Chapter 1123 - Chi Mei’s Enormous Business Proposal

Chi Mei’s sudden appearance startled everyone in the room.


They were currently discussing highly sensitive information, so they’d placed a seal around the entire room. 


Despite that, Chi Mei appeared once again, seemingly out of nowhere. They couldn’t help but wonder how she’d gotten there.


This wasn’t the first time, either. She’d slipped up to the sixth floor to see Ye Zichen right under Jiao Qi’s watchful eyes. At the time, neither Ye Zichen nor Meng Huairong sensed her presence. They didn’t realize she was there until she kicked the door in.


Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. The more time he spent with her, the more he realized he couldn’t see through her. 


Jiao Qi took a fighting stance as if prepared to meet an enemy, but when he saw it was Chi Mei, he relaxed. He examined her, but said nothing.


He truly didn’t know how to address her!


“It seems I’ve come at the wrong time?”


After entering, Chi Mei sensed the atmosphere in the room and stuck out her tongue. Although she said that, she had no reservations about plopping down directly across from Ye Zichen, reaching into the fruit bowl, and taking a big bite.


When she entered the room, she said that the general store was surrounded, but Jiao Qi and the other yao were on high alert this whole time, yet hadn’t sensed anything out of the ordinary.


Jiao Qi neither dared confirm nor deny her words. Instead, he cupped his hands at Ye Zichen and said,  “Master, I’ll go out and have a look.”


Ye Zichen nodded at Jiao Qi, then glanced at Meng Huairong and said, “Huairong, go with him and have a look.”




The two great earth supreme yao left the room. At that moment, Ye Zichen’s gaze fell on Chi Mei. 


“You really think of this as your own home, don’t you?” he said somewhat disdainfully.


He sighed helplessly, then poured himself another cup of immortal brew. “Didn’t you leave a few days ago? Why did you come back?”


“Why are you acting like this? A beauty like me to see you out is your biggest fortune in many lifetimes! But look at you! Why are you so upset?” She took another bite of immortal fruit then pouted in displeasure. “You’ve caused such a huge commotion lately, selling Sea Condensing Pills in such quantities. Don’t you know how many families have their eyes on you? I’m here out of concern for your safety! I came all this way just to protect you!”


“Are you certain?” Ye Zichen took another sip, then arched his brows in disbelief. “Way I see it, you’re no different from those families. You’ve got your eye on my fortune, too, don’t you?”

Chi Mei instantly flushed bright red. In truth, she was indeed here in part because of his recent wealth. 


Over eighty percent of the lower lands' wealth was all in his hands! How could she not be interested?


But she was different from those family clans. They wanted to steal his treasures for themselves, while she…..

Wanted to become his wife!


Chi Mei licked her lips and narrowed her eyes like a fox, but she didn’t respond. One look at her coy shyness and Ye Zichen knew he’d hit the nail on the head.


“Don’t worry about my little trifles. Hurry and split your family fortune with your brother! He’s definitely far richer than me right now! Besides, you know I’ve got a gang to support. I’ve already sent all my profits to my gang.”


“Who cares about your paltry fortune?” She glowered at him, then left him no face at all as her embarrassment gave way to anger.    


She really didn’t get it. In terms of looks, she ought to be a city-toppling beauty. Who knew how many men rejoiced at the mere sight of her? Yet now Ye Zichen refused to so much as look directly at here. 


This was an enormous insult to her charm!


She hatefully bit into her fruit, then said irritably, “I came here on serious business.” 


Ye Zichen looked at her in disbelief. She came looking for him on “serious business?” 


“Well, let’s hear it, then.” Ye Zichen was still suspicious, but he gestured for him to go on. 


When she saw his expression, Chi Mei seemed on the verge of skinning him alive, but she nevertheless gnashed her teeth and said, “You ought to know that lots of people have descended from the Divine Mountains recently, right?”


It was inevitable that this would happen. Selling so many Sea Condensing Pills threw the lower lands into turmoil, and he’d earned so much money that even some families of the Divine Mountains had their eyes on it. He was such a fatty piece of meat; people descending from the mountains wasn’t worth getting surprised over.


He’d recently noticed a lot of suspicious behavior around him. Most likely, it was targeted at him. 


Ye Zichen nodded noncommittally.


She continued, “Some of them are here for you. I’m sure you already know that. Practically anyone would covet the resources you accumulated swelling all those Sea Condensing Pills. But I’m not her for that. Although you’re a bit greedy, you’re not stupid. I trust that since you dared sell all those pills, you have a plan and won’t just let them slaughter you!”


He was surprised to hear she thought so highly of him. He straightened his back in surprise, cupped his fists, and said, “I’m honored by miss Chi Mei’s praise. This humble one has no words to express his emotions.”


“Quit being so glib, it’s annoying,” she said, waving her hands irritably. Then, suddenly, a mysterious expression appeared on her face. She carefully scrutinized her surroundings, lowered her voice, and whispered, “I’m here because I’ve got an enormous business proposal I’d like to discuss with you.”


“An enormous business proposal?” asked Ye Zichen skeptically.


“Hmph, you might not know this, but the Gao Family is actually subordinate to the Xiao Family charged with controlling tribulation lightning. Every fifty years, the Xiao Family sends someone to take a tribute of resources from the Gao Family. They’ll send someone down in just a few days,” she smiled, her eyes narrowing into slits. 


“Hmph. It seems you brought me into conflict with that Gao Family silkpants intentionally!” Ye Zichen laughed coolly.


“Don’t say that!” she pouted angrily, “That brat really did mistreat me! But that’s not important. What I’m trying to say is, the Gao Family has all sorts of ways of gathering resources. You became rich overnight selling pills, but you’re still a ways off from the Gao Family’s long-standing businesses.”


 “What are you trying to say?” In truth, Ye Zichen had guessed most of it, but he wasn’t quite certain.


“I know where they’re meeting, as well as the route the Gao Family takes to get there,” said Chi Mei, her eyes flashing with excitement. She licked her lips and continued, “I can see that your subordinates are extraordinary. How about this? I’ll provide the information, you provide the manpower….. We meet them halfway, rob them, and split the treasures fifty-fifty. How about it? Are you interested?”

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