Chapter 1132 - The Parliament of Stars

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.


After learning that Gao Ruilong really had hosted a banquet, Gao Yunting no longer hesitated. He simply held onto that twenty percent cut of the tribute and started secretly recruiting troops and building up his own faction.


All of this was a precaution against future trouble. Gao Ruilong had already received the family head’s command medallion, so the clan could announce his succession at any moment. 


Besides, his father hadn’t summoned him even once in the past half year, not even to reward him for successfully delivering their tribute to the Xiao Family emissary. Gao Ruilong, meanwhile, had been strutting around even more arrogantly than before. This lent Cai Renfei’s words even greater credibility.


All Gao Yunting could now was seize every possible moment to prepare. When that day finally came, he’d….. Rebel!


During this time period, the Sky Great District’s Gao Family had grown by leaps and bounds, but the lands beneath the nine Divine Mountains weren’t idle, either. Brazenly selling such a vast quantity of Sea Condensing Pills finally had the effect Ye Zichen was hoping for.


Countless clans’ immortal-king level ancestors ascended to the Divine Mountains. Quite a few families encouraged them to wait a few years, but the immortal kings had already waited too long. How could they just give up on an opportunity to ascend when it was right beneath their noses?


In a short time, countless former peak-level clans stepped off their pedestals and fought without end…..


The lay of the land, which had remained stagnant for countless years, was thrown into upheaval.


In this tumultuous new era, Upheaval’s development accelerated, and in half a year, it had already swept through half of the world below. 


Some of the local powers were absorbed into Upheaval, while others became its subordinates. 


In any event, Upheaval was now the undisputed number one gang of the lands below the Divine Mountains. 


“Boss, these are our development plans for the next few years. Please take a look.”


With support from Ye Zichen’s resources, Wei Jie had already reached the peak sky immortal level. He was now thoroughly content with his success. Upheaval had hundreds of bases and over one hundred million members.


As leader of their main headquarters, he oversaw countless immortal-king level base leaders and elders. It was awfully satisfying!


Upheaval had already taken charge of over seventy percent of unexplored territories and hidden lands, so Ye Zichen no longer needed to pour an endless stream of resources into it. Its daily profits were more than enough to support its offenses with a good deal left over.  


But Ye Zichen wasn’t all that interested in money. He’d seemed greedy earlier, but that was because he needed resources for Upheaval. 


Now that Upheaval could support its own daily expenditures, he’d simply ordered them to  put their profits into medicines to train a team of elites.


Ye Zichen wasn’t interested in becoming the wealthiest man in the world. No, he wanted an army that could make even the Divine Mountains themselves tremble.


He set the jade slip onto the table, and Wei Jie gave his report. “Boss, with all the resources you provided us, we’ve expanded far beyond the lands below the Northern Divine Mountain. We've taken charge of over fifty percent of the factions in the lower lands. We have nearly ten thousand immortal kings, at least a hundred thousand sky immortals, and too many earth and sky immortals to count.”


“We’ve practically monopolized the lower lands’ mysterious regions, and the resources we gather from them are more than enough to cover our expenses. With the excess, as per our instructions, we’ve been purchases spirit stones and medicines for our members’ use.”


“In the past half year, I even established a few academies with immortal kings as teaching staff. Comparatively talented gang members are transferred there to study. Those students will become our sharpest weapons in the future.”


Although Wei Jie sounded even-keeled, he felt pride deep within his heart. 


A year ago, he was nothing but a tiny vice captain of the Axe Gang. Who would have predicted that now, just a year later, he’d be the leader of a gang with over a hundred million members?


All of this was thanks to Ye Zichen. 

However, Ye Zichen didn’t have much of a reaction. When Wei Jie mentioned the academies, though, Ye Zichen couldn't help but nod. “Not bad. The schools were a good idea. They’ll definitely be of use to us in the future. There’s no lack of talent beneath the Divine Mountains. You absolutely mustn’t let even a single talent slip through your fingers!”


“Your subordinate understands,” said Wei Jie.


“There’s no need for me to look over these plans. You’ve done very well, and I’m pleased with your work. I trust that your plans won’t disappoint me.” Ye Zichen pushed the jade slip back to Wei Jie, whose expression froze inexplicably.


“Boss, how about you take a look?” Wei Jie’s eyes contained a hint of concern. When Ye Zichen saw that, he couldn’t help but frown, but he still made no effort to examine the slip’s contents. “I’m not looking at your plans so you can do as you wish. What, is that not enough to please you?”


At that moment, the Secretariat Star, Bai Xiaosheng, chimed in, “That’s not what he means.” He’d been helping Wei Jie expand their territory this whole time, so he knew quite a bit of insider information. 


“Ol’ Bai!” Wei Jie couldn’t help but frown as if telling him to be silent.


Bai Xiaosheng, however, simply rolled his eyes, frowned, and said, “We’ve already said this much, so what can’t we say? Besides, whether he hears it from us or reads it in the report, Boss will find out either way, right?”


  When he heard their discussion, Ye Zichen's expression darkened. His gaze landed on Wei Jie as he asked, “What exactly happened?”


“Actually….. It’s not that big of a deal.” As Ye Zichen interrogated him, Wei Jie licked his lips and smiled nervously. “In truth, it’s like this…..”


In about the time it took to brew a cup of tea, Wei Jie explained clearly enough that Ye Zichen roughly understood his meaning.  


So many immortal kings had ascended recently, so the lay of the land below had changed dramatically. 


Countless factions started swallowing up the lands and resources of families which lost their immortal kings. Wei Jie naturally paid their petty squabbles no heed, but there was one new faction he couldn’t afford to disregard.


It was a gang called “the Parliament of Stars.”


Its appearance was too sudden, and was unaffiliated with any prior factions. Just like Upheaval, it rose to prominence practically overnight.


It originated from the land beneath the Southern Divine Mountain’s Blue Bird City. They spread from the south, while Upheaval spread from the north. By the time Upheaval reached the territory beneath the centermost Divine Mountain, the Parliament of Stars had swallowed up practically every faction in the south. It currently occupied about thirty percent of the lower lands. 


The remaining twenty percent was divided into countless smaller factions. 


Although the Parliament of Star’s overall power might not compare to Upheaval, they absolutely wouldn’t just sit around and let just anyone slaughter them. Furthermore, they already seemed on the verge of growing strong enough to contend with Upheaval.


For now, Upheaval couldn’t touch any of those smaller factions, because as soon as they did…..


The remaining factions would undoubtedly ally themselves with the Parliament of Stars. If that happened, the problem would only get bigger.


The Parliament of Stars seemed quite pleased with the current situation and no longer expanded. Right now, the two sides were competing to see whose patience would give out first.


“The Parliament of Stars.” Ye Zichen laughed coldly. He never would have guessed that someone else was planning the same thing as him, and they seemed rather competent, too. However, he absolutely couldn’t let this other gang ruin Upheaval’s forward momentum or create any obstacles. 


He…. had to level it!

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