Chapter 1152 - Puppy Love

“Hey, Uncle Ye, what are you saying?” Bai Biling pouted and said, “As a member of the younger generation, can’t I come here to look after you?”


She batted her eyes and spoke as sweetly as possible, then grabbed the hem of Ye Zichen’s clothes coquettishly.


He didn’t know why, but when he saw her acting like this, he almost mistook her for Chi Mei. 


Where all deliberately coquiettish girls like this?

He considered all the girls he knew. Of them, Xia Keke was the only one to talk to him in such a way. Didn’t that mean that Keke was faking it as well…..


No way! There was absolutely no way!

As soon as this thought entered his head, Ye Zichen rejected it. He could suspect just about anyone, but not Xia Keke. 


“Uncle Ye.” 


When Bai Biling waved her hands in front of him, Ye ZIchen came to his senses. He cocked his head and saw Bai Biling smiling adorably and looking right at him. 


“Hm? What is it?” Ye Zichen said instinctively. He’d gotten distracted briefly.


Bai Biling picked up on this, ran behind him, and put her hands on his shoulders. “Aren’t you tired, uncle? How about I rub your shoulders?” 


She’d been spoiled her whole like and obviously wasn’t used to this sort of thing. She rubbed Ye ZIchen’s shoulders, but it didn’t feel good at all. It just felt like she was pinching his muscles.


Bai Biling’s act wouldn’t work on him. He removed her hand and pulled her in front of him. “Well? Out with it. What is it?”




“Say it now, or forever hold your peace.” As soon as he said that, he turned to leave the room, but before he could take more than a few steps, Bai Biling rushed ahead and blocked his path.


She smiled awkwardly and grinned at him. “Uncle Ye, I heard that you…. In Ice Blue City, you were that famous ‘Grandmaster Ye,’ right?”


“That’s right. What about it?” 


“Then do you have any extra Sea Condensing Pills? If you, is there any chance you could give me one?” She stuck out her tongue, then lowered her head in embarrassment. 


She wanted a Sea Condensing Pill? 


When he heard this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows. He never would have guessed she’d come looking for him just for that.


After all, she was Little White’s daughter. Giving her a Sea Condensing Pill was no problem at all.


However, she as still only a sky immortal. Wasn’t it too early for her to worry about Sea Condensing Pills? 

“What do you need that for? Sea Condensing Pills are for immortal kings hoping to become supremes. If you’re at a bottleneck, I can give you pills to help you become an immortal king.” 


She instantly shook her head back and forth like a tambourine, then waved her hands. “No, no, no! I don’t need that, I just want a Sea Condensing Pill. Please, Uncle Ye, just give me one, okay?” 


She shook Ye Zichen’s arm, her gaze pleading. From the looks of things, she really had an urgent need for a Sea Condensing Pill. 


“Then can you tell me what you plan todo withit?”


“I can’t!” This time, her response was completely decisive. Her resolute response startled Ye Zichen.


Her determination faded, replaced by that same pleading expression. “Uncle Ye, please just give me one!”


He really couldn’t out-argue with her, and besides, she was his niece. With a sigh, Ye Zichen took a pill from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s stores and placed it into her hand. “Here.”


When she accepted it, her face was instantly awash with happiness. She hugged Ye Zichen and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks, Uncle! I just knew you were the best!”


As soon as she said that, she clenched the pill bottle and dashed out of the courtyard. The snow bunny glanced at Ye Zichen, who nodded back at her. “Follow her and see what’s up. Don’t let anything happen to her.”


Once she’d left, Ye Zichen chuckled and sat down in front of the stone table.


For the girl to come here and flatter him, then ask for a Sea Condensing Pill specifically filled him with curiosity. He spread his immortal awareness throughout Blue Sky City. Given his current strength, he could spread his awareness over the entire lower lands, nevermind a mere Blue Sky City.


He locked onto Bai Biling, and before long, he saw her enter a restaurant.


A coldly handsome youth sat on the second floor. He was extremely handsome, and when he saw Bai Biling, he rose to his feet to welcome her. 


When she saw him, Bai Biling lowed her head shyly.


“Oh, it seems she’s got a crush.” 


The youth was a peak immortal king, only a single step away from becoming a supreme. Becoming so strong at such a young age was impressive; even Ye Zichen nodded despite himself.


Ye Zichen smiled calmly, but he kept his immortal awareness locked onto them. He wanted to see what they were up to. But he absolutely wasn’t trying to peep! He was just concerned for his dear niece’s wellbeing is all. 


“Hey, didn’t you say you’ve been stuck at the peak of the immortal king level for a long time? Here, I got you a Sea Condensing Pill,” said Bai Biling. She blushed and pushed the bottle towards the youth. 


“This….” When he saw it, the youth’s face lit up with delight. This was only natural; every immortal king knew how precious Sea Condensing Pills were. 


Not long ago, he’d heard about a Grandmaster Ye in Ice Blue City selling the pills, but he was short on funds….


He couldn’t afford to buy one.


However, as precious as the Sea Condensing Pill was, he didn’t so much as feign hesitation. He slipped it directly into his spatial pouch. Throughout this process, he didn’t so much as take a good look at Bai Biling.


When Ye Zichen saw this, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He wasn’t the sophisticated type. He didn’t mind that the youth didn’t even try to refuse such a precious gift before putting it away. Rather…. It seemed that he had no room for Bai Biling in his heart.


This wasn’t at all what dating was supposed to look like. In fact, he was rather suspicious that the youth was only using Bai Biling to get his hands on a Sea Condensing Pill.


“That nasty…..” Ye Zichen was prepared to keep watching. After all, the youth was still the man Bai Biling was interested in. He didn’t want to pass any overly hasty judgments on him.


At that moment, however, his communications slip lit up. “This really din’t the time.”


Although transmission slips could transmit information, you had to enfuse them with your immortal awareness to read the contents. Ye Zichen couldnt do that and keep an eye on Bai Biling at the same time.


“I’ve absolutely got a find an opportunity to make the Modern Realm’s cell phones universally available here. Otherwise, it’ll really be a hassle.” He murmured to himself, but although he didn’t want to miss a second of Bai Biling’s “date” with the youth, the jade slip was red. It only turned red when the news was urgent, so he couldn’t put it off. 


He reached in with his immortal awareness, and when he saw its contents, he rose to his feet. He sent a transmission to the snow bunny saying, “Please watch over Ling’er on my behalf. See what’s going on between her and that youth.”


Next, he walked up to his two guards. “Go to the Bai Family residence and tell them…. That I have some business to attend to. If there’s news from the Yao Realm, it can wait until I get back.”


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