Chapter 1141 - No Big Deal

“A high-class divine beast?” When the others in the courtyard heard that, their response was nowhere near as serious as Ye Zichen had imagined. None of them seemed concerned. Only Little White frowned. “Which clan was it?” 


“The stupid dog clan.” At that moment, Bai Biling rushed over from god knows where, followed by Bai Qizhi. They each carried immortal brew and fruits and placed them on the table.


However, without even waiting for the two seated men to eat, she reached out, grabbed a fruit, and took a bite.


“You don’t know your place.” Little White glared at her, then asked Bai Qizhi, “What exactly happened?”


By the time Bai Qizhi got there, everything was already over. All he could do was shrug as if to say, “I have no idea.”


Little White could only frown at his daughter and say helpless, “How on earth could I have such a troublemaker for a daughter? What on earth happened?”


“Father, you’ve falsely accused me this time!” Bai Biling took another bite of fruit and pouted, clearly aggrieved, then snorted indignantly, “I ran into the sand dog clansman earlier at the ninth floor of Skyspan Tower. He kept yelling about making me his wife and even told his subordinates to kidnap me since once we married, it would be too late to undo it. When Uncle Ye saw that, he helped me kill the jerk. That’s just about what happened. If you don’t believe me, ask Uncle Ye!”


When Ye Zichen saw her pitiful expression, he couldn’t help but nod. “Ling’er is right. That’s exactly what happened. The youth called himself an upper-grade divine beast and wanted to kidnap little Ling’er. I stopped him, and killed him in the process. You’re both canine divine beasts, so I hope killing him doesn’t make any trouble for you!”


If Ye Zichen were on his own, he naturally had no need to fear sand dogs or whatever. Otherwise, he never would have killed the youth.


He’d killed him in part to cause trouble, and bring the sand dogs’ ire upon the Parliament of Stars. However, now that it turned out his “rivals” were already on his side, he decided it best not to hide this from them.


“What kind of trouble could that bring?” Before Little White could respond, Gou Yuzhan grinned. “You did the right thing!” 


“Boss, you really live up to your reputation. You just barely arrived in Blue Sky City and you’ve already taken out one of those stupid dogs. Not bad!” 


Gou Yuzhan’s response stunned Ye Zichen. It seemed like he’d done the right thing by killing that youth?


“Right, boss, when you  killed that brat, did he turn into a pile of sand, or did he disappear”

“He seems to have disappeared….” said Ye Zichen without much confidence. When he recalled his departure, it seemed as if that youth really had vanished without leaving so much as ashes behind. He hadn’t turned to sand like Gou Yuzhan suggested.


When he heard that response, Gou Yuzhan immediately clapped his hands in approval. 


“That’s wonderful! If you don’t destroy those stupid dogs completely, they won’t die for real. If he just turned to sand, he’ll recover before long.”


Ye Zichen felt that his brain couldn’t quite keep up. He instinctively glanced at the snow bunny, intent on asking her about conflicts between various yao clans, but she just looked at him. Her gaze seemed to say, “I’d love to help, but I can’t.” She’d been gone for tens of thousands of years, so she really had no idea about the relationships between the various clans. 


It was actually Little White whose keen eyes picked up on Ye Zichen’s confusion. “Sand Dogs and Howling Celestial Dogs have always stood against each other. Although we Howling Celestial Dogs have always led the canine beast clans, they’ve always eyed our position hungrily, and they often secretly send assassins against us. We do the same back. I’m actually staying here because my clan sent me here to keep an eye on the sand dogs’ movements.” 


So that’s how it was?


He’d wanted to stir up trouble, but he actually wound up helping them?


“I’m not too clear on the emnities between various yao clans, but when I killed him, I did so brazenly and in public. There were quite a few witnesses. The sand dogs really won’t make trouble for you?”


“Let them make trouble for us. I’ve always hated the sight of them!” Gou Yuzhan snorted and slammed the table in response. It was clear that, while Ye Zichen wasn’t around, he’d definitely formed a grudge against the sand dogs.


“Boss, you might not have been here for long, so I’m afraid that even if I explain, I won’t do a good job. I’ll just say that while the current Upper Three Realms might seem like a stagnant pool, there are surging undercurrents beneath the surface. The Yao, God, and Demon realms cooperate with each other, but they also fear each other, and countless factions have formed secret alliances with each other.”


Although Little White’s explanation wasn’t particularly clear, Ye Zichen at least understood that the current situation wasn’t as simple as it appeared. 


Of course, he wasn’t too concerned about understanding all that now. He knew full well that his current level was too low.


Once he’d gathered sufficient strength, he’d naturally understand all this.


“But what if they really sent diviner-level experts here? How will you stop them?” Ye Zichen frowned. Although he didn’t fully understand the lay of the Yao Realm, if the sand dogs were high-class divine beasts, they definitely had diviners among their ranks. 


Although diviners weren’t much if you looked at the Three Upper Realms as a whole, in the lower lands, they could single-handedly destroy heaven and earth?


“Diviners?” Little White only laughed in disdain. “I hope they do send diviners, but…. They wouldn’t dare.” 


Little White stretched lazily, then rose to his feet and said, “Let’s quit sitting around. I’ll contact some of your friends and acquaintances from the lower realms. Let’s get together and party until we’re drunk!”


“Yeah!” Gou Yuzhan agreed heartily. 


“I…. you go ahead and drink. I’ll just keep eating my medicines,” said Lorie.


Diviners dared not come here? Ye Zichen felt doubt in his heart, but given Little White’s certain expression, he obviously had his reasons for saying that.


In that case, there was no need for him to fuss every little thing. He shoved his concerns about the sand dogs to the back of his mind and put his arms around his friends’ shoulders. 


“Alright! We’re not stopping until we’re all drunk!”




At the same time, about three thousand meters below the end of the River Styx…..


Two beams of purple light appeared suddenly. There were countless bizarre-shaped fish swimming in the area. None of the fish were weak; even the puniest was at least an earth supreme, and a few were even at the diviner level. 


The source of these two beams of light were the parents of the youth Ye ZIchen had killed. When they appeared, the surrounding fish’s eyes glowed viciously, but when they sensed the new arrivals’ auras, they obediently swam to the side and out of the way. 

After scaring off the fish, their gaze landed on the deep-black palace in front of them. 


This was the residence of one of the current era’s ultimate experts: Emperor Hades’ secondary palace!

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