Chapter 1153 - Trouble Comes Knocking

Raging Flame City. 


This city, which grew famous for its raging flames during the Great War of Demons and Gods, had become famous once more. This time, however, it was due to Upheaval’s sudden rise to prominence. It was now one of the most prosperous cities beneath the Northern Divine Mountain. 


The building right in the center of the city was once of the residence of the city lord, but he’d vacated it so Upheaval could make it their new headquarters.


Every day, countless cultivators flocked there. Some hoped to join Upheaval, while others simply wanted to see just what was so special about this new gang that had suddenly risen to prominence.


In any event, the flow of traffic within Raging Flame City had more than doubled.


Upheaval was as vast and powerful as a mountain. No one dared show any trace of enmity towards them, but today…..


Today, a group of uninvited guests had showed up in Raging Flame City. 


Upheaval’s main headquarters. 


“Family Head Gao Xiong, to think you’d come visit us in person. My apologies for not going out to meet you.” Wei Jie stepped into the hall where Upheaval greeted their guests. He wore long robes emblazoned with countless formations and a smile on his lips. He glanced at the group, then cupped his hands in greeting and sat in the centermost chair. 


Both sides of the hall were lined with chairs. Every single seat was occupied.


These people were the gang’s elders and retainers. They weren’t necessarily the strongest members of the gang, but they were absolutely the most loyal. 


The six human immortal experts Wei Jie had recruited just after forming the gang were among them. However, they were no longer human immortals. Every single one of them had become a sky immortal by now. 


When they received news of Gao Xiong’s arrival, they all hurried over.


“Please take a seat,” said Wei Jie. He glanced to the side, and a servant immediately pulled out a chair and placed it all the way in the corner. 


This was actually already intended as an insult. Gao Xiong was one of the top figures of the Sky Great District, yet Upheaval put him in the last, least-prestigious seat, as if to say…. “Gao Xiong, in our eyes, you’re nothing at all.” 


“Impudent!” Ayi stood by Gao Xiong’s side clad in white robes. He immediately furrowed his brows and reached for his saber.


Before he could pull it out, over ten immortal awarenesses locked onto him. Dozens of experts who were at the very least sky immortals and immortal kings merged their spiritual pressure. It was easy to imagine just how stifling and suffocating it was. 


“Ayi, stay your hand,” said Gao Xiong flatly. He reached out and shoved Ayi’s sword back into its sheath.


The servant absolutely didn’t have the gall to deliberately humiliate Gao Xiong. In that case, it was obvious that Wei Jie had secretly put the man up to it.


Although Ayi had experienced countless baptisms in blood, the pressure just now had actually cracked his mental defenses. He glowered at the crowd, but sheathed his sword and returned to Gao Xiong’s side. 


“This seat….. I think I’ll pass.” After stopping his subordinate, Gao Xiong glanced at the corner in the chair. A vicious light flashed through his eyes, but his expression was cold and aloof. 


“Family Head Gao, if you don’t want to sit, don’t. But you’ve yet to inform me: to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” 


Wei Jie’s gaze suddenly frosted over. He glared at the group in mourning clothes, his tone inquisitive.


“Boss Wei, are you deliberately playing dumb?” said Gao Xiong darkly.


“Please, Family Head Gao, what do you mean?” Wei Jie smiled and gestured for him to continue.


“If you insist on feigning ignorance, fine. I won’t beat around the bush. I’m here to avenge my son.”


“Oh? In that case, I’m even more confused than before.” A smile rose on Wei Jie’s face. He leaned all the way back into his chair, his hands clenching the armrests. A dark light flashed through his eyes. “I heard you lost a son recently. If you want to hold a memorial service, I naturally won’t get involved, but why have you led your people here? You’re even wearing mourning clothes and talking about getting revenge? What, do you plan to blame my Upheaval for his death?”


“So, Boss Wei, you don’t want to admit it?” Gao Xiong’s expression was already extremely unsightly, but how could his threats possibly influence Wei Jie? 


“It’s not that I ‘don’t want to admit it,’ but rather that I can’t. Gao Xiong, if you know what’s good for you, gather your people and scrap. I have no time to waste arguing with you. If you want to gather your clan and stand against Upheavel, we’ll fight to the bitter end.” 




“What on earth is going on? Why did you call me over in such a hurry?” The heads of the Liu and Wu families sat in the City Lord’s new manor, having rushed there after receiving an urgent message. 


Upheaval’s appearance meant that they’d cast aside their former competitive relationship. No matter how strong their ambition was, they could do nothing to shake Upheaval’s position. 


“Gao Xiong suddenly showed up in Raging Flames City. I’m sure you’ve heard this news as well.” Wang Lei frowned at Wu Wenguang and Liu Qing. Given his understanding of the two of them, there was no way a man like Gao Xiong could appear without them finding out about it. 


As expected, they both nodded. 


“Didn’t he go to see Upheaval?” asked Wu Wenguang. “It looks like he’s here with ill intentions, but the current Upheaval is already nothing like it was a year before. Even if Gao Xiong represents the entire Gao Family, I’m afraid he isn’t enough to threaten Upheaval.”


Liu Qing nodded his agreement.


“Yes, but what if it’s not just the Gao Family?” As soon as Wang Lei said this, Wu Wenguang and Liu Qing froze. Before they could respond, Wang Lei continued, “At least a million people have surrounded our Raging Flame City. According to my subordinates’ information, quite a few of them are from the Sky Great District, and from families in contact with the Divine Mountains at that. There are also quite a few groups who my subordinates didn’t recognize. I’m afraid they hail from beneath the other Divine Mountains.” 


“What? People are coming from the other Divine Mountains as well?” When Wu Wenguang heard this, he was shocked despite himself.


Wang Lei nodded. “That’s not the important part, however. Think it over carefully….. Upheaval rose to power recently, and at an astonishing rate. This is enough to make anyone wide-eyed with astonishment. But think about it: who has their rise impacted the most?” 


“The Divine Mountains!” Liu Qing furrowed his brows. 


“That’s right. They’ve gathered so many families together, but I’m actually not so worried about the million immortals gathered outside. Rather, I’m concerned about….”


“People from the Divine Mountains!” Liu Qing and Wu Wenguang exclaimed simultaneously. They looked at each other and immediately realized how serious their situation was. 


Upheaval was incredibly powerful, but that was only in the lower lands. The Divine Mountains were still looming overhead. If they’d sent down experts and steeled themselves to stamp out Upheaval……


“Gao Xiong really is an ill-intentioned guest,” ‘said Liu Qing solemnly. “If people of the Divine Mountains are really determined to take out Upheaval, the end result is truly difficult to predict.” 


Hard to predict? Why?


Upheaval had simply grown too rapidly, and their vast resources were readily apparent for all to see.


Who dared say for sure that they didn’t have support from above as well? 


“In that case, we’ve got an important choice ahead of us.” At that moment, Wang Lei furrowed his brows and said, “Who exactly should we side with?”

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