Chapter 1161 - Forming a Grudge

Xiao Zhan’s eyes bulged from his head; even in death, he found no peace. His head rolled towards Chen Chenghe’s feet. When the experts of the Divine Mountains saw Xiao Zhan’s uncontented gaze, they felt a wave of terror so strong they took several steps backward. They didn’t want his ill luck to rub off on them.


After finishing the task at hand, Ye Zichen carefully whipped the blood from his blade, then looked coolly up at Xiao Hu.


Even after personally executing Xiao Zhan, Ye Zichen’s emotions didn’t fluctuate at all.


This was despite the furious glare boring into the back of his head, as if Xiao Hu were trying to burn him alive with his gaze. To everyone’s surprise, he tossed his blade towards Chen Chenghe and the other two “volunteers.”


“Go on, then. Do what you ought to do.” These words were obviously intended to force them carry out their prior commitment, but the situation had changed. 


Xiao Hu was directly overhead. The Lightning Tiger was looking right at them.


Killing the Xiao Family’s inner sect disciples right in front of him was tantamount to suicide.


“My patience is limited,” said Ye Zichen. He looked them over indifferently. “I’ll give you three breaths of time to think it over. If you don’t do what you said, I can guarantee that you’ll die here and now.” 




His methods shocked even Zhao Qianhe. Although her words had been overbearing too, but if she had the option, she’d still prefer not to provoke Xiao Hu. She wouldn’t deliberately antagonize him.


After all, he was still the third elder of the Xiao Family’s punishment division, and the Lightning Tiger whose very name instilled terror into the hearts of the yao race.


Regardless of whether you looked at his strength or his background, Xiao Hu was still the type of person you shouldn’t offend if you could absolutely avoid it. 


But Ye Zichen did so now, and in the nastiest way possible. He was like a moth throwing himself into the flames; he was now completely at odds with the Xiao Family.


“Two.” Ye Zichen kept counting down without the slightest concern. His cold gaze landed on Chen Chenghe, Senior Brother Huang, and the babyfaced youth. Combined With Xiao Hu glaring down from above, they felt like they were sitting on a bed of needles.


At that moment, the cold youth, who Xiao Hu had severely injured, picked up the blade.


As Ye Zichen watched and the other experts of the Divine Mountains looked on in terror, he silently carried his blade up to another of the Xiao Family’s inner sect disciples.


“Impudent!” After experiencing yet another provocation, Xiao Hu could no longer keep his cool. His roar reverberated through the crowd’s ears like thunder and roiling lightning tore the dome of the sky apart. He took  a step out of the spatial rift.


A pretty figure suddenly blocked his path. He took a deep breath, and smelled elegant perfume. His face turned ashen, and he roared in fury, “Zhao Qianhe, have you decided to stand against me?”


“I dare not,” she said, but this is our Northern Divine Mountain’s territory. As a member of the Sea of Innocence, I can’t let you act wantonly right in front of me.”


She closed her azure umbrella, and her charming face was grave. She looked Xiao Hu right in the eyes and din’t back down an inch. She’d completely blocked his way forward.


The utterly domineering aura of a ruler had locked onto him. Xiao Hu could only clench and unclench his fists.


At the sme time, Ye Zichen’s urging came to an end. “Three.” 


There was a sudden flash of black. Chen Chenghe was holding sword as well, and its edgee dripped with blood. The youth was the same way. Xiao Zhan’s two companions lay in front of them, their eyes still brimming with terror as their heads rolled onto the ground.




The lightning overhead grew even more violent. As it boomed overhead, everyone could sense Xiao Hu’s fury. 


Zhao Qianhe started spreading her divine power outward. She dared not ease up in the slightest.


Then, suddenly, Xiao Hu completely retracted his aura. He looked past Zhao Qianhe’s petite frame and looked directly at Ye Zichen.


“Fine. I, Xiao Hu, will remember this grudge of the Xiao Family’s behalf. Longevity Blade Sect, Yellow Wind Sect, Beast Rider Sect, I’ll remember you, too!” 


The members of the Longevity Blade and Yellow Wind Sects lowered their heads, their hearts full of terror.


With that, Xiao Hu’s gaze shifted to Zhao Qianhe. “Zhao Qianhe, our Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family will take its time and settle our score with the Sea of Innocence in full. I won’t go on any longer. All I have left to say is: this isn’t over!” 


“Then I’ll welcome you on behalf of the Sea of Innocence,” she replied.


“Hmph.” With one final snort, Xiao Hu disappeared before their very eyes. Once he was gone, the apocalyptic sky gradually returned to normal. 


However, even after he disappeared, the members of the three sects Xiao Hu had mentioned couldn’t calm down. Given that the Lightning Tiger mentioned their sects, it seemed that he’d take this out on their entire organization.


Chen Chenghe’s breathing was ragged and his chest heaved as he stared at his hands in shock. 


The cold youth, however, showed no signs of emotion. Once Xiao Hu left, he plunged his blade into the earth, then cupped his hands at Ye Zichen. “I’ve already done as you said, and killed a member of the Xiao Family in front of Xiao Hu. Doesn’t that mean I can return to my sect?” 


“Of course, I always keep my promises. All of you are safe now. Except….” His gaze landed on the three from the Yellow Wind Sect. Since Ye Zichen killed Xiao Zhan himself, that meant that one less group could survive this. 


When they felt Ye Zichen’s gaze, the two girls from the Yellow Wind Sect were visibly overcome with terror, and their Senior Apprentice Brother knit his brows. He reached out and called a sword two him. There was a flash of sword light, and the heads of Gao Xiong and his entire entourage thudded to the ground.


Cai Renfei was among the beheaded as well. 


Cai Renfei had wracked his brains to come up with this plan. He provoked a falling-out between Gao Xiong and his eldest son, and cost him his worthiest successor. He arranged for an assassin to kill Gao Ruilong, and he pinned the blame on Upheaval…..


Everything went according to his plans. Cai Renfei believed that he could seize this opportunity to avenge the way Ye Zichen insulted him back at the Hundred Daybreaks Inn, as well as the cancellation of his arranged marriage. In the end, however, he found himself decapitated.


After the Senior Apprentice Brother of the Yellow Wind Sect executed them, he stuck his sword into the ground, knelt on onee knee, and proffered up his spatial ring.


“Please, Your Emminence, spare us.”


As he knelt, his body was drenched in sweat. Ye Zichen examined him indifferently, but just as he was about to summon the ring towards him, it flew into the air.


Before long, Zhao Qianhe landed on the ground and walked right towards him.

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