Chapter 1126 - Your Reverence

“Master!” Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong deeply knit their bows. In this type of unfamiliar environment, it was imperative that they stayed by Ye Zichen’s side to protect him.


Yet now he wanted them to follow Chi Mei away? In that case, wouldn’t he be braving unknown peril all on his own?


“Follow her!” barked Ye Zichen. Chi Mei had brought them here, so even if the two yao stayed with him, Chi Mei was in control. If she wanted to hurt him, they wouldn’t be of much help. 


Besides, even if Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong left, he still had the Yao-Sealing Pagoda on hand. 


If he truly encountered peril, he could let the other yao out, or alternatively, he could hide himself inside. 


This wasn’t anywhere near as dangerous as they thought it was.


He gently patted his spatial ring. The two yao seemed to recall the pagoda's existence as well, so they nodded. Even so, they couldn't help but caution him, “Be Careful!”


“That’s right!” Chi Mei laughed as adorably as she could and said, “Just trust me. There is absolutely no way I’d hurt my sweetie. Alright then, let’s hurry up and go. Sweetie, you should hurry up and enter the hut. If the Gao Family shows up here, we’re in trouble.”




Chi Mei led his subordinates away, while Ye Zichen took out the designated fire-element spatial ring.


He’d recently sold Sea Condensing Pills in bulk. When various family clans came to him to make exchanges, they delivered their goods in spatial rings, so preparing a fire-element spatial ring was no trouble at all.


No, the real trouble had yet to come. He now had to face that emissary of the Xiao Family.


Before she left, Chi Mei didn’t teach him any secret codes or how he was supposed to conduct the exchange. He’d just have to make it all up on the fly!


Ye Zichen exhaled, then viciously clenched his fists and headed towards the hut.


“Miss Chi Mei, where are you taking us?”


After splitting up with Ye Zichen, Chi Mei led Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong north. As he saw them move further and further away from Ye Zichen, Jiao Qi grew increasingly nervous and couldn’t help but press for an explanation. 


Chi Mei frowned in response. By now, the cute smile she wore when she faced Ye Zichen had vanished. Her gaze was cold as she snapped, “Quit asking so many stupid questions! Just shut up and follow me.”


Suddenly, an obscure light flashed through her eyes. When they saw it, both yao flung themselves to their knees. “Your Reverence.” 


“Hmph.” Chi Mei looked at the kneeling yao and snorted, but she no longer led them any further north. She simply stopped in her tracks and looked directly at them. “In a bit, you must do as I say. If I tell you to stay put, you just obediently stay put. Got it?”


Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong were visibly troubled.


No matter what, Ye Zichen was still their master. They couldn’t just let him sink into peril without rescuing him, but the woman in front of them……


They had no choice but to obey her.


After a brief internal struggle, Jiao Qi gnashed his teeth and said, “Your Reverence, we shall obey your orders. However, if our master encounters danger, we humbly request permission to go to his aid.”


“You don’t need to worry about that,” she laughed, putting her finger to her lips flirtatiously. “There’s absolutely no way I’ll let him die. After all, he’s…. My sweetie!”


Ye Zichen had initially assumed that the thatched hut was nearby, but Ye Zichen had to walk for a full hour before reaching its doors. 


As soon as he reached the gate, he heard a low transmission rumble through his sea of consciousness. “You’re here?”


When he sensed how cold this voice was, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel on edge. He glanced at the fire element spatial ring in his hand and bowed. “Greetings, emissary.” 


He couldn’t afford to slip up and misspeak. Since Ye Zichen didn’t know how to conduct their transaction, all he could do was speak as little as possible and avoid giving himself away.


After a pause, the hut's door swung open, and a man with black robes wrapped around him extremely tightly stepped outside. 


“Come in,” the man snorted indifferently before taking a seat on one of the hut’s stone chairs.


Ye Zichen dared not dilly-dally. He pushed open the door and stepped inside.


“Why are you the only one here? When you entered this dimension, I clearly sensed three presences, including two yao.

Three presences? That obviously meant he hadn’t sensed Chi Mei!


Chi Mei had a treasure to conceal her aura, but she said the emissary had another treasure that could counteract such treasures. He ought to have sensed her presence.


There were two possibilities….


Either he didn’t actually have the treasure, in which case Ye Zichen came in vain….


Or he did have it, but Chi Mei’s presence-concealing treasures were at an even higher level, which prevented the emissary from sensing her aura. 


“Honorable Emissary, the fewer people who witness our transaction, the better.”


“You’re quite cautious. Not bad.” The emissary smiled in satisfaction, but then his expression darkened. “What is your relationship with those two yao?” 


“They’re…..” Ye Zichen dared not recklessly answer right away. After some brief hesitation, he responded, “They’re my attendants.”


“Attendants?” Against all of Ye Zichen’s expectations, the emissary’s smile turned sinister. Sensing the man’s gaze, Ye Zichen’s heart clenched as he realized he’d responded incorrectly.


Otherwise, there was no way the emissary would make such an expression. 


“Your Gao Family’s really got guts. Don’t tell me you forgot? Our Xiao Family’s ancestors passed down a command to never, ever ally themselves with yao in this lifetime. Did you forget that our former clan head hates nothing more than yao? Has your Gao Family been a separate branch for so long that you’ve forgotten even your ancestors’ words?”


His grave spiritual pressure instantly bore down on Ye Zichen. In the face of this intense pressure and authority, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but kneel as his forehead grew drenched in sweat and his heart thudded frantically in his chest. 


Internally, his mind was racing.


So that’s how it was!


Chi Mei had uncovered so much detailed information, so why did she bring Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong into the pocket dimension? She knew the transaction’s time, place, location, and methods, so Ye ZIchen refused to believe that she didn’t know of the Xiao Family’s enmity with the yao!


“She did this on purpose!” The thought popped into his head instinctively, and once it was there, he couldn’t get rid of it. 


She’d intentionally led Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong away, leaving him alone to face the emissary.


Furthermore, when they came inside, she didn’t use her presence-concealing treasure to disguise Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong’s auras!


Chi Mei!


At that moment, the emissary reached out and grabbed Ye Zichen by the shoulder.


Ye Zichen instinctively avoided his grasp, but the emissary tore the cloth covering his shoulders to shreds, revealing the skin blow. When the emissary saw his bare shoulder, he was visibly overcome with earthshaking fury. “You’re not from the Gao Family. Who the hell are you!?”


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