Chapter 117 The Legal Wife has spoken

Chapter 117 – The Legal Wife has spoken

Ye Zichen was truly excited in his heart.

He wished for so long and finally got good news.

“I’m here, go and make a chat group and drag the customer and I in.”

“What for? Isn’t it good to speak here directly?” Third Prince Nezha answered cutely.

“This is the spokesperson group, we’re enough. Create a group and drag the customer in. Then, he’ll be your client, then I’ll be able to give you your commission.”

“Commission? I don’t get it! But since great deity said that, then let’s do just that.”


Not long later, Third Prince Nezha created a chat group. Aside from him and Ye Zichen, there was also a God of Food, who was wearing a kitchen hat.

Third Prince Nezha: @Only Idealism @God of Food

God of Food: The little deity is here <insert a row of cute emojis>

It seems like the God of Food did position himself rather lowly. However, that seemed to be right, the God of Food didn’t have a high position in the Heavenly Court.

Third Prince Nezha: Great deity, it’s the God of Food that wants to purchase from you.

“What do you want to buy?”

From Ye Zichen’s prediction, this God of Food shouldn’t have come to purchase snacks. There was a ninety percent chance that he wanted to buy other stuff.

“Great deity, this little deity wants to buy some condiments.”

It really was as he expected.

Ye Zichen sighed. Since he wanted to buy condiments, then the prices won’t be so high, and most importantly, it would be able to be used for quite a while.

Ye Zichen would be at a disadvantage if he asked for cultivation experience.

“Sure, this sovereign doesn’t need you to pay cultivation experience to sell condiments to you. This sovereign recently got interested in cookery.”


The God of Food was stunned for a while in a certain manor on the Third Heaven of the Heavenly Court.

He had never heard of any great deity being interested in cookery after getting to the Heavenly Court for so long.

They say that this Sky Sovereign Nameless is a great deity that lived with great deity Taibai Jingxing, he actually said that he likes cookery…

“This little deity is willing to send this little deity’s cookery experiences to great deity.”

So direct.

Ye Zichen thought that this God of Cookery would have to hesitate for a bit, he didn’t think that he would send it that willingly.

“Sure, then send your cooking experiences to this sovereign. This sovereign doesn’t have the condiments around, so it has to be sent later.”

“No problem.”


A red packet on the screen. Ye Zichen clicked on it…

You received the God of Food’s red packet.

God of Food’s Cookery Experiences x1

This God of Food was truly generous, others only sent secret scriptures a volume by a time, this guy sent the entire set.

“Got it, wait for me to send it.”

“Sure, great deity. This little deity will take his leave.”

With that, the God of Food disappeared from the group.


The person that messaged him was Third Prince Nezha.

“Great deity, this count as me successfully bringing a customer, right?”


“Then what do I get?”

Commercialization was truly poisonous to these deities, even this moe shota Nezha actually started to ask for benefits.

It hurts!

However, Ye Zichen wasn’t a stingy person either. It was through Nezha’s aid that he got the God of Food’s cookery scripture.

Ye Zichen thought about it…

“I’ll give you a thousand cultivation experience of budget with me.”

“Wow, doesn’t that mean I can buy tons of snacks?”

“Of course.”

“Then I want 10 bottles of Nutri-Express and six bags of chips.”

“Sure, but you have to wait a bit.”



Your intimacy level with Nezha increased by 30. Current intimacy level: 230.

Third Prince Nezha seemed to have gotten much more motivated after seeing the benefits. When Ye Zichen clicked on his moments, he saw that little shota start to send pictures in on his Moments.

Ye Zichen smiled.

It seems like a bunch of WeChat merchants will appear in the Celestial Realm in the future…

Noon the next day.

“Riche Bro.”

Ye Zichen stood mulberry grove outside the school when a loud commotion sounded out. He looked up, then saw Xia Keke and Su Yan walk shoulder to shoulder towards him.

More importantly, the gazes that the surrounding students had towards Ye Zichen seemed weird.

The unwritten rule of the school’s mulberry grove said that all of the boys and girls that came here together were couples.

The fact that they chose this place as the meeting point, were they going to announce their relationship?

“Riche Bro, did you wait long? Susu and I bought a cold drink for you.”

Xia Keke handed Ye Zichen a cup of coke. At that moment, he noticed that both of them held a cup of coke in their hands.

As the surrounding commotion got louder and louder, Ye Zichen received the coke and scratched his head.

“Why did you choose to meet here, this is…”

“What? Is there anything wrong with it?”

Su Yan frowned and looked at the surrounding students.

The next moment, Su Yan and Xia Keke grabbed one of Ye Zichen’s arm each under the gazes of all the students.


The surrounding students exploded.

Ye Zichen also gulped and smiled dryly, “You guys…”

“We did it on purpose, is it not okay?” Su Yan raised her delicate chin. Meanwhile, Xia Keke also nodded on the side, “Susu and I did it on purpose.”

“No, you two….”

Ye Zichen was truly a bit confused!

We did it on purpose!

Could they planned it together? Doesn’t that mean, Su Yan…

“I chatted with Keke a few days ago,” Su Yan smiled.

“Mhmm, for a long time,” Xia Keke also nodded on the side.

“Then the end…”


Ye Zichen gulped, it seems like…

“We decided to let you get lucky.”

Su Yan replied with squinted eyes. Ye Zichen’s body trembled, while his expression tensed.

“Are you really happy? Two school beauties liking you at the same time and admitting each other’s existence. Don’t you feel great?” Xia Keke also raised her head and snorted playfully. “But don’t get too full of yourself. Susu and I are allies, we oppose all outsiders.”

That being said.

Xia Keke was really right. Ye Zichen truly felt…


Two school beauties in Polytechnic University liking him at the same time and be together with him together…

This was definitely something that anyone could brag about for a life time.


What the hell was this “opposing all outsiders”.

That means that they won’t let anyone else in, then what about Xiao Yumei and Huang Shengmei!

There were four people he had a marriage string with!

Ye Zichen sneaked a glance at Su Yan and Xia Keke, then asked in a testing manner, “If there are others…”

“What did you say?” Su Yan directly caught on before he finished.

On the other hand, Xia Keke was a bit calmer. She did come later, so she didn’t have too much issue with it.

“Ye Ziche, I’m telling you, if you dare to have other women outside…


Ye Zichen gulped and his body tensed.


“If it’s more than 5, then just wait for death.”




“No, Su Yan, what did you just say? Was I hearing things” Ye Zichen turned his head and looked at Su Yan.

He saw Su Yan glare fiercely at him before snorting, “I said, if you have more than five women outside, then wait for death.”

“If it’s not over?”

“Then-Then I can accept it, at least we can have a day each!”

Su Yan suddenly replied shyly with a pout.

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