Chapter 116 First customer

Chapter 116 – First customer


Zhuge Kongming’s gulp could be heard in the supermarket that was so quiet that the drop of a needle could be heard.

However, his childish face was filled with a struggling look, as if he was hesitating whether he should speak out or not.

“If you wait a bit more, then the cup noodle would taste bad. If you say it now, I can give you an egg as well.”

“And a sausage.”

Zhuge Kongming shouted out in anticipation.


This kid might truly be angry. Even Ye Zichen couldn’t stand it anymore when he watched Zhuge Kongming wolf down the food.

How could he starve like that?

Within three minutes, Zhuge Kongming finished an entire cup of cup noodles, including all the soup, then patted his stomach and burped.

Ye Zichen handed over him a bottle of coke, which Zhuge Kongming snatched and gulped down.

“You ate it all and drink it all, now, let’s tell the truth.”

Ye Zichen was rather interested in this little fellow’s background.

“I-I ran away from home,” Zhuge Kongming frowned his naïve face and said. “My family forced me to learn stuff I don’t like, and even forced me to get engaged to someone I don’t like. There was no helping it, I could only sneak out when they didn’t notice.”

It seemed like he’s a child of a rich family.

That made sense. If it wasn’t a rich family, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to afford what he was wearing.

“Then do you think that your family won’t be able to find you by coming here?” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

Zhuge Kongming instantly lifted his head, “They definitely won’t be able to find me, at least not any time soon…”

“Oh? Tell me why you’re so confident.”

“My family is from the capital.”


Ye Zichen directly spat out the mouthful of coke he just drank.

He looked at the little underaged fellow in front of him with shock.


He really is something.

This kid is truly wild to run from the capital to Bingcheng.

Zhuge Kongming looked at the coke Ye Zichen spat out in pity, as if he was pitying the wasted coke.

After a long while, Ye Zichen finally calmed himself down from the shock, put the bottle of coke onto the cash register and squatted in front of Zhuge Kongming.

“Lil’ Bro, not bad! You are thorough enough when running away from home!”

“I’m alright,” Zhuge Kongming smiled embarrassedly.


Ye Zichen directly slapped Zhuge Kongming’s head.

This kid really thinks that he was being praised!

“Such a shitty brat like you isn’t staying at home and going to school, instead running away just like that, to such a far distance, aren’t you afraid of your family worrying?”

“Tsk, are they caring about me by forcing me do so many things that I don’t like?” Zhuge Kongming lifted his head strongly.

Ye Zichen glanced at him.

He was rather pitiful.

Regardless of it being a political marriage or a business marriage, these children were true sacrifices.

“Then what do you want to do?”

“Let me stay here, I can work for you.”

Ye Zichen was a bit hesitant.

He definitely wouldn’t shoo the kid away. It was already a miracle that the kid could survive from Beijing to Bingcheng.

What if something happened if he runs around outside?

Ye Zichen finally decided to allow him to stay after an internal struggle.

Since he was the child of a rich family, they definitely had the contacts. It was just a matter of time for them to find him.

He’ll just get Xiao Hai and Dongfang Wenyi to release the news in the circles.

Then wait for the child’s parents to come fetch him.

“It’s not impossible for you to stay here.”

“Big bro, tell me what you want me to do,” Zhuge Kongming’s eyes brightened.

“Just stay in this supermarket from now on. You can stay on the second floor. I’ll buy you a bed tomorrow, so just sleep there. As for our supermarket, we don’t sell to others, do you understand?”

“We don’t sell?” Zhuge Kongming was a bit confused. What’s the point of a supermarket if they don’t sell anything.

“Don’t think about so much. We’re not selling because I said so. Just stay here properly,” Ye Zichen frowned. This damn brat really has a lot of questions.

“Understood, I’ll listen to Big Bro,” Zhuge Kongming nodded.

“Then sleep here tonight, but you have to put up with it.”

“No problem.”

Ye Zichen directly drove back home after handing the keys to the supermarket to the little fellow.

Ye Rong’s life became more lively with Tiantian, and she stopped mentioning any intention of going out to do some sort of work.

When he entered the living room, he saw Lil’ Tiantian, Mother Ye and Lil’ White playing happily.

“You’re back, Zichen.”


Tiantian leaped into Ye Zichen’s arms with a giggle, while Lil’ White also ran over to his side to rub on his leg.

After the aid of the Heavenly Court’s dog food, Lil’ White seemed to have grown larger, and his fur seemed to be brighter…

As for anything else…

There didn’t seem to be any changes.

Ye Zichen sat on the sofa and took out his phone after playing with Tiantian for a while. There were still no news of the deities, causing him to get a bit depressed.

On the other hand, Xia Keke and Su Yan sent him quite a few messages.

All of them were just asking him if he got the concert tickets yet.

Ye Zichen thought about it a bit, then replied to Su Yan.

“Got the tickets.”


Not long later after the message of sent, Su Yan called him.

“Is what you said true?”

Wasn’t it just concert tickets? Was there a need for such a huge reaction!


“Keke, Ye Zichen said he got the concert tickets.”




A huge noise sounded out from the other side of the call. Ye Zichen’s heart trembled and quickly asked, “Are you alright?”

“Ouch, it hurts so much…”

Xia Keke complaint sounded out from the phone. Then not long later, tiny noises rang out.

“Riche Bro, you said you got the tickets, are they infield tickets?”

“Yeah!” Ye Zichen was instantly speechless. However, thinking about the loud bang earlier, he couldn’t help but comfort here. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I just fell down!” Xia Keke said as she gasped. “I’ll go to you for the tickets tomorrow.”


The call ended.

Ye Zichen was truly worried about her hurting herself as he listened to the busy beep of the phone.

Liu Qing also floated out and said worriedly, “Is Keke alright?”

“She should be,” Ye Zichen answered vaguely. Then, he quickly looked up strangely and eyed Liu Qing playfully. “Didn’t you say you’re going to ignore me? Why did you come out again?”

“Tsk, this lady just came out for some fresh air.”


She entered into the Dragon Eye once again.

This ghost girl was really cute.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head with a chuckle. At the same time, his phone also rang.


Ye Zichen’s shoulders shook, and saw that the Third Prince Nezha spoke up in the spokespeople group.

“Great deity, great deity, are you there! Someone wants to buy treasures from you!”

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