Chapter 1148 - Gao Ruilong’s Death


“If you have something to say, say it tomorrow. This young master’s busy!”


It was such a beautiful night, and there was a petite beauty waiting for him in his chambers. How could Gao Ruilong possibly have the time to bother with Cai Renfei? 


Especially considering that he’d never cared for Cai Renfei in the first place.


If it weren’t for the fact that this half-brother of his had tricked Gao Yunting into rebelling and won him the seat of family head, Gao Ruilong would have simply ignored him. 


“I just came to check on Young Master Ruilong to see if you needed anything,” said Cai Renfei with a close-lipped smile. 


“I don’t. Hurry up and leave.” 


The beautiful maiden was still lying on his bed, and he was just itching to get started. He had no desire to waste any more time with Cai Renfei. All he wanted was to send this nuisance packing so he could frolick with the petite beauty unimpeded. 


Sensing Gao Ruilong’s urgent tone, Cai Renfei smiled in understanding. “Alright, then your subordinate shall take his leave.” He bowed deeply to Gao Ruilong.


Little did the next head of the Gao Family know, just before he shut the door, the beauty peered through the crack and nodded at Cai Renfei. 


The door was tightly shut. Gao Ruilong and the beautiful maiden were alone in his room. When he saw her lying on his bed, Gao Ruilong’s heart burned, and he jumped onto the bed, right on top of her.


But he missed.


As he flew towards her, the woman carefully shifted to the side. Gao Ruilong immediately tried again, but the beauty pushed him away. “Your Excellency, don’t be in such a rush!”


Gao Ruilong practically melted at the sound of her coy voice. Her words sent his male hormones into overdrive. 


He forcefully suppressed the fire in his loins. Before long, he heard the woman laugh, “I heard that you’re the future head of the Gao Family?”


“That’s right. In three months, I’ll inherit my father’s position. Beauty, if you can satisfy this young master tonight, in the future, you might very well become the wife of the head of the Gao Family,” he laughed wantonly, but his laughter contained suggestive undertones. 


The woman’s gaze filled with longing. She pursed her lips, then laughed coyly, “In that case, your Excellency, I’m sure you’ve long since grown tired of ordinary play. How about….. We try something new?”  


“Oh? You’ve even got new tricks?” He arched his brows, then saw the woman pull a long cloth from under the pillow. She’d obviously prepared it in advance.


“Your Excellency, please close your eyes.” 


Gao Ruilong couldn’t resist her coy tone, and he really did want to see just what her “new tricks” were, so he obediently shut his eyes and allowed the woman to blindfold him, then push him onto the bed. 


After that, she tied his hands and feet to the bed.


He couldn’t see anything, and he was tied fast. The inexplicable novelty of it all filled Gao Ruilong with excitement.


“Beauty, just what are you planning? Hurry up and show me.”


“It won’t be long, Your Excellency. Don’t fret.” Her response was coy, but as soon as the words  left her mouth, her suggestive smile clouded over. The next moment, she pulled a sharp dagger from underneath the bed, held it over Gao Ruilong’s heart, and stabbed with all her might.


Fresh blood spurted from his chest, painting the woman’s face red. As she stabbed him, the woman shoved a bundle of cloth into Gao Ruilong’s mouth to muffle his scream. 


With his arms and legs tied, he could only whimper and trash, but in just a few breaths of time, he ceased struggling.


“I killed someone! I killed someone…” The woman sat on the bed, grasping the dagger protruding from Gao Ruilong’s chest and murmured to himself. At that moment, someone pushed the door open, and the woman curled up like a frightened bird. 


“You’ve done well.”


This new arrival was none other than Cai Renfei, who Gao Ruilong had kicked out not long before. He smiled calmly, then walked up to the bed, pulled out the dagger, and viciously slammed it back in again. 


As it entered, Gao Ruilong’s body trembled violently. Cai Renfei removed his blindfold…….


“You…..” Gao Ruilong’s eyes widened, and it seemed like he wanted to say something, but Cai  Renfei didn’t even give him a chance. He pulled out the dagger and viciously stabbed him again.


Blood spurted from his wounds, and soon, the whole bed was dyed red. Gao Ruilong’s eyes rolled back into his head. This time, he was truly dead.


The woman, who wore nothing but a silk slip, was somewhat panicked. In truth, she was an ordinary woman without the strength to truss a chicken. This was why Gao Ruilong was able to completely lt down his guard with her. 


At the same time, that’s the reason Cai Renfei choose her.


He’d started searching for just the right woman for the job half a year ago, and in the end, he settled on her. She had no cultivation whatsoever, but she was extraordinarily beautiful.


Although Gao Ruilong was useless, he wasn’t completely careless. If he wanted Gao Ruilong to let his guard down completely, only this sort of woman would do. 


Gao Ruilong never would have guessed that she could threaten him in any way. Thaat’s why he was so overconfident…. 


But he hadn’t anticipated that the ropes she’d tied him with were immortal-binding ropes, while her dagger was a top-grade immortal weapon. 


All of this was part of Cai Renfei’s plan, from Gao Yunting’s rebellion to Gao Ruilong’s assassination. 


Everything was under his control.


“Your Excellency.” The woman greeted him, but her gaze was full of panic after having killed someone. Her pupils constricted violently, and her chest heaved uncontrollably.


“You’ve done well. Your son is currently in the Earth Great District’s Treasure Trove City.” As he spoke, he pulled out a spatial pouch and tossed it onto the bed.


“This contains your travel expenses, your reward, as well as your escape route. As for whether you can get away or not, well, that depends on you.”


“Thank you, Your Excellency.” She took the bag, and without so much as getting dressed, she fled barefoot through the courtyard.


However, before she’d so much as left the gates, a streak of spiritual energy flew from behind. In an instant, the energy cut a fist-sized hole through her chest.”


“I’m really sorry,” he said, “but I can’t let you leave. There are too many eyes in the Gao Family. If anyone saw you, I’ll wind up exposed. Rest assured, though: your son is set for life.” 


He glanced at her corpse indifferently, then waved his hand and removed the ropes binding Gao Ruilong. However, he left the dagger behind. 


He deliberately trashed the room and made marks as if a fight had taken place, and put the woman’s spatial pouch away.


A full hour passed before Cai Renfei arranged everything properly.


Finally, he took a scrap of fabric, placed it into Gao Ruilong’s hand, then left the scene.


The next morning, the horizon was fish-belly white as the sun rose into the sky. Cai Renfei, who was sitting on the roof of his residence, finally saw someone enter Gao Ruilong’s rooms.


Less than thirty seconds later…… 


“Young Master Ruilong is dead!” The servent shouted in alarm. With that, news of Gao Ruilong’s death spread. 


As Cai Renfei watched all of this, he grinned. “Grandmaster Ye, my revenge is about to begin.”


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