Chapter 1142 - Emperor Hades’ Secondary Palace

“This is Emperor Hades’ secondary palace?” asked the woman once known as the Purplegold Rakshasa. Although she’d lived a long time and was a divine general of the yao race, this was her first time visiting Emperor Hades.


“That’s right.”

After her husband confirmed that they’d arrived, she frowned and took a closer look.


The outside  of the seasonal palace was ordinary. The way she saw it, if Emperor Hades lived here, it ought to look the part. However, in her eyes, it looked less grand and impressive than their own estates.


At that moment, she noticed two flickering black gemstones on the place walls. The man beside her noticed what she was looking at and tried to stop her….




It was already too late.


By the time he reached  out, she’d already coughed up a mouthful of blood essence, dying a portion of the black water of the River Styx red.


She staggered backward, her face pale, and trembled from head to toe as if she’d come down with malaria.


It was hard to even imagine. She was a divine general, and a half-step ruler expert, yet one glance at those  black gemstones had her coughing up blood and spasming.


“Die’er!” When he looked at his pallid wife, the man shouted in alarm, but just as he was about to check her condition, he saw countless aquatic beasts gather around them.


They’d been summoned by the smell of blood. There were at least a few tens of thousands of them, and even the weakest was a ninth-stage earth supreme. 


The man expanded his aura outward, intimidating the beasts and preventing them from attacking. At the same time, he faced the palace and cried out, “Yao Divine General Sha Pengkun requests an audience with his Majesty, Emperor Hades.”


“Yao Divine General Sha Pengkun requests an audience with his Majesty, Emperor Hades.”


“Yao Divine General Sha Pengkun requests an audience with his Majesty, Emperor Hades.”


He let out three urgent cries, infusing each with his divine yao energy. The surrounding aquatic beasts slowly grew restless. They already had sufficient numbers, and had the urge to attack Sha Pengkun and his wife.


“Yao Divine…..” When he saw the beasts’ gazes grow increasingly ferocious,  his expression grew even more agitated. 


Just as he was about to pay his respects once more, the doors to the secondary palace swung open with a bang.


The instant the gates opened, the beasts surrounding the couple dispersed. A youth stepped outside, then cupped his hands in greeting. “Master has been waiting for you. Please follow me inside.” In as much time as it took to brew a cup of tea, the youth led them into a grand hall.


“Master, I’ve brought the two yao divine generals.”


The youth bowed, and Sha Pengkun and his wife felt an aura that set the very depths of their hearts trembling.


This was the master of the River Styx, Emperor Hades!


“Sha Pengkun pays his respects to His Highness, Emperor Hades.”


“Yu Die pays her respects to His Highness, Emperor Hades.” They both got to their knees and bowed, lowering their heads. They dared not look directly at the emperor, who was shrouded in faint mists. Even if they’d looked, they wouldn’t have been able to see his appearance clearly. 


‘Mm.” His indifferent response echoed throughout the hall, and before long, the couple felt a wave of power surround them and pull them to their feet.


At the same time, Yu Die felt his energy enter her body and instantly cure her injuries. “Thank you, Emperor Hades.” She bowed low in gratitude.


“Yao Divine General Purplegold Rakshasa, you must have looked into the Black Demon Dragon’s eyes.”


The Black Demon Dragon’s eyes! 


When they heard that, the couple froze up and instantly recalled….


There was only one being who could claim such a title: the Black Demon Dragon, a figure who’d turned the Yao and God Realms upside down, causing such a commotion that even dogs and chickens were on edge. 


A primordial black demon dragon. 


Back then, he was the most likely candidate to inherit the seat of head of the Dragon Clan, but for some reason, he changed and became demonic. 


When he joined the demons, it was like adding wings to a tiger.


Demonic forces attacked both the God and Yao Realms, and even the River Styx couldn’t stay out of the fray.


This infuriated Emperor Hades, who went and suppressed the demonic dragon personally, then gouged out his eyes to decorate his secondary palace. He then returned the demonic dragon’s bones, sinew, and skin to the dragon race, who used them to forge three grand divine artifacts to make up for the trouble their clansman had caused. 


The top divine artifact, the Xuan-Yuan Sword, was among them. 


Yu Die was just lucky that she wasn’t weak; if her cultivation had been any lower, one look at those eyes and she might have exploded into pieces.


“There’s no need for you to thank me,” said Emperor Hades, his voice as flat as ever. “It was as easy as turning over my hand.”


He glanced at the youth and said, “Go bring the son of the Sha Family over.”


The youth left, and Sha Pengkun and Yu Die immediately wept tears of gratitude. “Thank you, Your Highness Emperor Hades. 


This was why they’d come here: they wanted to bring their son back! They never would have guessed that Emperor Hades had already predicted their arrival and helped them without them so much as needing to ask…...


Wait, this wasn’t right!


Since when was Emperor Hades so agreeable? 


Sha Pengkun subconsciously felt that something fishy was going on, and he couldn’t help but frown. “Your Excellency, Emperor Hades.”


“Divine General Yu, Divine General Sha, aren’t you here for your son? What, did I mistake your intentions?” 


Emperor Hades’ cold voice filled the hall. Sha Pengkun immediately sensed that there was something off, and hurriedly bowed. “You weren’t mistaken, Your Highness.”


“In that case, Divine General Sha, why are you making such an expression?”


Through the mist, it was impossible to see the emperor’s expression, which troubled Sha Pengkun. By then, however, the youth had already come back with their son, the yao king Ye Zichen had killed. 


However, he was still in soul form. His eyes were shut and he’d yet to regain his awareness.


“Ming’er!” Yu Die recognized her son at a glance, and her voice was wrought with grief. She almost ran up to him, but Sha Pengkun held her back.


When their son’s soul body entered the hall, it flew towards Emperor Hades. His parents watched as Sha Ming’s soul landed in Emperor Hades’ palm. Before long, the emperor tossed it back to them.


They anxiously caught and protected it. The emperor spoke again, “Your Honorable Son’s soul has been sealed in place. So long as you forge him a new body, he can be reborn.”


“Your Majesty Emperor Hades! I, Sha Pengkun, will remember this kindness for the rest of his life.” He thudded to the ground and bowed.


 When Yu Die saw this, she followed suit. “I will definitely repay this kindness!”


“Of course you have to repay me,” said Emperor Hades, as if that were only natural. He snorted, “You ought to know that it’s not cheap to revive someone. Today, I resurrected your heir, so you owe me…. A huge favor.”


“Of course…..” Sha Pengkun smiled bitterly. “So long as you request it, this humble one will do anything within his abilities.”


To his surprise, when he said that, Emperor Hades fell silent.


After a long while, the emperor spoke once more. “Are you telling the truth?”


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