Chapter 1167 - Becoming a Supreme


Emperor Hades’ body shark continuously. Su Yiyun took hold of the three command medallions and engraved his master’s words deep into his heart.


“Master, is there anything else you need me to do for you?”


“That’s about it. I’ll leave the rest up to you.’ With that, Emperor Hades took a good, hard look at Ye Zichen, sighed, then disappeared from the great hall in a puff of smoke.


Su Yiyun bowed deeply in the direction in which his master disappeared and tightly clenched the three command medallions. Next, he too glanced at Ye Zichen. 


Ye Zichen seemed to have entered deep meditation. He sat there on his prayer mat without moving a single inch.


After watching for a while, Su Yiyun furrowed his brows. He clenched the dark purple medallion, placed the other two into his spatial ring, and left the room.


It didn’t matter what was currently happening to Ye Zichen; so long as he was within Emperor Hades’ palace, his safety was absolutely guaranteed. 


His master, Emperor Hades, had sunk into his low ebb and entered seclusion. The first thing Su Yiyun had to do was contact the various vicious beasts of the River Styx and strengthen their defenses. 


Little did he know, shortly after he left the hall, Ye Zichen’s body lit up with flashing five-colored lights. 


They corresponded directly to the five elements. As the lights circled around him, his spiritual self sat within the center of his chaotic spiritual sea. The moment Emperor Hades pressed between his eyes, a torrent of information forced its way directly into his soul.


He couldn’t process that vast quantity of soul power and information right away. He’d been trying with all of his might to absorb and digest it ever since. Once he got all the information in order, he realized that all of the seemingly scattered and disconnected tidbits were about gaining enlightenment into the Dao of the Five Elements.


Of course, this didn’t imply that Emperor Hades cultivated the Dao of the Five Elements. 


Rather, after reaching his current level, he had a certain amount of insight into every dao. His understanding of the Five Elements naturally couldn’t even begin to compare with the Five Elements Great Emperor, but for Ye Zichen, who’d yet to even reach small success in all five elements, it was more than enough. 


Based on the enlightenment that had entered his very soul, Ye Zichen’s comprehension of the Dao of the Five Elements took a huge step forward; it was as if a new door had opened for him.


This sort of transmission was far more direct than the five elemental steles the Five Elements Great Emperor had left for him within the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.”


“Emperor Hades and the Five Elements Great Emperor were definitely close.”


Ye Zichen’s soul body frowned from within his sea of consciousness. Everyone’s understanding of any given great dao was different. As the old saying goes, “Three thousand daos, three thousand paths.” However, Emperor Hades’ comprehension of the Dao of the Five Elements actually complemented the Five Elements Great Emperor’s, to the point that they made up for each other’s shortcomings.


Also, Emperor Hades forged the Yao-Sealing Pagoda for the Five Elements Great Emperor personally.


It seemed that their relationship was worth seriously considering.


In the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, Ye Zichen’s comprehension of the Dao of the Elements rose to unprecedented heights. Shackles that had confounded Ye Zichen for a long time now broke, one after the other. 


Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, and Fire.


In Emperor Hades’ otherwise empty palace, all five elements gathered above Ye Zichen’s head. They melted into each other, and his immortal power converted fully into divine power.




In the limitless skies about the God Realm, a golden longsword cut through the air. 


The appearance of this sharp beam of light drew countless major powers’ attention. The God Emperor, Lightning Emperor, and even the Four Directions Palace’s Bi’An all knew it, but to all of these legendary experts’ shock, they couldn’t tell where it was going. 


It cut right through the sky, piercing directly into Emperor Hades’ seasonal palace. 


When it appeared above the palace, it simply circled once, let out a delighted cry like there now was no one else around, pierced through the seals surrounding the building, and flew towards Ye Zichen as if intent on burrowing its way right into his forehead. 


“A godhead.” When Ye Zichen saw the golden longsword, he frowned instinctively. 


He was absolutely certain that this wasn’t his former godhead; the one he had before was far smaller. Furthermore, he’d already fused it with Xuan-Yuan Xiang.


More importantly, when this new godhead descended, it didn’t provoke any sort of lightning tribulation. 




All of his immortal power converted into divine power. Then, once his newformed divine power made a complete cycle through his meridians…...


He became a supreme!


Although he didn’t know it, just outside Emperor Hades’ palace, the North Star lit up the Milky Way. A golden decree drilled its way out of the Emperor Star and gloated amongst the Milky Way.


The instant the decree appeared, the Minister of the Left lit up as well.


If anyone were paying attention to the starry sky, they would have noticed a towering, dignified-looking man walk out of the Minister of the Left star. 


As the man received the decree, a golden writing brush manifested in his hand. He wrote a single character at the very top of the decree…...




Once he’d finished writing it, his brush disappeared, and the decree flew back to the Emperor Star’s side. 


The Emperor Star glowed brightly overhead, and thee decree faded back into the Milky Way. As for the regal man, he faded into nothingness and melted into the Minister of the Left Star.


Ye Zichen, however, knew absolutely none of this. He was currently preoccupied with the changes to his body after becoming a supreme.


At that moment, Su Yiyun, who’d left to relay the emperor’s commands to the beasts of the River Styx, returned to the palace. He noticed that Ye Zichen had woken up, then, when he sensed the change in Ye Zichen’s aura, he chuckled despite himself.  


“Congratulations on breaking through!”


“Thank you! Do you know where His Excellency Emperor Hades is? I broke through thanks to him, so I ought to go express my appreciation.” 


Reaching small success in all five elements at the same time had troubled Ye Zichen for quite a while now. Becoming a supreme so quickly was only possible thanks to Emperor Hades help. 


However, when he brought up Emperor Hades, Su Yiyun’s expression darkened.


Ye Zichen noted the change in his friend’s expression and couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”


Su Yiyun couldn’t tell anyone that his master had sunk into a low ebb, but when he considered his relationship with Ye Zichen and all the effort that his master had put into his breakthrough, Su Yiyun decided not to hide the truth from him. 


“Master has currently entered a state of decline and can only access a tiny portion of his usual strength. He had to enter seclusion.”


“A state of decline?”


“There’s no way to explain it concisely, but anyway, before Master went into seclusion, he told me to ask something of you on his behalf.”


‘What is it?” As soon as the words left Ye Zichen’s mouth, he saw Su Yiyun take a pale blue command medallion from his pocket and hand it to him.


“Use this to visit the lands of the nine-tailed foxes, seek out their clan head, and have her open a path to the lower three realms. Then, retrieve the Xuan-Yuan Sword!” 


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