Chapter 1137 - The Yao Race’s Divine Generals

Ye Zichen would never have even dreamed that it would be so easy to form a relationship with the Parliament of Stars. Moreover, this girl wasn’t just an ordinary gang member; she was the precious darling of the second pavilion leader!


Little did he know that on the other side of the River Styx, deep within the Yao Realm, there was a divine beast clan with hundreds of smaller subordinate clans.


“Minger’s nameplate shattered?” A tall and stalwart man sat in the main hall. Even sitting, he was obviously at least two meters too.


He muttered, “Bai Hui,” and a black shadow immediately shot into the room and cupped its hands in greeting.


“Yes, sir?”


“Go investigate. Ming’er left the clan and went to the human’s Blue Sky City to temper himself. Go find out who murdered him. However, you have to proceed with the utmost caution. Although relations between humans and yao have improved somewhat over the past ten thousand years, the humans of the Divine Mountains are still eying our Yao Realm hungrily.”


“Your subordinate understands.” The man in black nodded, but just as he was about to leave, his master called him back. “When Ming’er left, he took a few dozen yao-king-level subordinates with him. The murder killed all of them before they could so much as send a message back to the clan. We can’t underestimate the murderer. You absolutely have to be careful. Understood?”

“Understood.” He disappeared from the hall like a gust of wind. At the same time, the man looked indifferently at the messengers who’d arrived with new information, then frowned at the weeping woman beside him.


“What are you crying about?” He snapped at her. “You’ve been crying all day! All you know how to do is weep.” 


After chastising her, the sobbing woman no longer dared make any noise. She forcibly suppressed her grief and wiped away her tears in silence. 


“If someone killed Ming’er, all I can say is that his cultivation was too shallow. I told him not to leave the clan until becoming a supreme, but you always spoiled him and let him sneak away. Are you happy now?” snorted the man.


When she heard that, the woman, who’d only just barely managed to repress her sobs, seemed on the verge of crying again.


“Don’t cry. Will crying solve anything?”


“But Ming’er, he…….” the woman couldn’t stop herself from speaking any longer. 


When he saw her bloodshot eyes and visible grief, a reluctant light lit in the man’s eyes. He reached out, tousled her hair, and sighed. “It’s okay, you’ve got me here. I’ll take a trip to the River Styx and see if I can convince Emperor Hades to sell Ming’er’s life back to us.”


“Look for Emperor Hades?” When she heard that, the woman’s eyes lit up, but before long, they dimmed once more. “Buying someone from Emperor Hades is too difficult. Years ago, he rejected even the great empress of the nine-tailed foxes without a second thought. When the Eastern Emperor Taiyi asked him to revive his disciple, Emperor Hades refused as well….”


“We don’t know unless we try. Besides, the nine-tailed fox empress and Emperor Taiyi both made impossible requests.”


One wanted to revive the Five Elements Great Emperor, while the other wanted to revive a ruler the entire demon race bore a grudge against. 


How could Emperor Hades possibly agree?


But they were different. They just wanted to revive their son, a mere yao king. So long as they showed absolute “sincerity,” Emperor Hades ought to give them face as Divine Generals. Who knows? He might even agree.


“You can just wait here for me. I’ll go to the River Styx and explain the situation to Emperor Hades.” With that, he rose to his feet, and changed into a set of robe emblazoned with mountains and rivers. 


“Husband, wait….. I’ll go with you.” The woman instantly suppressed her tears, and her aura seemed to increase somewhat. 


“Two yao Divine Generals visiting at once might increase our odds of success somewhat.” 


The man was stunned despite himself. Perhaps even he had forgotten that before she married him and became a dutiful wife and loving mother….. 


She was one of the yao race’s ninety-nine Divine Generals of Calamity. She’d become famous even before he had when she single-handedly destroyed an entire clan of divine beasts, and was known as the Purplegold Rakshasa!




Ye Zichen naturally had no idea that casually killing a tiny yao king would cause such trouble. He was currently immersed in the delight of successfully infiltrating the Parliament of Stars. 


However, he had the say that the girl he’d saved was absolutely a little tsundere.


He was obviously the benefactor who’d saved her life, but since he said he wanted to join the Parliament of Stars, she saw him as her subordinate and started barking orders at him.


He and the snow bunny had become here lackeys as she led them on a long stroll through Blue Sky City.

No, that wasn’t right!


You can’t say she was pushing him and the snow bunny around; the two women got along splendidly, and had even started referring to each other as “sisters.” He was afraid he was the only one to become a lackey.


The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed. He was one’s benefactor, and the other’s master. 


Yet despite his status, he’d sunk low enough to become their lackey!


Just as Ye Zichen was about to crumble, a man shot through the air above Blue Sky City. He had an average build, and his long dark hair was streaked with white. 


Not long after he landed in front of the girl, hundreds of people came flying towards them. Each wore deep blue robes emblazoned with a starry pattern.


Even more shockingly, every single one of them was an immortal king.”


“Little sister, are you okay?” The man in front hurriedly rushed up to her and looked her over.


She looked back at him speechlessly and sneered, “well, you sure arrived awfully fast! Fortunately for you, I’m not so easy to take down. Otherwise, I would have been kidnapped and forced into marriage by now.” 


Despite her complaints and rolled eyes, the man laughed. “Who could possibly be so brave as to kidnap my little sister as his wife? He’d better not let me catch him, or I’ll sever his dog legs!”


“Let it go. There’s no need to amputate his limbs, but you could take his head if you’d like. But there’s no need for that either. I’m fine.” She rolled her eyes again.


The man narrowed her eyes and, without responding to her, his gaze landed on Ye Zichen and the snow bunny. “I imagine you two helped my sister out of her predicament. Our Parliament of Stars will remember this kindness.”


With that, he bowed deeply to the two of them. When he saw this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction. This was how you ought to act in front of your benefactor!


 However, before Ye Zichen could even respond, the girl objected. “What are you talking about? What kindness! Even without him, I would have been fine!”


She snorted proudly, then glanced calmly at Ye Zichen. “You were useful the whole way here. How about this? You can follow me home, and I’ll ask my dad to make you my butler.” 


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