Chapter 114 The collaborating sisters

Chapter 114 – The collaborating sisters

Time ticked past.

Ye Zichen sat in the living room, while a green gourd was sitting in front of him.

“Didn’t you want to ask me for medicine for your family’s old man? I’ve never seen your family’s old man, so just take gourd of wine back for him to drink.”

Dongfang Wenyi picked up the gourd and pulled out the cork, causing the wine fragrant to cover the entire living room.

Dongfang Wenyi raised his eyebrows, then quickly closed the opening, “What does Young Master Ye want from me?”

“Do you not suspect whether the thing I gave you is of any use?”

The fact that Dongfang Wenyi directly spoke conditions without actually saying anything truly surprised Ye Zichen.

“I hate people that threaten me the most. Perhaps this wine can hurt your family’s old man.”

Dongfang Wenyi’s eyes instantly turned as cold as a poisonous snake’s. He pursed his lips and put the gourd back onto the table.

“Young Master Ye is smart, and wouldn’t do that. What’s more, we have lots of chances to cooperate in the future.”

This guy really isn’t easy to deal with.

Ye Zichen’s shoudlers trembled.

He calmed himself down, then took out a cigarette and lit it, before saying softly, “I want news about Hao Wen and Bai Dahai. Do they have some sort of relationship between them?”

“Smart!” Dongfang Wenyi snapped his fingers, then smiled. “Bai Dahai is under Hao Wen’s control right now. It could be said that he is Hao Wen’s lackey. As for this Hao Wen, he has someone above him.”

“Who is above him?”

“I don’t know either!” Dongfang Wenyi shrugged. “We, the Dongfang family are the same as the Xiao family, we are all businessmen, so we can’t investigate into some hidden matters. The hint I can provide you with is that Hao Wen’s subordinates are controlling Bai Dahai’s wife and daughter. They are planning something that will cause you to trip over.”

“Only trip?”

Ye Zichen already predicted that Bai Dahai and Hao Wen were in cohorts.

They must be planning some sort of shocking action.

However, he never could have thought that Dongfang Wenyi actually said that it was only to trip him up.

“Tripping Young Master Ye up is already really amazing. Could they cause Young Master Ye to fall completely with your identity?” Dongfang Wenyi’s eyes revealed infinite meanings behind it when he said this.

It was as if he knew about Ye Zichen’s background, and his tone was also faintly certain.

This wasn’t the first time Ye Zichen has met this sort of situation, they clearly treated him as a certain sort of people.

Those people were very mysterious, and had countless abilities just like him.

But, who exactly were those people?

Would he come into contact with those people in the future?

However, since Dongfang Wenyi misunderstood, then just let him continue misunderstanding. There was nothing bad for Ye Zichen here.

“It’s enough for Young Master Dongfang to know, but people from our place don’t like others speaking too much. Young Master Dongfang should know what to do, right?”

The moment Ye Zichen said this, Dongfang Wenyi’s calm demeanor completely changed.

He didn’t think that Ye Zichen was truly someone from that place.

But what did someone from there come over to do? Aren’t there regulations about how the people from that place not being able to casually enter the modern world?

No matter what, he couldn’t offend this person.

“This is natural,” Dongfang Wenyi seemed a lot weaker. Although his Dongfang family was reputed in the business realm, and was even able to make a stand in the capital.

They were nothing compared with the people from that place.

“Say it, what exactly is Hao Wen and Bai Dahai plotting.”

Ye Zichen refused Dongfang Wenyi’s offer for transport when he left the Fu family, and walked out by himself to get a taxi.

“Wenyi, that brat…” Fu Hong, who stood in the living room, tried to speak, but Dongfang Wenyi quickly stopped him.”

"Uncle, you better not speak carelessly. Even us, the Dongfang family cannot offend him due to his identity. Put it in a bad way, if Young Master Ye wanted to, he can easily destroy your business.”

“What?” Dongfang Yun also hurried over when she heard that.

Dongfang Wenyi nodded in without denying anything, “He’s from that place.”

Dongfang Yun’s expression instantly changed when Dongfang Wenyi finished.

When another boring theory lesson finished, Ye Zichen, who was unenergetically sitting in his seat, instantly became filled with energy as if he just drank a bottle of Mizone.

He looked up, and coincidentally saw Sun Yige, who just stood up from her seat.


He wanted to greet the class rep, but she hurriedly ran from the classroom when she saw him.

Ye Zichen didn’t know why, but the class rep seemed to be intentionally avoiding him recently.

This confused him.

He didn’t seem to have done anything to the class rep, why was she always avoiding him?

“Ye Zichen!”

“Riche Bro!”

Two calls sounded out from outside the door while Ye Zichen was in confusion.

He turned around and saw Su Yan and Xia Keke wave towards him beside each other. Ye Zichen immediately walked towards the two of them under the jealous gazes of his male classmates.

“Why did you two come together?”

Ye Zichen was slightly hesitatant, these two girls knew that the other person liked him.

The atmosphere between the three of them became strange when they came to him together like this.

“Can’t we come together?” A secretive look flashed across Su Yan’s beautiful eyes. She, who had already gotten past it, no longer cared about whether Xia Keke liked Ye Zichen or not.

But she liked to see him get troubled, and mostly, it’s so that he would remember.

Not to always get involved with girls outside.

Xia Keke also pouted and snorted, “This lady came with Susu to come find you and you’re unwilling?

For some reason, Ye Zichen felt like these two girls came prepared.

Since he couldn’t deal with them, then couldn’t he just avoid them?

“Then… Two young mistresses, what have you come to find this puny one for? If there isn’t anything important, then allow this puny one to leave first?” With that, Ye Zichen turned around to run.

Su Yan reached out to grab his shirt, and smiled playfully.

“Why are you leaving in such a hurry? Where are you going?”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen turned around and rubbed his hand with a dry smile when he saw that he didn’t manage to run.

“Didn’t I start a supermarket earlier? You also now that it’s a place Su Yiyun found for me. Say, I’m in the middle of creating my business, so wouldn’t I have to often go back to keep watch?”

“Is that so?” Su Yan had a playful expression and looked meaningfully at Ye Zichen. “Really?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, then hurry to your supermarket,” Su Yan released Ye Zichen’s collar with a smile and wrapped her arms around Xia Keke’s, “Keke, let’s go, don’t disturb him starting his business.”

“Riche Bro has started a business!?”

“Yeah, didn’t he say that he has to start a business!”

“I feel like he’s lying to us. Susu, what do you think!?”

“I think so too, but I don’t dare to say it!”

The two girls changed from agreeing with each other to collaborating, causing Ye Zichen to completely get annoyed. He put his hands on his waist and said.

“What exactly do you two want? Just say it directly!”

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