Chapter 1135 - Levels of Divine Beasts

As soon as the sinister youth gave the word, his attendants really did surround that fiery girl. From the look of things, they wanted to kidnap her right off the street.


The surrounding peddlers and salesmen seemed like they’d long since grown accustomed to this sort of thing. They calmly gathered up their wares into spatial rings, retreated out of range, and watched quietly. 


The passerby reacted the same way. They either walked around or stopped to watch the excitement.


However, not a single person made any attempt to help her.


“He’s really just kidnapping her in broad daylight?”


Ye Zichen, who hadn’t received this sort of education, was stunned. He’d gotten an excellent education back in the Modern Realm, but not even the yao of the Three Realm’s Endless Beast Region had laws allowing them to blatantly kidnap others. 


This sudden development left Ye Zichen a bit flabbergasted. 


The girl remained calm and unflustered even after a group of yao kings surrounded her. She looked over them casually, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Hee hee, this is great! Back at home, my dad’s always on my case, and the guards dare not fight me seriously. Now I can test my strength on you!” 


With that, she stuck out her chin, snorted, then beckoned the youth’s attendants over. “Come on, then!” 


Her calm indifference seemed to intimidate them; none of the yao kings made a move. 


The youth’s expression darkened. He furrowed his brows, gnashed his teeth, and shouted at his attendants, “What are you just sitting around for!?” 


After he urged them on, the youth’s attendants all charged at the girl. From their footwork, it was clear that they were well-trained. They made no excessive movements, and attacked with the utmost efficiency. 


“Hee….” When she saw those yao kings attack, the girl stuck out her tongue fearlessly.


She pressed her toes against the ground, leaped into the air, and whirled around like a top. As perilous as it looked from the outside, no matter how the yao kings attacked, she dodged every blow at the last moment.   


The onlookers’ jaws dropped as they stared in wide-eyed astonishment. Some of them could sense that she was just a sky immortal, yet she was strong enough to just toy around with a whole group of yao kings. They couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. 


“Those little yao are really into it,” said the snow bunny. She covered her mouth and tittered. “They might be yao kings, but they’re just ordinary yao. How could they possibly compete with a sky immortal primordial divine beast? Compared to sending the group of them, that youth has a better chance of winning if he attacks himself.”


“Oh? Is that how it works?” Ye Zichen glanced at her.


“Your Excellency, you might not understand us yao very well yet. Divine beasts surpass ordinary yao by far in every way, including cultivation talent. That’s especially true for transcendent divine beasts and primordial divine beasts; their talent is utterly monstrous. To put it impolitely, an ordinary yao king is like an ordinary human sky immortal, but a divine-beast-level yao king can contend with a mid-stage earth supreme. Humans are the top race in existence, but that’s just because you’ve got the highest population.” 


The snow bunnies voice was soft and gentle, yet her words were so rude; they didn’t match her voice at all, and hearing it was strange and jarring.


Ye Zichen, however, was unconvinced. “We undoubtedly have the advantage in numbers, but if yao are all stronger than humans, they should still be the top race, right? According to you, if yao kings can beat human supreme, then yao diviners should be able to take on human rules, right?”


“Your Excellency, you’re mistaken!” She giggled and explained, “Humans capable of becoming rulers are almost all saint-level talents; they’re on the same level as transcendent and primordial divine beasts. That’s why, when it comes to peak experts, there’s not that much of a difference between humans and yao. That saaid….. The humans’ God emperor isn’t as strong as our Yao Emperor, the East Monarch Taiyi. Back then, only the Five Elements Great Emperor could contend with our leader.”


As they argued, the girl’s fight with the yao kings reached its end. 


It was just as the snow bunny said. The yao kings didn’t just fail to defeat her; they were the ones to suffer serious injuries.


The girl threw another punch and slammed the last of the yao kings face-down onto the ground. She giggled and clapped in delight, then shrugged at the youth. “Hurry up and scram, or I’ll beat you up too.”


She raised her tiny fists, then turned to leave without looking back. The onlookers instinctively made way for her, but the youth’s gaze shifted. With a flash, he arrived directly behind her, and reached for her shoulders.

The girl had obviously predicted this. She counterattacked, blocking his arm and whirling back into a kick. 


Her leg cut through the air, slicing through the trees by the side of the road. As the onlookers gasped in amazement, however, the youth grabbed her ankle in mid-air.


“Let go of me!” She tried and failed to escape his grip. Gradually, her face filled with fear and anger. She gnashed her teeth, bit her lip, and roared, “Insolent! How dare you grab my leg! Do you want your clan to get exterminated?” Yao clans had a clear hierarchy. As a member of the Howling Celestial Dog primordial divine beast clan, it wasn’t at all unusual for her to threaten the youth with extinction.


However, he only smiled indifferently and rubbed her ankles without any reservation. His hands gradually crept up her legs, higher and higher. 


“Let…. go of me! I’m a primordial divine beast, a howling celestial dog!” The girl frantically kicked him, but the youth stopped her leg in mid-air and held it fast.


“I know! You already said it more than once. Your family will wipe out my clan? If I take you home and make you my woman, what can your family even do? Won’t they just let it pass to avoid a fuss? You peak-level clans care about face more than anything, don’t you?” 


“What’s going on? Why can’t she beat him?” Ye Zichen arched his brows.


“That youth is a high-grade divine beast and is a comparatively high-level existence even among divine beasts. That girl might be a primordial divine beast, but her ability to suppress a high-grade divine beast is minimal, especially given that he’s a full-on yao king. The effects of her suppression are minimal. It’s really a pity. If I were a divine beast, I’d absolutely go help her.”


The snow bunny hung her head dejectedly. Snow bunnies were only the most ordinary of yao, so despite her mid-stage immortal king cultivation, she was no match for the youth. 


“Your excellency….. How about you help her instead?” 

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