Chapter 1130 - Cai Renfei Switches Sides

“Miss, are we really just letting him leave?”

When the emissary saw Chi Mei, he bowed deeply to her, and stared at the direction of Ye Zichen’s departure in bewilderment.


Chi Mei’s eyes carried a faint smile as her mouth arched slightly upward. “What else would we do? What, do you think we should kill him?”


“But the Yao-Sealing Pagoda….” The emissary started to speak, but hesitated. He’d come here on account of the pagoda, but he didn’t obtain it, and its owner had left.


“Let’s just leave it with him. Our ancestor chose him with the landscape paintings, which means he has our ancestor’s approval. Although the pagoda belongs to our clan, none of us can cultivate the Dao of the Five Elements. Even if we steal the pagoda from him, it’ll be nothing but a lump of scrap iron to us. If we leave it with him, it might very well have a better effect.”


With that, she squinted and changed the subject. “Did you eliminate the Xiao Family Emissary?”


“I did.” With that, a middle-aged man appeared in the emissaray’s hands. He had an identity token at his waist with the character “Xiao.” 


He was obviously already dead; he showed no signs of life whatsoever. 


Chi Mei glanced at the dead man coolly. She couldn’t help but laugh coldly to herself, then rub the ring containing the Gao Family’s tribute. “This is just the start. Xiao Family, God Emperor…. These grudges…. It might take time, but we’ll avenge them!” 


The next instant, however, she recalled Ye Zichen, and her sinister grin transformed into a warm smile. “That guy might not even know that the Five Elements Great Emperor belonged to the yao race, nor that there aren’t just yao locked in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. There are gods and demons too! I really have no idea what expression he’ll make when he unlocks the fourth floor… Right, I never gave him that treasure for uncovering hidden presences. Hee hee…. I have an excuse to go looking for him again.”


“First Miss, First Miss….” When he saw her foolish smile, the emissary couldn’t help but call to her. 


Chi Mei came to her senses, looked at the emissary, and frowned. “What is it?”


“What do we do about the real Xiao Family emissary? The Gao Family delegation came and went, so why didn’t we kill them? If they go back and say what happened, then…..”


“Killing the delegation would actually just put them on edge. Don’t worry; there’s absolutely no way he’ll say anything.” Chi Mei laughed coldly, a grin tugging at the corners of her lips. 


“Let’s just leave him here and go back to the clan. Right, in the near future, send more people to keep an eye on the Xiao Family. If anything unusual happens, let me know right away.” 




At around the same time, Gao Yunting returned to his family estates. He clenched the ring containing twenty percent of their tribute, but he didn’t return them right away. He was currently seated in his room with four of his closest confidants.


A spatial ring sat atop the room’s table. It was the same one Chi Mei had given him.


As Chi Mei expected, in the face of twenty percent of the family’s tribute, Gao Yunting felt overcome with greed.


Although he was the eldest son of the family head, and the most likely to inherit his father’s position, his influence over the family resources was pitifully limited. More importantly… his father’s attitude towards him was ambiguous; Gao Ruilong seemed to have a shot at inheriting the position as well. 


If he held onto the resources, he could start his own faction. Then, even if he lost the position of next family head, he could escape with his life.


But secrets always had a way of getting out, and if the family head found out about this….


Even if he was a direct heir, he likely couldn’t avoid the death penalty. 


Gao Yunting couldn’t make up his mind, so he had no choice but to ask his companions. “Everyone, do you think we should return these resources to the clan? Or not?”


“This…” As his confidants hesitated, someone pushed the door open. All of them jumped in alarm and looked at the door. 


“Why is it you?” 


The one who’d opened the door was none other than Cai Renfei, who was currently taking refuge with the Gao Family. He held a folding fan just like a counselor from ancient times. He chuckled, shut the door, and bowed deeply to Gao Yunting. “Young Master Yunting.” 


“Aren’t you doing perfectly well for yourself as one of Gao Ruilong’s dogs? What are you doing here? Did Gao Ruilong send you here? Well? Out with it! What message does he have for me?”


The competition between members of the Gao Family’s younger generation was relentless. Gao Yunting and Gao Ruilong were at the top, and were both sons of the family head with hope of inheriting his position, so they were in intense competition, both openly and behind closed doors. 


However, the way Cai Renfei saw it, both young masters were nothing more than chickens squabbling over weeds. 


They were both totally brainless!


“Young Master Yunting, I’m not here with a message from Gao Ruilong. A few days ago, one of my subordinates should have contacted you. In truth, I’m here to pledge allegiance to your cause,” said Cai Renfei with a gentle laugh. 


“Is that so?” Gao Yunting glanced at him coldly, but he didn’t seem at all convinced. 


Cai Renfei had always been Gao Ruilong’s lackey, and had done quite a bit of scheming on his half-brother’s behalf. Now he was suddenly trying to switch sides? Although he’d heard about Gao Ruilong beating him, who knew? That might have been an act intended to win Cai Renfei sympathy. 


“Young Master Yunting needn’t be suspicious. I brought proof of my sincerity,” said Cai Renfei amiably and politely.


Gao Ruilong said nothing in response. He simply looked at Cai Renfei coolly. What did he mean by “proof of his sincerity?”


The next moment, he noticed Cai Renfei looking at the ring on the table. Gao Yunting hurriedly put it away, only to hear Cai Renfei say, “Young Master Yunting, there’s no need to hide it. I’m here on account of that ring.”


“What are you trying to say?’ Gao Yunting deeply furrowed his brows. He absolutely couldn’t let news of the resources the emissary gave him spread.


“Young Master, you’re undoubtedly agonizing over whether to return that twenty percent of the tribute or not, right? I’d advise you to hold onto it. 


Instantly, everyone’s nerves grew taught and Gao Yunting’s eyes widened with astonishment. 


How could he possibly know about that?


He’d returned to his residence less than an hour ago, and only the five of them knew about this. How on earth had this news spread?


He suddenly glanced at his confidants, who shook their heads.


“Young Master,” said Cai Renfei, “there’s no need for concern. I didn’t learn it from your confidants here. I can’t tell you where I acquired this information, but I can guarantee…. Besides the six of us, no one else knows.” 


Cai Renfei leisurely strolled into Gao Yunting’s room, then pulled out a command medallion and placed it on the table.


“This…. Is the reason I suggest you hold onto the resources, as well as proof of my sincerity!”


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