Chapter 1122 - Nothing is Harder to Repay Than a Beauty’s Kindness


Three hundred thousand Sea Condensing Pills. Ye Zichen had already gathered a huge portion of the region’s wealth. How long would this stock last him? 


The answer was: three days!


In just three days, he sold out all three hundred thousand Sea condensing Pills. It needs to be said: Ye Zichen underestimated the wealth of the lands beneath the Divine Mountains. 


Ye Zichen had assumed those pills would be enough to last at least two weeks, but to his shock, they only lasted three days!


This time, however, no high-status figures came to his general store to complain like last time. 


In truth, they no longer had the funds to purchase more pills. 


His vast sale of Sea Condensing Pills had caused a qualitative change to the local clans. Countless family’s immortal kings, as well as many solitary cultivators, all successfully condensed their spiritual seas. As soon as they converted their immortal energy to divine power, they’d ascend and finally see the world they’d longed for for so long.


It was easy to imagine just how many new ascenders the Divine Mountains would welcome in the next ten years. 


All of this was because of Ye Zichen.


After selling out, his general store closed for the first time since it opened, and the employees returned to the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Only Jiao Qi and Meng Huairong stayed outside to protect Ye Zichen and report on their post-sale financial situation.


“Master, these are all the funds we’ve obtained by selling the Sea Condensing Pills.” Jiao Qi stood in the center of the room. With a wave of his hand, countless spatial rings appeared. There were so many of them, they took up three fourths of the room. All of them glittered and flashed with light; the sight of them was utterly astonishing. 


“I put the talismans in here, as well as the artifacts and the ingredients our customers traded in exchange for pills.”


When Ye Zichen looked at the spatial rings, he couldn’t help but take a few quick gasps. After a brief, stunned pause, he signaled for Jiao Qi to put the resources away.


However, as soon as Jiao Qi did so, Meng Huairong pulled out yet another pile of rings. 


“These contain the spirit coins various smaller clans used to purchase pills, as well as other lower grade medicines they traded in exchange. I recently investigated and discovered that we’ve already accumulated some eighty percent of the land beneath the Divine Mountain’s wealth.”


Eighty percent? 


That wasn’t just eighty percent of the Northern Divine Mountain’s Seventy-Two Districts. That referred to eighty percent of the resources of the entire lower world! Although the world beneath the Divine Mountains was barren and resource-starved, eighty percent gathered in one place was still an unimaginable degree of wealth.


Ye Zichen suddenly felt like the richest man alive.


“Take twenty percent of the treasures and talismans and give them to Wei Jie and Upheaval. Same for the pills and coins. Put all the resources back into the Yao-Sealing Pagoda for the refiners to use. If they can increase their level, that would be for the best, but if they can’t, they can just continue making low-grade expendables. Meng Huairong, you can take care of that.”

“Understood.” Meng Huairong nodded. 


“When will Lei Zhen and the others get here?” Ye Zichen frowned. He ordered them to come here a few days ago, but had yet to see any trace of them.


“It shouldn’t be much longer. When I sent him a transmission earlier, he said they were beneath the central divine mountain. I expect that Upheaval needed him to go carve out territory there. However, when I sent him your message, he started hurrying towards us. If things go as I except, he’ll be here by tomorrow morning,” said Jiao Qi.


“They’ve already pushed into the land beneath the Central Divine Mountain? Not bad.” 


Ye Zichen hadn’t poured so many resources into Upheaval in vain. Wei Jie hadn’t disappointed him; the gang was growing even faster than he’d anticipated. 


Ye Zichen didn’t need to hurry to the Divine Mountains now. Instead, he had to use the most stable means available to him to make Upheaval sweep the lands below. Stability was key. 


Forming a peak-level faction wasn’t that different from building a skyscraper, especially for someone like Ye Zichen, who was born a commoner…..


If he didn’t establish a firm foundation for himself and recklessly rushed to the Divine Mountains, all his efforts would be in vain. 


“How about the weapons, armors, and talismans I asked you to purchase?” asked Ye Zichen.


“Now that you mention it, it’s a little strange,” said Jiao Qi, his eyes flickering with confusion. “At first, when I went to the Skypan Trading Company to purchase immortal artifacts, they hesitated and came up with all sorts of excuses, but yesterday, they came looking for me of their own volition to trade demigod artifacts for Sea Condensing Pills.”


When he heard that, Yi Zichen arched his brows. 


The way he saw it, in terms of quality, Sea Condensing Pills couldn’t even begin to compete with demigod artifacts.


You could use demigod artifacts all the way to the sky supreme level. Even diviners might use them!


But Sea Condensing Pills were only used to break past the immortal king level!


Furthermore, rank-ten pill refiners could refine Sea Condensing Pills, but only rank-thirteen and above artificers could produce demigod artifacts. Not just anyone could make a demigod artifact! Based on their respective levels, trading demigod artifacts for Sea Condensing Pills was an foolish choice, no matter how he looked at it.   


“That’s not all,” added Meng Huairong. “Their asking price was really low, too.” She’d been the one to perform the trade, so she naturally knew more about it.


“For a set of demigod artifacts, a full set, they only asked for ten pills. They traded three thousand sets and even gave us some auxiliary talismans as a bonus.” 


When Jiao Qi heard that, he responded, “That’s right! It’s just way too strange. No matter how I look at it, they’re trading at a loss, but the Skyspan Trading Company did it anyway. Master, do you think that they…..


“They won’t.”


Jiao Qi’s meaning was quite clear. The Skyspan Trading Company was a business, and you couldn’t earn money with kindness.  They wouldn’t trade at a loss.


Yet this time, they knew they were trading at an enormous loss, yet they went ahead with the deal anyway. 


Meng Huairong and Jiao Qi were suspicious; maybe the Skyspan Trading Company was planning to rob them?


They couldn’t tell what was going on, but Ye Zichen knee.


This was almost certainly all thanks to Xue Honghong!


He never would have guessed that winning her affections would have such a result, but that only put more pressure on him. For him, she’d sold three thousand sets of demigod armor at a loss. If he didn’t make it in time for their ten-year agreement and failed to marry her, wouldn’t he lose face?


But could a family with three thousand sets of demigod weapons and armor lying around possibly be ordinary?


Nothing was harder to repay than a beauty’s kindness! Ye Zichen had nothing to repay her with; all he could offer was himself!


He chuckled, shook his head, and said, “there’s no need to be suspicious of the Spyspan Trading Company’s intentions. They absolutely won’t touch us. For now, please pay extra careful attention to any movements from the Divine Mountains, as well as those of any clans capable of contacting the Divine Mountains. If they decide to attack us, we have to make advance preparations…..”


As soon as he said that, there was a massive boom as someone kicked the door in. The next moment, he saw Chi Mei, her eyes narrowed into slits like a crafty little fox.


“Sweetie,” she said, “How can you sit still at a time like this? Your general store is surrounded!”

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