Chapter 1156 - People from the Divine Mountain

Jiao Qi nodded, cold and handsome, and cupped his fists. The seven bound prisoners behind him and Meng Huairong were all the heads of the families Gao Xiong had contacted, the ones with connections to the Divine Mountains.


All of them had been captured and their soldiers wiped out?


These words rung throughout the palace like thunder. Gao Xiong’s pupils contracted violently, and everyone, from Gao Xiong’s retainers to Upheaval’s higher-ups, was visibly stunned. 


How much time had passed?


Less than an hour had passed between Ye Zichen entering the palace and Jiao Qi returning to report that he’d successfully accomplished his mission.


But that was well over a million sky immortal and up experts! A full twenty percent were immortal kings!


They’d obliterated this massive, powerful army in less than an hour? No matter how many times he heard it, it just didn’t seem possible.


  Gao Xiong could no longer maintain his former cool. He focused and spread his awareness outward.


Ye Zichen realized what he was up to, but made no attempt to stop him. He let Gao Xiong reach out with his immortal awareness. 




He saw it!


He saw a sea of red. His vast and imposing army of millions had already been completely routed.


In front of them were four teams of a thousand, one on each side of Raging Flame City. They were busily cutting down immortals as easily as a farmer cuts down wheat.


Perhaps they’d truly been scared out of their wits, but the few remaining immortals all lowered their weapons and bowed in surrender.


At that moment, someone forcefully broke off Gao Xiong’s immortal awareness.


 “Have you seen enough?” Ye Zichen’s flat voice cut through his astonishment. When Gao Xiong looked up, he saw a smile on Ye Zichen’s lips as his fingers drummed against his armrests.


Obviously, Ye Zichen was the one who’d disrupted his immortal awareness.


But Gao Xiong was a peak immortal king! He could have condensed his spiritual sea and become a supreme long ago.


It’s just that, out of concern for the Gao Family, he’d been repressing and compressing his strength this time. The more power he compressed inside himself, the stronger he grew. Although he’d yet to become a supreme, he was already stronger than some low-level supremes.


His  immortal awareness had long since surpassed the realm of immortal kings as well. 

Yet Ye ZIchen had disrupted it with the flick of a finger. Just how strong was he? Also, what about the two yao kneeling in front of him, who seemed to be his subordinates? Gao Xiong couldn’t see through either  of them at all. 


‘If you thought that was enough to defeat upheaval, I’m afraid you’ve overestimated yourselves.” Ye Zichen smiled mockingly at Gao Xiong, rose to his feet, and approached. 


Ayi immediately unsheathed his sword and stood in front of his master to protect him. However, the instant he drew his sword, all of Upheaval’s leaders hefted their natal treasures and surrounded all of Gao Xiong’s retinue. 


“Step back.”    


He glanced coolly at the members of Upheaval. Wei Jie backed him up, and they all took a few steps backward. Even so, they still watched Ayi and the others on high alert.


“How loyal,” said Ye Zichen, his gaze filled with undisguised admiration. “Even now, you’re wholeheartedly protecting your master.”


The next moment, however, his tone changed completely. “But we’ve already kept this act up long enough. Let’s end it here, Yu!”


In but an instant, Ayi held his sword right across Gao Xiong’s neck. 


Everyone was stunned out of their wits. The other members of the Gao Family shouted in fury, “Ayi, are you trying to rebel?!”


Ayi simply glanced at them indifferently. His cold gaze seemed utterly foreign to them. The next moment, he swept his left hand across his face and, to their astonishment, transformed into an entirely different person. 


“I’m Yu, and I’ve always served Mister Ye. The ‘Ayi’ you’re talking about died over a year ago.” 




Back in the modern realm, he’d tried and failed to assassinate Ye Zichen. Later, when Ye Zichen rescued his niece, Zhang Lingling, the killer had been so moved he cried tears of gratitude. 


Since then, the two of them hadn’t been in touch, but Yu had always remembered Ye Zichen’s kindness. 


It must have been fated; when Ye Zichen first entered Ice Blue City, they’d bumped into each other by accident. It was then that Ye Zichen arranged for him to infiltrate the Gao Family and keep tabs on their movements. 


Yu revealing his true identity astonished everyone present, but before they could fully digest this farcical turn of events…..


“Boss, Gao Xiong is contacting the Divine Mountains!” Wei Jie cried out in alarm. Everyone looked over, and saw Gao Xiong grasping a command medallion emblazoned with lightning bolts.


Yu rushed as fast as he could and hacked Gao Xiong’s arm clean off. It fell to the ground in a pool of blood. 




It was already too late.


The medallion flashed with lightning, and the now one-armed Gao Xiong let out a burst of wanton laughter. “All of you, die!” 




Outside the hall, the heavens rumbled with thunder and lightning. The skies parted, as if someone were tearing them asunder, and three figures stepped out of the resulting opening. Each was clad in daoist robes embroidered with lightning bolts.


Inner sect disciples of the Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family!


When they appeared, heaven and earth lost their colors, and their every step seemed to shatter the world around them. 


Gusts of wind whirled around them and swept across the city.


Intense lightning crackled overhead and struck the world below. Just before it hit the city, the ancestor of the Liu Family leaped into the sky, just like how he’d blocked Ye Zichen’s fury once more before…..


“Barrier!” A wall of light surrounded the city, but under the assault of such powerful lightning, it was as thin as paper. It immediately shattered, and the Liu Family ancestor coughed up blood and collapsed.


“Ancestor!” Liu Qing hurried to his side. City Lord Wang Lei and Wu Wenguang showed up practically the incident the barrier appeared and commanded their clansmen to construct yet another barrier over the city.



If even an immortal king couldn’t stop the lightning, how could they possibly manage it


The lightning tore their barrier apart. The three Xiao Family disciples completely disregarded the people below, as if there weren’t people at all but rather ants.


In the face of their immense pressure, everyone in Upheaval’s meeting hall was awash with terror.




All three of them were definitely supremes!


Little did they know, this wasn’t the end of it. The next moment, another seven openings appeared, and three people stepped out of each one. When everyone glanced at the captured clan heads, they realized that each of them, too, had produced a command medallion.


A full twenty four supreme-level experts from the Divine Mountains had shown up. The higher-ups of Upheaval fell silent.   


At that moment, however, Ye Zichen stretched, satisfied, his gaze utterly calm and collected. He grinned, and said, “Hah, it seems like that’s all of them. Jiao Qi, Meng Huairong, get to it!”

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