Chapter 1147 - The Family Head’s Seat

A thousand years ago, the Gao Family made a major contribution to the Xiao Family, and was sent to administer Yellow Springs City.


Even though they had to pay a hefty tribute of resources every fifty years, they could borrow the grand flag of the Lightning Emperor’s Xiao Family. Also, even after paying their tribute, they still had quite a bit left for their own use, and the family flourished.


However, their prosperity was built on the premise that they could pay their tribute on time.


Just a few days ago, the ancestor of the Gao Family contacted Gao Xiong to ask about the tribute. Before long, the Xiao Family sent someone to investigate. Gao Xiong would never have guessed it, but


The Xiao Family’s emissary had died at the designated meeting point. 


“It would be one thing if you’d just stolen the resources for yourself. So long as you gave them back, we could still turn this around. But you…. You dared plot to murder the Xiao Family’s emissary. Gao Yunting, you’re truly rash.” 


When he looked at Gao Yunting, Gao Xiong’s eyes revealed his disappointment. Between his two sons, he’d actually always favored Gao Yunting to inherit his position after he ascended to the Divine Mountains. 


He’d trained Gao Ruilong in large part to temper his eldest son. He never would have guessed that Gao Yunting would rebel so brazenly.


“Are you saying I murdered the emissary? I did no such thing!” Gao Yunting’s eyes bulged with shock and anger. If they wanted to accuse him of stealing the tribute, he wouldn’t have objected. He really did steal that twenty percent for himself. 


But he didn’t plot against the emissary or murder him. He couldn’t have done so even if he wanted to.


“That day, I gave the tribute to the esteemed emissary then returned to the family with subordinates. When I left, the emissary was alive and well. Besides, any emissary of the Xiao Family has to be at least an earth supreme. How could I possibly have murdered him?”


“You didn’t kill him? His allies are standing right here. Do you think I’m just making this up for fun?” Gao Xiong glowered at Gao Yunting with bloodshot eyes, his face contorted with fury. “You won’t admit it even now? Then tell me, if you didn’t murder the emissary, where exactly did you get the resources to build up such an army?” 


“The emissary gave them to me…..”


“Alright, just stop talking.” Gao Xiong’s disappointment became even more pronounced. He’d also thought that there was no way his son was strong enough to have murdered the emissary. He’d asked that question to give him the opportunity to rat out his allies.


So long as Gao Yunting blamed everything on his allies and pretended he’d been forced into it, as his father, Gao Xiong might still be able to plead for mercy on his path. That way, Gao Yunting might well get out of this alive.


But then he went and said the emissary just gave him the resources…..


What an utterly ridiculous answer.


Gao Xiong took a deep breath and paid his son no further head. He’d already done all he could to give him a path out of this, but Gao Yunting didn’t take it. He had no one to blame but himself.


He looked up at the Xiao Family experts, bowed deeply, then said, “Esteemed Emissary, if you please.” 


This sentence sealed Gao Yunting’s fate. Gao Yunting shrieked hysterically and insisted that he’d been wronged, but no one listened to a word he said. 


His allies had fallen one by one and now lay in pools of their own blood. Gao Yunting was all alone on the battlefield. 


The sword-riding emissary landed in front of Gao Yunting, and smiled at him coldly. 


 It was over. 


A bleak grin tugged at Gao Yunting’s lips. The clouds overhead blocked out the sun, and the wind howled past his face. Gao Yunting’s smile broadened.


He examined his surroundings in a haze and saw disappointment, as well as mockery from Gao Ruilong and his allies. 


Finally, Gao Yunting’s gaze landed on Cai Renfei, who met him in the eye. His gaze was placid, without the slightest hint of emotion.


“Little brother,” said Gao Yunting, “you found yourself a good advisor.” 


He smiled bleakly at Gao Ruilong, then picked up his battered sword, held it to his throat, and…..




A line of blood gushed from his neck. Before long, both Gao Yunting and his sword fell to the ground with a thud.


When his son committed suicide, Gao Xiong subconsciously looked away.


He was still a father, after all. How could he possibly have the heart to just watch his own son die?


At that moment, the emissary came back with Gao Yunting’s corpse. When Gao Xiong saw it, he immediately asked, “Esteemed Emissary, this….”


“We’ll take him back with us when we report in,” said the emissary from atop his flying sword. 


Without so much as waiting for Gao Xiong’s response, another emissary said, “The criminal is already dead, but we’ve yet to recover the stolen resources. We’ll give you three days to assemble the required resources and pay your tribute. Otherwise…..Well, you ought to know the consequences already.” 


There were two flashes of light as both Xiao Family emissaries left the premises.


The remaining forces glanced at Gao Xiong, who stood in the middle of the courtyard, clenching and unclenching his fists and trembling from head to toe.


“Someone, gather up the corpses of the dead civilians, as well as our fallen clansmen, and arrange for appropriate compensation. Erase Gao Yunting’s name from the family registers, as well as the names of his direct subordinates. Furthermore, I order that Gao Ruilong is to become the next head of the family. We’ll hold the transfer of power ceremony in three months. That’s all.” 


With that, Gao Xiong silently turned and walked away.


In the time it took to give those orders, he seemed to age a full ten years. When they saw his forlorn figure fade into the distance, his clansmen couldn’t help but sigh in pity. 


No parent wanted to bury their own child. Gao Xiong was undoubtedly suffering right now. 


However, there was a certain group who watched this play out in delight: Gao Ruilong and his followers.


Gao Ruilong bowed low and bid his father farewell, but as soon as Gao Xiong left, he straightened his back. Every other Gao clansmen present then bowed to him.

Although they didn’t call him “Family Head,” Gao Ruilong knew…..


That day wasn’t far off. 


In three months, he’d be head of the Gao Family. 


Gao Yunting’s rebellion had painted Yellow Springs City red with blood. The mournful cries of the populace echoed throughout the area, but Gao Ruilong’s residence was lit with festive lanterns. He was holding a celebratory banquet.


Everyone there treated him with the utmost courtesy, and even referred to him as “Family Head.”

Gao Ruilong was in ecstasy.


They partied all through the night, only stopping when dawn arrived. Only then did everyone pack up and go home. 


Gao Ruilong returned to his rooms, a spring in his step. This was everything he’d ever wanted. 


Perhaps someone was trying to curry favor with him. He didn’t know who’d done it, but someone had hidden a petite beauty in his room. When he saw her, Gao Ruilong immediately grinned, tugged off his clothes, and leaped towards her. 


At that moment, however, he heard a series of hurried knocks on the door. 


“Who is it?” asked Gao Ruilong in obvious displeasure that someone had interrupted his revelry. Without so much as stopping to put his clothes on, he pulled open the door and saw Cai Renfei standing there, hands behind his back and a broad grin on his face. 

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