and grant your wish then.”


The mage still sounded completely confident. Ye Zichen looked down and examined the mage, who barely even reached his waist, and slapped him, sending him flying backwards.


“You’re still acting all tough in front of me? Perhaps my brain hasn’t been working properly lately. How could I have been stupid enough to fall for your nonsense?”


The warlock was tiny, so Ye Zichen’s slap was enough to slam him right into the walls of the Time Corridor. 




“Impudent!” The warlock clutched his head. HIs eyes blazed with fury as he pointed at Ye ZIchen. “You dare strike the Great Pilar? Just wait until I return to my kingdom. I’ll send my citizens to slaughter you!”

“Oh? Ye Zichen feigned highly-exaggerated, extreme terror in response to the threat, then reached out and slapped the dwarf again. 


This time, the warlock was sent flying several meters away. He roared in indignation, “The Great Pilar won’t let you off for this! My kingdom….”




All he got in response was another slap. Ye Zichen stuck his hands into his pockets, cocked his heads aside, and looked down at the diminutive mage. “Someone like you has his own kingdom? Uwah, I’m scared to death. And you… call yourself the Great Pilar? Why not the great Pu’er Tea? If you were Pu’er tea, your existence might have some value. You keep going on and on about Pilar this and Pilar that, and how you can grant me anything I ask for. Do you have any ability to back it up?”


“The Great….”


“Shut your mouth.” He slapped him again. After yet another slap, the warlock didn’t say anything else, but his gaze was furious.


“You’re still going on about how great you are? Let me tell you, right now, I’m the great one. You’re all freaky-looking, like some kinda space alien. You almost tricked me into believing you! I’m just glad you only cost me three strands of hair; imagine if I’d given up an arm or leg! I would have been so mad at myself!”


“Agh, you’re weird-looking,” continued Ye Zichen. “Tell me…. Does everyone from over there look like you? What kind of species are you, even? Not even beasts are as unsightly as you!”

“I’m not weird-looking! I’m the Great Pilar! Call me ‘Mister Devil!’” The warlock was so angry he humped up and down. He’d never experienced such humiliation. He couldn’t tolerate anyone trampling on his dignity!


However, the instant Ye Zichen raised his hand, he wilted. 


When he saw the warlock’s pitiful demeanor, Ye Zichen took a deep breath and decided to let it go. He narrowed his eyes at the warlock, who, sensing his gaze, took several steps backward.


“What are you going to do? The Great Pilar isn’t afraid of you!”


“Don’t be nervous. Just relax.” Ye Zichen looked up. The warlock hurriedly covered his head and clenched his eyes shut, only to discover that Ye Zichen was merely patting him on the shoulder with a warm, amiable smile on his face.


“I won’t hit you anymore. Don’t be afraid.” 

When he heard that, the warlock’s gaze shifted. He puffed up his chest and snorted disdainfully, “Fear has never once existed in the Great Pilar’s heart.”


“Alright, okay, you’re not afraid, I got it.” Ye Zichen chuckled and nodded, then patted the dwarf on the shoulder. “How about this…. You’d say that a trade ought to be fair, right?”

“Of course!”

“I gave you three strands of hair, but you didn’t grant my wish. IN that case…. Shouldn’t you give me some compensation?”


“What kind of compensation do you want? I’m currently unable to connect with the Time Corridor, but if you’re willing to wait, I can absolutely come up with something you’ll be satisfied with.”


“No, no, no.” Ye Zichen waggled his finger back and forth. “Wait? Who knows how long I’d be stuck waiting? No, I want you to compensate me right now.”

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