Chapter 1138 - Lil’ White



Right there in public, when Ye Zichen heard that, he froze. He was the hidden leader of Upheaval! He was the Grandmaster Ye famed throughout Ice Blue City. Now she wanted him as her attendant? 


Was she joking? From a young age, he’d never been anyone’s servant!


All he wanted was to worm his way into the pavilion of stars. That’s why he’d lowered his status and followed this girl blindly despite her nonsense.


She wanted him as her butler? 


The snow bunny noticed the change in Ye Zichen’s expression. She didn’t particularly understand her new master’s temperament, but he was still the owner of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


But just as she was about to speak up on his behalf….


“Alright, it’s settled.” His face had been a mask of displeasure and barely-repressed anger mere moments ago, but in the blink of an eye, he seemed willing and eager. A forty-five degree angle smile tugged at his lips and he nodded her in amiable satisfaction.  “Getting the opportunity to become your butler is absolutely wonderful. That status is surely higher than an ordinary gang member’s!”


“Of course! Being my personal attendant is in no way comparable to being an ordinary gang member!” She stuck out her jaw like a little tsundere, then took the snow bunny’s arm and strode forth with her head held high. 


The snow bunny instinctively glanced at Ye Zichen, who nodded surreptitiously at her. Only then did she turn and walk arm-in-arm with the girl. 


Any faction that could display a few hundred immortal kings had to be comparatively magnificent.  


Ye Zichen followed at the rear, but at that moment, a man appeared beside him. It was none other than the leader of their escort, and the man who’d reproached the girl. 


“This humble one is Bai Qizhi. Might I ask your illustrious name?”


“Ye Chen.” The name “Ye Zichen” was far too famous in the lower lands. Even in the southern lands’ Blue Sky City, there was no way they hadn’t heard his name.


He didn’t want to reveal his true identity, so he simply erased the middle portion of his name and made himself a pseudonym. 


“So, you’re Brother Ye! But Brother Ye, your name reminds me of that Grandmaster Ye who’s become so famous lately. His full name is Ye Zichen; it’s only one character off! If you were him, that would be great, but it’s a pity…..” 


He didn’t know whether Bai Qizhi made the connection by chance or if he was deliberately testing the waters, but since Ye Zichen had chosen to use a fake name, he naturally wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag.


He was a highly-accomplished actor; his skills were absolutely top-notch!


“What kind of existence is Grandmaster Ye? I wish I were Grandmaster Ye, too, but it’s a pity….”


He ended his sentence the same way, with “it’s a pity.” 


Bai Qizhi’s eyes sparkled as he laughed heartily, “Ha ha, Brother Ye, there’s no need to sell yourself short. From the look of things, you’re a peak immortal king. This sort of strength is already at the peak of the lower lands. Right, please don’t take offense. My little sister is indeed a bit on the willful side, but please don’t take her nonsense about having an esteemed peak immortal king expert such as yourself serve as her butler seriously.” 


“Nonsense? I already took it seriously,” said Ye Zichen, immediately feigned astonishment. He looked at Bai Qizhi and said, “Hey, Bai….. No, you’re the young miss’s elder brother, I ought to call you ‘Young Master Bai.’”


“I dare not accept such courtesy!” 


“It’s only right; after all, you’re the heirs of the Parliament of Star’s second pavilion leadr, and in the future, you’ll be my boss. I ought to call you Young Master Bai,” said Ye Zichen seriously, leaving no room for argument. “Now then, Young Master Ye, your family’s young miss seems quite good at getting into trouble. I haven’t known her for long, but the way I see it, she’s absolutely a troublemaker!


“That….. That’s about right!” Bai Qizhi nodded. 


“Then don’t you think she needs someone strong by her side to help her clean up her messes?” Ye Zichen instantly straightened his back, pounded his chest, and said, “I’m just right for the job!”


Bai Qizhi narrowed his eyes slightly, looked Ye Zichen up and down. As he opened and closed his eyes, they subconsciously glinted with sharp light. 


“It would, of course, be wonderful to have Brother Ye look after my little sister.” After nodding his assent, Bai Qizhi’s gaze grew fierce and a bit terrifying. “But if Brother Ye…. wants to seize this opportunity to approach my little sister, or infiltrate our Parliament of Stars, I think….. You’d best dispel such notions as soon as possible.”


In the face of his threats, Ye Zichen’s smile faded somewhat. “I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, Young Master Bai.” 


“It doesn’t matter whether you understand or not. Once we get back, Father will settle this. I’m just warning you in advance is all. Once we reach our home…. I’m afraid it’ll be too late to give up your plans even if you wanted to.” 


“I’m your little sister’s benefactor,” Ye Zichen chuckled.


“I have already engraved your kindness onto my heart, and will repay you before long. Please don’t take offense to my warning; I just don’t want anyone to hurt my sister for any reason or in any way. If someone does and I find out about it….. I won’t let them escape.” 


Bai Qizhi cupped his hands at Ye Zichen, then hurried to his sister’s side


Ye Zichen, who’d been left alone in the back, couldn’t help but chuckle and replay Bai Qizhi’s threats in his head. A silent grin tugged at his lips. 


An hour passed before their group arrived at a residence. 


A statue of a beast resembling Denglong sat by each side of the gate. The gate itself was red. Above it was a sign: the Bai Family Estate. 


When they stepped inside, the courtyard looked like a landscape painting; it was extremely pleasing to the eye. 


Bai Qizhi’s hundreds of immortal-king-level subordinates dispersed. At the same time, a beautiful woman stepped outside of the residence. 






When they saw the beautiful woman, the girl giggled and rushed up to her, while Bai Qizhi cupped his hands and greeted her respectfully. 


The woman rubbed the girl’s head dotingly, but at that moment, Ye Zichen felt a powerful immortal sense sweep over them. Before long, the woman frowned at the girl and said, “Biling, did you make trouble out there and cause problems for your brother again?”


“No way!’ She pouted her lips and looked around erratically. “Where's Dad? I need to talk to him about something!” 


At that moment, the sound of hearty laughter filled the room. “Lil’ Biling, you only think of your father when you get into trouble, don’t you….” 


Not long after, a young-looking man in white robes stepped into the room.


As soon as he saw the new arrival, Ye Zichen froze in astonishment.


The man was focused on the girl. He smiled dotingly and said, “What have you come looking for your dad for?”


“Dad, there’s someone I want to join our Parliament of Stars. I think he….. He’s pretty strong, hee hee, so I want him as my butler. What do you think? It’s this guy….. What do you say?”


“Oh? If he can make my precious daughter speak up on his behalf, I’d actually like to see this guy….” As he spoke, the man looked where the girl was pointing. His hand, with which he’d been tossing the girl’s hair, fell limply to his sides as he froze in place like a stone statue. 


“Lil’ White, not bad!” Ye Zichen chuckled and broke the awkward silence. “You’re a father now….” 


The man instantly burst into tears. 


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