Chapter 1144 - The Bewildered Wei Jie

The great hall was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. The youth simply stood there, staring at Emperor Hades in a daze.


“I….” the youth furrowed his brows for a while but said nothing. Emperor Hades glanced at him, and when he saw the hesitation written on his face, looked back at his ancient tome.


Without so much as looking back at his apprentice, he said, “Do you know him or not? If not, just say so.”


Given Emperor Hades’  capabilities and the fact that he’d chosen to ask that specific question, there was no way to slip anything past him. The youth realized this as well and nodded. “We’ve met.” 


When he got an affirmative response, Emperor Hades nodded in satisfaction and set down his tome. He sat upright on his throne and smiled at the youth. “Since you know him, that makes things simple. In a moment, gather your  things and go find him for me.”


“Master, you want to see him because…..”


“I told you to go, so go.” The emperor’s dense aura instantly filled the room. 


The youth fell to his knees, bowed low to the ground, and said, “Your apprentice shall obey.” 




When Little White sent out the call, Ye Zichen’s acquaintances from the Three Realms showed up, one after the other. When they saw him, they were astonished despite themselves.


Their ranks included people of the Beast Region, Heavenly Court, Underworld, and Immortal Region….

There were over a hundred in total.


Little White held a grand banquet in his residence, which lasted a full three days.




Ye Zichen stretched leisurely and got out of bed. He was hungover, and his headache had yet to improve. Every inch of him reeked of alcohol. He put his hands to his head and laughed.


“It’s been a long time since I got so drunk.” However, after a brief chuckle, he used his immortal energy to disperse the alcohol lingering in his system.


Getting drunk made it easy to forget your woes, but right now he needed absolute clearheadedness


“Uncle Ye.” At that moment, someone suddenly flung his door open. Ye Zichen looked up and saw Bai Biling rush inside without any reservations. 


“Biling, why are you so rash?” As Bai Biling pushed open the door, Bai Qiao berated her. Before long, she appeared in his room as well. When she saw that he was awake, she couldn’t help but add, “Brother Ye, please don’t take offense. When we get back, I’ll be sure to discipline Biling.”


“No harm done,” said Ye Zichen, waving away her concerns. He put on his slippers and walked towards her. “Is Little White looking for me?”

Bai Qiao shook her head. “No, it’s the head of Upheaval, Wei Jie. He says you called him here.”


After she said that, Ye Zichen suddenly recalled sending Wei Jie a message while drunk the night before. If this mother and daughter pair hadn’t shown up, he really might have forgotten.


“Then I’ll go greet him now.”


Wei Jie sat in the entry hall of the Bai Residence, his brows tightly knit. He was accompanied by a few peak immortal king experts as well as the second leader from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


Last night, he received a sudden message from Ye Zichen telling him to come to the residence of the Parliament of Stars’ second pavilion leader. 


His first thought was that Ye Zichen’s true identity had been exposed, so he responded with a request for more information.


Yet his message was like a stone cast into the vast ocean. He got no response whatsoever. 


Out of concern for Ye Zichen’s safety, he called up his troops and led his elite soldiers to the area surrounding the Parliament of Star’s base.


So long as he gave the word, those elites would launch their offensive.


He himself was accompanied by a group of immortal kings and Lei Zhen, and had run day and night to Blue Sky City. 


“How long until I can see Brother Ye?”


It had been a long time since he’d seen any trace of Ye Zichen and Wei Jie was overcome with worry. He knit his brows and looked at Little White, who was sitting in the center of the hall. He had no idea how long he’d asked this same question.


“Gang Head Wei, please be patient. We’ve hosted a banquet the past few days, and Big Brother Ye got really drunk. He only just woke up, and he’s probably stll hungover. But don’t worry; I sent my wife to call him over, so it shouldn’t be much longer.”


Little White’s reply was amiable, but Wei Jiu frowned despite himself. Big Brother Ye? 




Before Wei Jie could begin making sense of their relationship, Bai Qiao and Bai Biling led Ye Zichen into the hall. 


“Little White, Wei Jie…..”


“Boss!” Wei Jie and Little White shouted the same thing at practically the same moment. When they heard each other’s response, they looked at each other. Wei Jie looked at Little White in befuddlement, but Little White only smiled and nodded.


Wei Jie paid him no further heed. He walked right up to Ye Zichen and said under his breath, “Boss, what’s going on here? Why did the Parliament of Stars’ second pavilion head call you ‘boss?’ Also, just now, he told me you drank together last night, and you even got drunk?”


As he spoke, Wei Jie glanced at Little White. When Little White noticed his gaze, he nodded and laughed. 


Wei Jie felt a cold chill. Upheaval and the Parliament of Stars had clashed, both openly and covertly, so many times that he’d lost count.


Yet now one of their leaders was treating him like this? He really couldn’t quite adjust. 


Ye Zichen ignored Wei Jie’s suspicions, then smiled at Little White. “Little White, there are no outsiders here.”


“Right. These are all my immediate family.” Little White nodded.


Ye Zichen then turned to Wei Jie and said, “In truth, the Parliament of Stars is on our side, but don’t tell your subordinates. It’s best that they continue thinking of them as our enemies.”






Wei Jie almost assumed he’d misheard. After reconfirming it several times, he said in utter astonishment, “This….what’s going on?”


“You don’t know this, but…..” Little White explained about joining forces on Ye Zichen’s behalf, but also they’d maintain their surface rivalry.


It wasn’t until he finished his explanation that Wei Jie laughed in understanding. “So coincidences like this can really happen? If we join forces, doesn’t that mean every faction in the lower lands will answer to us? Boss, why aren’t we fully merging?” 


When he heard that, Ye Zichen glanced at Little White, who had no choice but to explain Ye Zichen’s reasoning all over again.


“Brilliant!” When he heard their reasoning, Wei Jie couldn’t help but clap and sigh in admiration. He has not seriously considered the advantages and disadvantages. All he’d thought was that if they merged, they’d be invincible in the lower lands. However, he’d forgotten to consider that the people of the Divine Mountains would never tolerate such a thing.”


That was true even though this was just the lower lands. 


“That’s why we should only share this information with our top leadership, and even then, only people we can absolutely trust. The others can just go on thinking of our two factions as enemies. That said, we shouldn’t overly antagonize each other; we can stop after doing a little damage. Whatever you do, don’t let our subordinates come to blows.” 


“No problem.” Wei Jie gestured to show his understanding, and the jade slip at his waist lit up. He nodded at Ye ZIchen and Little White, then used his immortal awareness to check his messages. 


He instantly furrowed his brows. When Ye Zichen saw this, he asked, “What is it?”


Wei Jie put the jade slip away, shook his head, and laughed. “Just now, I received word that Gao Yunting of the Gao Family rebelled. Right now, the Gao Family’s been flung into turmoil….. Boss, do you want us to seize this opportunity to get involved, too?”


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