Chapter 115 Zhuge Kongming

Chapter 115 – Zhuge Kongming

Ye Zichen sat at the counter of the supermarket, while ten concert tickets that Yang Yushi got people to send over laid on the table.

“You never imagined that big bro has tickets on hand, right? And they’re even infield tickets,” Ye Zichen had a faint hint of pride on his face. The reason Su Yan and Xia Keke messed with him so weirdly earlier was for these concert tickets.

There was no helping it, Yang Yushi’s reputation was through the roof.

The two girls already tried to snatch up tickets the moment the tickets sales opened, but they were too slow. When they confirmed the purchases, the five thousand tickets were already swept up.

They only went to Ye Zichen because he had contacts with Hu Hong, so they wanted him to try and get a few.

Of course, they made a strict order that he must get the tickets.

Ye Zichen put the tickets in his pocket with a smile, then leaned back on the chair as he looked at the huge supermarket. All of a sudden, his face became troubled.

He thought that the sales in the Heavenly Court would start extremely quickly, but none of the spokespeople contacted him to stock up. Nor did any deities ask him to buy the products.

“Could the deities in the Heavenly Court not like this?”

It shouldn’t be!

The Monkey King and co. had pretty good feedback.


The door to the supermarket pushed open. Ye Zichen stared at his phone without looking up, “It’s not opened yet.”

Ye Zichen would meet this sort of situation quite a few times per day. Normally speaking, the moment he said that, the customers would leave.

However, this time, this person actually continued to stand in front of him and did not leave.

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw that a boy, wearing a pair of glasses with black frames, stood in front of him.

There was still a hint of naiveté on his face, so he most likely wasn’t above 18.

“Lil’ Bro, our supermarket isn’t opened yet, so we don’t sell anything.”

The boy raised his hand and scratched his head, “I didn’t come to buy anything.”

“What did you come here for if not to buy? To sell? I have fixed suppliers, so I don’t need to stock up from other places.”

“No, no,” The boy shook his head like a rattle.

Ye Zichen was also confused by the child, thus he asked, “Then what?”

The boy finally spoke up with a blush after a long while, “Are you employing?”



Just how old is this kid, and he’s already applying for a job?

The boy quickly promoted himself as if he sensed Ye Zichen’s intention of refusal, “Bro, don’t just look at how young I am. I have the stamina to do stuff like putting the products onto the shelves and moving the products. From the looks of it, you should be an university student as well. You definitely have to study, right? I can live 24 hours within the supermarket, and I can promise you not to eat any of the snacks or touch the money in the cash register.”

This child seemed rather sincere, but the thing is…

He didn’t plan to open it to the public at all.

Without any choice, he could only make up an excuse.

“I don’t accept child labor.”

“Bro, that’s simple. For shops like supermarkets, just say that I’m the child from a relative’s home, and is just helping out. That’s all!”

It was as if the boy had thought about all sorts of possibilities beforehand. No matter what excuses Ye Zichen came up with, he was able to answer without thinking.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen was troubled.

Ye Zichen sighed as he looked at the boy’s anticipating gaze, “Then tell me, why are you so desperate for a job. Don’t you need to go to school?”

“No,” The boy shook his head, then his expression turned sad. “I’m an orphan, I have no place to live and nowhere to eat, I want to find a place that offers me food and shelter. Big bro, just accept me. I will work very hard, it’s fine even if you don’t pay me a salary, it’s…”

The child made himself sound more and more pitiful, but Ye Zichen checked him out.

The child was wearing high grade goods on his entire body. Although Ye Zichen haven’t bought any, he was forced by Yao Yue to recognize a lot of brands when he was still dating her.

Ignoring everything else this child was wearing, just his Balenciaga shoes cost more than ten thousand yuan.


Who was he bullshitting with!

“Lil’ Bro, do you think Big bro doesn’t understand anything?”

This child definitely had other intentions wanting to work here. Since Ye Zichen had nothing better to do, he decided to chat with the child.

“Say, you are wearing at least a hundred thousand yuan of clothes and you’re telling me that you’re an orphan. Do the orphanages have such good benefits now?”

The moment he finished, Ye ZIchen saw a look of worry on the boy’s face.

Ye Zichen smiled, then casually took out a cigarette from the counter and lit it. He raised his eyebrows, “So, introduce yourself first.”

“I’m called Zhuge Kongming.”

Ye Zichen nearly choked on the cigarette and coughed intensely. Then he said with a frown, “Look, you have a two-character surname. If you said that you’re called Goudan [1], then I would believe it. Yet, you said Zhuge, your orphanage is truly impressive.”

“I admired Mr. Wolong [3] since I was young, so wasn’t it fine if I named myself Zhuge Kongming?” Zhuge Kongming said with a blush and forcefully raised his head.

Ye ZIchen immediately laughed, “Oh, you want to be Zhuge Liang. Then sorry, I’m not Lei Bei, I don’t need your assistance. What’s more, you, Zhuge Kongming, are too shameless. I didn’t visit your place three times [4], yet you already ran over excitedly, it’s not like you at all.”


Zhuge Kongming pouted unhappily, while Ye Zichen crossed his legs and pointed towards the door, “Mr. Zhuge, please.”

“Big bro, just take me in. Let me be your lackey, okay?”

“Nope, hurry up and leave, otherwise, I’m going to beat you up.”

Ye ZIchen frowned to reveal a savage look. However, Zhuge Kongming frowned, then directly said shamelessly as he fell onto the floor.

“Then let’s just stay like this and see.”

“Hehe… You’re scaring me! Then let’s just keep on wasting our time.”

Several hours passed by, and the sky had already turned dark, this Zhuge Kongming really sat on the floor without moving at all.

What Ye Zichen found weird was that his family did not come and get him. This was something that Ye Zichen did not understand.

“Zhuge Kongming, is your family not worried about you when you’re not going home when it’s so late?”

“I said, I’m an orphan.”

“Then be an orphan,” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then stretched lazily. “I’m so hungry, let’s eat a cup of cup noodles.”

Not long later, the smell of cup noodles filled the entire supermarket.

The stomach of Zhuge Kongming, who was sitting on the floor, grumbled as he looked at the cup noodle on the cash register counter and gulped.

Ye Zichen saw all of this. He picked up one of the cup noodles and walked in front of Zhuge Kongming.

“Do you want to eat it?”


Zhuge Kongming did not hesitate at all.

He was starving!

“Then tell me honestly, what exactly did you come here for? I’ll let you eat it if you just say it.”

  1. Dog balls], Erya [2. Idiot
  2. Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮) / Kong Ming (孔明)
  3. Liu Bei had to visit Zhuge Liang three times in order to persuade the latter to join him

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