Chapter 1154 - One Million Sky Immortals

Everyone present suddenly fell silent.


In truth, given their level, they were incapable of participating in such a battle of giants. However, choosing would nevertheless determine their clans future prospects.


After a lengthy silence, Wu Wenguang was the first to speak up. “For our Wu Family, this is no choice at all. We will stand beside Upheaval absolutely. If the time comes and they really make a move against Upheaval, our Wu Family will go all out to assist them….. Even if our power is trivial.”


“The ancestor said to get closer to Mister Ye.” Liu Qing responded as well. Although he didn’t answer the question directly, his intentions were obvious.


“Actually, I was thinking the same thing,” said Wang Lei after everyone else shared their opinion. He smiled. In truth, neutrality was his best option. His Wang Family was different from the Liu and Wu families. The Liu Family had an immortal king, whole the Wu Family had Wu Di. 


Perhaps this is why, although he was the nominal city lord, he always felt suppressed by the other two families. This was actually a good opportunity for him to forge an alliance.


As for the possibility of Upheaval’s defeat, well, he couldn’t believe such a thing would happen.


Their rise was so rapid that there was undoubtedly an expert supporting them from the shadows. 


Of course, if he gambled incorrectly, he’d bring doom upon to his entire clan. This was truly an exorbitant bet for him. 


“If all three of our families will stand with Upheaval, there’s no need to discuss this any further. Return to your clans and prepare. In a while, I’ll send a message to Boss Wei and tell him about what’s going on outside the city so he can prepare.” 




Dense immortal pressure permeated the hall. The instant Wei Jie spoke, everyone’s nerves tightened.


Ayi could sense their enmity. He raised the hilt of his weird and looked around viciously. 


So long as anyone made any sudden movements, or alternatively, so long as Gao Xiong gave the word, he’d whip out his sword and behead the gathered elders without so much as a moment’s hesitation.


“You’re awfully brave, Boss Wei,” he said. His words sounded like a compliment, but his narrowed eyes flashed with a venomous light. “For you to say such a thing, it seems your Upheaval has always borne ill intentions for our Gao Family. I’m afraid you must have support from the Divine Mountains as well. Would you mind telling me just who it is standing behind you? Is it the Four Directions Palace? The Profound Pavillion? The Spiritual Connection Tower? The Society of Saints? Or is it the Sea of Innocence?” 


The Gao Family had the Xiao Family’s support, the Lightning Emperor’s clan. 


If Upheaval dared stand against them, whichever faction was backing them had to be strong enough to contend with the Xiao Family. The ones he’d listed were the only factions strong enough to do so.


Gao Xiong listed all those names to see if Wei Jie reacted; if he did, it might give something away. To his disappointment, however, Wei Jie’s placid and aloof expression never wavered, nor did he give any hints. 


“Is that any of your business?” Wei Jie couldn’t help but laugh. As Upheaval’s boss, he was naturally clearer than anyone about just who was backing them. He actually would have loved to have those peak-level faction’s support. He’d heard of every faction Gao Xiong named, and they all stood at the pinnacle of the Divine Mountains.


Yet to his knowledge, Ye Zichen was unaffiliated. However, he had to take advantage of their impenetrable mysterious to confuse Gao Xiong. He couldn’t let him guess teh truth.


At that moment, another gang member suddenly appeared behind Wei Jie and whispered a few words in his ear. Wei Jie’s expression instantly shifted.


“Are you serious?”


“I dare not say for sure, but this news came from City Lord Wang himself. It’s most likely true.”


“Alright, I’ve got it. You can go back.” Wei Jie waved the gang member away, then deeply furrowed his brows. When the gathered elders and retainers saw this, their gazes turned grim. 


The next moment, however, Wei Jie clapped his hands and laughed, “Impressive, Gao Xiong!” 


Gao Xiong smiled calmly back at him. He immediately understood that Wei Jie had just learned about the troops he had stationed outside the city. “I’m unworthy of such praise. How could I not prepare thoroughly before stepping into a tiger’s den?”


“It must have taken an awful lot of time to contact all those families with connections to the Divine Mountains.” 


When they heard that, Upheaval’s other higher-ups’ eyes twitched. They’d already roughly guessed what the contents of their subordinate’s report to Wei Jie. 


“It did indeed take quite a bit of time, but so what?” asked Gao Xiong. “Boss Wei, your gang had grown far too quickly. In fact, you’ve intimidated even a few families of the Divine Mountains.”


“Can you tell me just how many people you’ve got stationed outside?”


“Around three million,” said Gao Xiong with a laugh. “All of them are sky immortals at the very least. They’re the elites of their respective clans.”


“Hah, you’ve really gone all out. But do you think that just three million immortals is enough to wipe out our Upheaval?”


“No, I don’t,” said Gao Xiong decisively. What kind of faction was Upheaval? There was no way a mere three million immortals could destroy them. “That said, they ought to be more than enough to destroy your headquarters in Raging Flame City, right?” 


Wei Jie’s smile froze. He was no longer as relaxed as he’d been at the start.


For Upheaval as a whole, three million sky immortals and immortal kings might not amount to much. The issue was, they hadn’t had enough warning to call the rest of their forces here.

Although they had quite a few elite troops stationed locally, this was three million experts!


They had no chance of victory at all.


“Oh? Boss Wei, your complexion looks a little off?” Gao Xiong’s face glowed with satisfaction. He now had an absolute advantage. So long as he gave the word….. The millions of immortals outside the city would instantly bathe Raging Flame City in blood. 


“Isn’t that natural? We’ve got millions of hostile immortals stationed right outside our walls. Who could smile at a time like this?” Wei Jie stared directly at Gao Xiong, who snorted.


“In that case, Boss Wei, tell me who’s supporting you. Who knows? If you do, you might very well scare us off.”


“It’s quite lively in here, isn’t it?” At that moment, the sound of frivolous laughter resounded through the hall. Everyone glanced at its source and saw Ye Zichen striding in on his own through the front food, a grin on his face. 


The moment Ye Zichen appeared, Wei Jie’s dark grimace vanished like a puff of smoke. He immediately rose to his feet and bowed. “Boss!” 


When Wei Jie said that, every other member of Upheaval present was astonished. Although Ye Zichen was Upheaval’s true leader, he was unacquianted with most of his gang’s upper leadership. Only Wei Jie and the few he’d recruited right at the start knew Ye Zichen’s true identity. 


“Grandmaster Ye!” How could Gao Xiong not know about the Grandmaster Ye who’d become so famous in Ice Blue City?


He was astonished when Ye Zichen turned up. He had no idea about Ye Zichen’s relationship with Upheaval. 


“Family Head Gao.” Ye Zichen cupped his hands in greeting as well.


“Grandmaster Ye, I never would have guessed you were part of Upheaval,” said Gao Xiong.


“There’s a lot you about us you wouldn’t guess,” said Ye Zichen with an indifferent laugh. With that, he walked over to Wei Jie’s former spot, waved his sleeves, and took a seat. “While I was outside, I heard you say that you wanted to see me? Well, here I am.” 

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