Chapter 1136 - The Messenger of Justice

When he saw the snow bunny’s expectant expression, Ye Zichen dared not look her in the eye.


Help  out?

He felt like that would be a bad idea. This was his first time here, and he didn’t understand the situation in Blue Sky City. Furthermore, he was human. Should he really intervene in two yao’s affairs?


Wouldn’t that be a little too high profile?


“Little Snow….” He smiled apologetically, and was just about to refuse and brainwash that soft-hearted bunny, but then the girl laughed in cold disdain. 


“Have you thought this through? I’m the daughter of the Parliament of Star’s second pavilion leader. You laughed away my warning and even mocked me, but if my mom, dad, and uncles absolutely already know what’s going on. You ought to know the Parliament of Star’s, right? I want you to immediately let go of me, gather up your subordinates, and get out of my sight.”


Her gaze was cold, making her inner haughtiness even more obvious.


When the onlookers heard the name “Parliament of Stars,” the onlookers were visibly astonished. 


In the past half year, two factions had made a meteoric rise. One was Upheaval, but they were primarily located in the north. 


The other was the Parliament of Stars!


Practically all of the lands beneath the southernmost Divine Mountain, as well as the surrounding area, was occupied by the Parliament of Stars, and in the past half-year, they’d only become further entrenched. 


This girl was actually the daughter of the second pavilion leader. In that case….


When the youth heard the name “Parliament of Stars, his eyelids twitched.  Although he was a yao, he was in Blue Sky City. How could he not know the name “Parliament of Stars?” 


From the way his hands trembled, it was obvious he was unsettled. This increased the girl’s confidence, and she sneered, “Why haven’t you removed your filthy hand yet? What, do you want to die?”


As the girl relentlessly threatened him, the youth’s eyes flashed. It was clear that her words had shaken him, but as the old saying went, pushing too hard produces the opposite effect…..


The more the girl pressured him, the greater his despair. In the end, he retaliated.


The youth’s expression changed from terrified to vicious as soon as the girl said she was the daughter of the Parliament of Star’s second pavilion leader. Ye ZIchen could no longer pretend this was none of his business.


The Pavillion of Stars!


This was the perfect opportunity to infiltrate them!


“You’ve forced my hand!” Just as the girl smiled in self-assurance, the youth’s gaze grew sinister, and his nails sharpened into claws. He sliced ruthlessly at the girl’s neck.


The girl obviously hadn’t predicted this response, and her gaze was mixed with faint terror. 




A beam of sword light cut through the sky. A bloody gash appeared on the youth’s arm, then the whole limb thudded to the ground. 


“Ah….!” The youth clutched the gushing stump of his severed arm and shrieked. Ye Zichen, meanwhile, was still in attack position. He sheathed his sword, put his hands behind his back, and placed himself between the youth and the girl. 


“Feh, you bold madman! How dare you lewdly harass a young girl in broad daylight?” 

The snow bunny immediately rushed to the girl’s side to comfort her, but when she heard Ye Zichen’s ridiculous outburst, she froze.


Ye Zichen’s ridiculous words started the girl, too. She paused for a while before asking, “Big Sister, is he your friend?”


The snow bunny longed to say she didn’t recognize him.




In the end, she bit her lip and nodded.


“Oh…. okay!” The girl smiled apologetically but didn’t quite know what to say. Ye Zichen noticed her reaction, but ignored it. He simply stared coolly at the youth. 


“You….” The youth looked up. When Ye Zichen saw his bloodshot eyes, he pursed his lips.


“What about me? Let’s talk about you instead… you’ve really got gall, kid! It’s the middle of the day, the sun is high in the sky, yet you dare harass a pretty young girl in public? Back in my territory, that would land you three years in jail, you know? And now you dare glare at me?”


The youth had no idea what Ye Zichen meant by “three years in jail.” All he knew was that he’d lost an arm.


“Do you know who I am?”


“What do I care who you are? As a messenger of justice, even if you were the king of heaven, I’d still have to stop you!”


When he sensed Ye Zichen’s aura, the youth swallowed his insults, nodded forcefully, then stared intently at Ye Zichen’s face as if memorizing it. With that, he gnashed his teeth, rose to his feet, and laughed viciously, “I’ll remember you…. Just you wait….. I’ll absolutely make you regret this.”


With one final threat, the youth led his attendants away. However, before he’d taken more than a few steps, several beams of swordlight suddenly appeared. The youth felt something cold at his throat, but by the time he realized what had happened, his head had already left his shoulders. His attendants were the same way. Their headless bodies fell to the ground in a heap.


The onlookers froze in astonishment. They barely even saw Ye Zichen move. All they saw was a few streaks of light, then the youth and his attendants’ heads and bodies flying in different directions.


They stared at him in terror. Ye Zichen’s peace-loving smile vanished at the same time, replaced by a chilly glare as he looked at the bodies laying in pools of blood.


“I…. don’t like leaving troublesome loose ends for myself.” Ye Zichen shook the blood from his sword, then looked coldly at the youth before casting his gaze on the surrounding spectators. 


“Did you guys hear what I just said?”


He doesn’t like leaving troublesome loose ends for himself?


The onlookers, regardless of whether they were peddlers or passersby, considered his words, then realized the issue. Wasn’t he trying to say…..


“Your Excellency, we swear on our inner demons, we won’t say anything to anyone.” The onlookers knelt and bowed repeatedly. Ye Zichen looked them over a few time, then turned around.


“Scram!” The crowd instantly scattered in panic. In just a few breaths of time, the once-lively street was empty save for Ye Zichen, his attendant, and the girl. 


Even the stores had all closed their doors. It was unusually empty. 


The girl watched all this play out in wide-eyed shock. Just one second ago, he was so ridiculous it was uncomfortable to watch. Then, just a moment later, he became a cold-blooded warrior!


However, before her eyes could even start to sparkle, she heard Ye Zichen say…..


“Hey, young lady….. Are you okay?”


“.....” Both the girl and the snow bunny were speechless. The bunny really wanted to return to the Yao-Sealing Pagoda right now, even considering that she’d always longed to return to the outside world.


Following this type of master was truly embarrassing!


“I’m…. I’m fine,” she said, stuttering a bit. 


When Ye Zichen heard that, he nodded in satisfaction. “If you’re fine, that’s great. Then, uh…… you saw that I saved you just now, right? Do you think you could help me out, too? My life’s dream has always been to join the Parliament of Stars and eke out a living.”


“Who needed you to save me? Even without you, I could have handled this myself!”


To his surprise, the girl was still proud even now. She stuck out her jaw and snorted, “but you offended that yao clan, and I’m afraid you have no place to stay. You seem pretty strong, so how about…. You come with me!”



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