Chapter 113 Please be Merciful

Chapter 113 – Please be Merciful

Ye Zichen’s gaze instantly turned cold the moment Dongfang Wenyi finished.

“I think asking for medicine for your old man is false, the true reason is to take revenge on me for Fu Chengming, right? I’m telling you right now, I beat up Fu Chengming, what can you do?”

If it was within his expectations, these people shouldn’t have guns on them.

As long as there were no hot weapons, then nothing will happen. Although Ye Zichen couldn’t fight against a hundred like the generals of the old, there were just a few people in front of him.

He didn’t think much of them.

“Young Master Ye truly misunderstood,” Dongfang Wenyi shook his head with a smile. “I didn’t come to find Young Master Ye to seek trouble. Instead, I truly came to ask for medicine, and want Young Master Ye’s help to put Chengming’s limbs back in position.”

Back then, Ye Zichen beat Fu Chengming up and used the Tendon Separation and Bone Dislocating Hand that was written down in the special medical journal.

He didn’t think too much into it at the time, he merely wanted Fu Chengming to suffer a bit more, and that it could be repositioned when he gets to the hospital.

But it looks like the doctors in the hospital couldn’t do it.

“Fu Chengming’s limbs are still dislocated?”

“Yeah, my uncle found several famous doctors for my biaodi, but none of them could do it.”

“But why should I help him reposition his limbs?”

This grandson, Fu Chengming, played a lot of dirty tricks. If Ye Zichen didn’t make him remember this, then he could really think that Ye Zichen was made out of mud.

“Because I can help Young Master Ye,” Ye Zichen frowned and revealed a confused expression.

Dongfang Wenyi smiled, “Let me re-emphasize, I really am friends with Xiao Hai. Of course, we are that sort of friends in competition. A while ago, he asked me for information on Bai Dahai and Hao Wen.”

Ye Zichen looked vigilantly at Dongfang Wenyi and dialed Xiao Hai’s number with his phone.

“Lil’ Ye?”

“Hai-ge, there’s someone called Dongfang Wenyi that sought me out.”

“He went to find you? Mm, I’ve dealt with this person for many years. He’s definitely trustworthy. He also have information that you want, so you can make a deal with him.”

“Understood, Hai-ge.”

Ye Zichen hung up the phone, while Dongfang Wenyi made a “please” gesture.

“Young Master Ye, please!

“Shouldn’t you get me to help you reposition your subordinate’s arms?”

“I would be most grateful.”

Ye Zichen noticed that the man in front of him was truly a very smart person on the way to the Dongfang family.

People like him looked harmless, but Ye Zichen could feel something dangerous from his eyes.

These sorts of people wasn’t someone that he should have a deep relationship with.

As he was thinking, the car arrived at the Fu family mansion.

Ye Zichen walked into the living room under Dongfang Wenyi’s guidance.


That was all Ye Zichen could describe it with.

“Young Master Ye, please!”

Dongfang Wenyi continued to lead Ye Zichen as they arrived in a bedroom on the second floor of the mansion.

Fu Chengming laid on the bed with a pale expression, while his eyes were devoid of light.

Fu Chengming’s mother, Dongfang Yun, sat beside him while wiping away her tears. At the same time, Fu Hong stood by the window and smoked.

“Chengming, look who I brought to see you.”

Dongfang Wenyi brought Ye Zichen to the window side with a smile. The moment Fu Chengming saw him, his eyes revealed a hateful light, which was quickly replaced with a begging look.

He moved his mouth, but was unable to speak.

It seemed like Ye Zichen dislocated his jaw as well.


“You’re Ye Zichen!”

Dongfang Yun, who was wiping away her tears beside the bed, suddenly stood up from the bed with a savage look, and raised her hand to scratch Ye Zichen’s face.

Fu Hong held her arms from behind, while Dongfang Yun screamed, “You still dare to come to our home? Do you think our Fu family is easily bullied?”

Fu Hong was clearly more rational, but he still looked at Ye Zichen with hostility in his eyes.

“It seems like I’m not quite welcomed here,” Ye Zichen rubbed his nose and looked at Dongfang Wenyi, who was beside him. “I think that there’s no need to treat him, the patient’s family seems to have a huge problem with me.”

“Uncle, I bought Young Master Ye here to treat biaodi,” Dongfang Wenyi explained with a smile.

Fu Hong’s expression darkened, “Treat?”

“You’re Fu Chengming’s father, right?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “You might have a huge issue with me, but you don’t seem to know the dirty things that your son did!”

“Yes, I dislocated his limbs! But you might not know what sort of dirty tricks he played behind my back, right? I merely gave him a small punishment. I’m telling you, if Young Master Dongfang didn’t come and find me, I wouldn’t want to come to a crappy place like this.”

Dongfang Yun moved her lips as if she wanted to curse, but then she thought about the fact that Ye Zichen came to treat their son.

No matter what, she didn’t want to see her son suffer like this.

“Old Fu, how about we let him try?” Dongfang Yun asked with a requesting look.

Fu Hong snorted with a gloomy expression, “Then try.”

“Hehe… I should try just because you said try it? Am I in such desperate straits?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Fu Hong instantly wanted to get mad, but Dongfang Yun spoke up first, “Then what do you want?”

“Tell your man to speak nicely. If you’re begging someone to treat a person, then you should have the attitude of someone asking. Also, promise that you guys cannot cause any trouble for me or my friends and family, do you understand?”

“I can promise not to cause trouble for you, but for me to beg you…” A dark look flashed across Fu Hong’s eyes.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and shrugged, “Then never mind.”

With that, Ye Zichen walked towards the outside of the bedroom.

Dongfang Yun quickly blocked him off and shouted towards Fu Hong, “Fu Hong, is your face more important than your son’s life?”

“I don’t believe that no one can treat our son apart from him,” Fu Cheng was clearly stubborn.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth with a shrug, “Yeah, but how many doctors have you asked? Which one of them repositioned his limbs?”

Ye Zichen’s words instantly made Fu Hong speechless.

At the same time, Dongfang Yun also shouted, “Old Fu!”

“Mr. Ye, please be merciful and treat our son!” Fu Hong glared hatefully at Ye Zichen and shouted as he clenched his teeth.

“What’s that look? Are you trying to scare me?” Ye Zichen inched backwards like he was scared.

Fu Hong immediately raised his eyebrows, but when he saw Dongfang Yun’s expression, he could only suppress his anger and said calmly, “Mr. Ye, please be merciful.”

“That’s more like it,” Ye Zichen snorted with a laugh, then walked in front of Fu Chengming. Since his jaw was dislocated, he could only be fed liquid nutrition, causing his entire face to seem pale.

Ye Zichen raised his hand and knocked on Fu Chengming’s jaw.


“Young Master Ye…”

“Don’t Young Master Ye me. It’ll be fine as long as you, Young Master Fu, don’t cause trouble for me.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then quickly attacked Fu Chengming’s limbs as well.

Ye Zichen clapped his hands, then looked towards Dongfang Yun and Fu Hong.

“Go and look at your son.”

With that, he looked towards Dongfang Wenyi.

“Should we have a chat now?”

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