Chapter 1121 - Don’t Disappoint Me

When they heard that there were still a limited number of pills for sale, those who’d yet to purchase medicine were overcome with joy. However, when they heard about the price increase, many of them complained bitterly. Even so, they swallowed their bitterness and bought up as many pills as they could for their clans’ stores.


News that Ice Blue City’s general store was going to sell three hundred thousand more pills quickly spread to the nine regions beneath the Divine Mountains. The clans prepared their resources to purchase medicine but at the same time, they wondered to themselves, “Just who owns that general store? How could he possibly sell so many Sea Condensing Pills?” 


In the past half month’s sale, he’s already sold a hundred thousand pills, but now he wanted to sell another three hundred thousand….


What kind of wealth was this?


Many of these clans felt a surge of desire, and a few with family on the divine mountains were already trying to convince their families to take action. 


If they stole the general store’s wealth, the profits would be difficult to even imagine.


Gradually, Ice Blue City’s general store developed a reputation on the Divine Mountains as well. Of course, it was most famous on the North Divine Mountain. 


Meanwhile, in a courtyard on the mountainside, a young woman in a red skirt stood before a lotus pond. 


Her gaze was quiet and beautiful. She was looking towards the water’s surface, but her gaze was unfocused, as if she were thinking of something else.


“First Miss.” As the young woman stared off into space, a middle-aged woman appeared beside her. Although she was no longer young, and her face was marked with the passing of many years, her charm wouldn’t lose out to anyone, and it was obvious that she was a rare beauty in her youth.


The young woman by the lotus pond turned to look at her. When she saw who it was, she immediately smiled. “Aunty Liu, do you have any news of him?”


The woman she called “Aunty Liu” frowned, a hint of worry evident on her forehead, and said, “Young Miss, you possess a lofty status within our crowd, and when you marry, you will undoubtedly choose from successors of other major clans. If your grandfather knew you were paying so much attention to a kid from the lower realms, he’d be furious, and I’m afraid it wouldn’t end well for that boy, either.”


Her words had a hint of a warning. The young woman in red’s expression froze, but before long, she smiled as if it didn’t matter. “What is there to be afraid of? Aunty Liu, so long as you don’t say anything, no one will know, right? Come on, tell me…. Is there news of him?”


In the face of the younger woman’s please, Aunty Liu shook her head in a mixture of amusement and irritation, then said helplessly, “There is.”


“Then hurry up and say it! How has he been over the last six months?” urged the woman in red. 


“That brat’s doing quite well for himself down there. His subordinates, the gang 'Upheaval,’ have gradually become one of the top factions of the Seventy-Two Districts, and they’ve already spread out to the lands beneath the other Divine Mountains.” 


“Mmhm. And then….”


“And then, it seems like he’s encountered some trouble, but he brought it all on himself,” said Aunty Liu unconcernedly. She’d kept a close eye on Ye Zichen recently, and knew everything he’d been up to. 


This was all because of the Young Miss. She’d spent months keeping tabs on Ye Zichen.


However, the more she learned about him, the more she felt that this youth was utterly unreasonable and irrational. 


When the woman in red heard that he’d encountered trouble, she immediately grew anxious and urged her aunt even more desperately. “What happened then?”


“That youth bought a building from our Skypan Trading Company. I only let him buy it for your sake. It was fine at first; he used the building to gather information, but a few days ago, he suddenly offended the Family. They’re subordinates of the Lightning Emperor! Furthermore, he recently started selling vast quantities of Sea Condensing Pills, so many, I’m afraid they can only be countered in the millions!


“Millions?” When she heard that number, the woman in red couldn’t help but gasp. Not even her family could bring out so many Sea Condensing Pills. Where on earth had Ye Zichen gotten ahold of them?


Especially since beneath the Divine Mountains, Sea Condensing Pills were the most valuable medicines around!


What kind of profit could he make selling a million of them? His profit would far exceed their Skyspan Trading Company’s net worth!


Aunty Liu looked serious. When she saw how many pills Ye Zichen was able to pull out, even she was impressed. “That youth’s million Sea Condensing Pills are truly astonishing, but there’s a problem! When he first pulled out all those pills, I suspected he was the representative of some great family.”


The woman in red nodded. That assumption wasn’t at all unreasonable.  Most major clans of the Divine Mountains would establish branches beneath the mountains and choose representatives to build up their factions and gather resources.


For instance, when she’d managed the Skyspan Trading Company down below, she could be considered a representative of her clan.


“However, I’ve kept tabs on him for so long, yet I’ve never once seen him make contact with anyone from the Divine Mountains. Furthermore, he’s given all the resources he accumulated from the sales to his servant girl for safe-keeping. That’s why I say he’s brought trouble upon himself.”


“The price of a million Sea Condensing Pills is so high, even families of the Divine Mountains will covet it. He doesn’t have enough strength to protect his wealth, so all he’s doing is building up resources for other people. I’ve heard that the Lightning Emperor’s family has already taken action against him! But that youth is at least somewhat intelligent. He seems to have sensed that something is amiss, and has recently contacted our Skyspan Trading Company to purchase weapons, armor, and talismans.”


“Sell them to him,” said the woman in red with almost no hesitation. “Take all of the family’s unused demigod level artifacts and sell them to him. No, let him trade for Sea Condensing Pills!”


“Miss…..” If they were mere immortal artifacts it would be one thing, but these were demigod artifacts!


Although many of their clan’s demigod artifacts weren’t currently in use, weapons and armor at that level were used to equip their clan’s elite troops. They couldn’t possibly sell them, but now the young miss wanted to trade them away?


Although Sea Condensing Pills were valuable, they were only useful to immortal kings. They were rare beneath the divine mountains, but although not even major clans like them had a vast supply of the pills, they had no trouble finding enough to supply their clansmen. 


But demigod artifacts were different! Even sky supremes would go to great lengths for such treasures; they were only a completely different level than mere immortal king medicines. Despite all that, the young miss wanted to trade them for Sea Condensing Pills?


“Obey my orders. If any problems occur, just say I told you to sell them to him,” said the woman in red with a frown.


When Aunty Liu saw her determined expression, she shook her head and sighed, “Understood. I’ll make arrangements right away.”


The woman in red watched until Aunty Liu had disappeared from sight, her expression incomparably grave. However, all she could do gaze despondently at the four walls trapping her within and the flowers of the lotus pond.


“Don’t disappoint me! Ten years! I’ll wait for you!”

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