Chapter 1120 - A Big, Fatty Piece of Meat

Time flew by; in the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.


Ye Zichen sat cross-legged within the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s main hall facing one of the five paintings the Five Elements Great Emperor had left behind. Specifically, he was looking at the painting that contained the element of thunder. 


White light flashed around him and the air throughout the great hall crackled with thunder.


There was a sudden bang as faint red lightning exploded within the hall, directly above Ye Zichen’s head. Just before it came crashing down, Ye Zichen’s eyes popped open.


His eyes flashed like lightning; true lightning crackled through his pupils and shot from his eyes.


A vast and imposing aura instinctively burst from his body as countless bolts of lightning filled the hall.


“Return.” His one-word command was like a divine mandate. All the lightning coursing through the room instantly flew back towards him and gathered inside his body.


As his body filled with electricity, Ye Zichen’s aura seemed to grow stronger than ever before.


As he sensed his body’s aura, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but clench his fists and murmur to himself, “I’ve achieved minor success in the lightning element! Of the five elements, only rain has yet to reach minor success! About eighty percent of my energy has converted to divine power too. It seems that as soon as I reach minor success in the rain element, I can step onto the Divine Mountain.” 


It had been a while since he’d obtained the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, the Five Elements Great Emperor’s greatest treasure, but he was only just beginning to understand how exceptional it was.


The space inside the pagoda was another world. In addition to existing as a separate space, it contained the Dao of Heaven and Earth.


More importantly, time flowed differently within the pagoda. Ye Zichen’s rough estimate that time here moved ten times faster than the outside world.


That is to say, for each day on the outside, ten days passed on the inside.


For cultivators, this was already a game-breaking cheat, but this was still only the first layer. Ye Zichen had the sense that time would flow even faster on the second, third, and forth floors.


Ye Zichen exited the pagoda, then left his room.


He’d spent far too long inside the pagoda, so he ought to go out and relax. Both work and rest were necessary to cultivate. Ye Zichen didn’t understand those guys who just sat in seclusion cultivating until they died. If all you cared about was cultivating, your brain would turn to mush! If you really went into endless seclusion, you could die and no one would even notice the difference!


However, as soon as he left the room and broke the seal around it, he heard a commotion from downstairs. 


“There are still people who dare come here and make trouble?” Ye Zichen arched his brows and headed down the stairs. When he reached the storefront, he saw that it was completely surrounded.


Ye Zichen glanced that the yao from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, who’d know become his employees, and asked, “Jiao Qi, Huairong, what’s going on?” 


Both of them walked up to him. “Master, we agreed to sell Sea Condensing Pills en masse, right? You said to sell them for half a month. Well, that half month just ended, so we took the pills of the shelves. These people arrived too late to purchase them, so they’re causing a commotion.”


Ye Zichen nodded, then arched his brows. “How have sales been lately?”


“Hee hee, I can answer that!” Meng Huairong laughed gleefully then pulled a jade slip from her pocket.


“Business has been excellent! If you just look at spirit coins, our profits are already measured by the trillion. We’ve also obtained so many materials, heavenly materials, artifacts, and talismans that it’s almost unbelievable. I secretly did some research and it looks like our earnings in the past two weeks far exceed the Skypan Trading Company’s net worth. Right, they bought a few tens of thousands of pills from us too!”


She passed the slip to Ye Zichen. Although he was already emotionally prepared, when he saw its contents, he still couldn’t help but gasp. 


By now, he was like a walking mountain of gold! Ye Zichen was absolutely certain that any family clan would go mad with greed at the thought of such wealth. 


“Going forward, we have to be careful. By now, we’re a big hunk of fatty meat. I’m sure there are countless family clans who’d love nothing more than to take a big bite out of us.”


“A few families have already taken action,” said Jiao Qi. “For instance, just yesterday, a few peak immortal kings tried to take our general store by force, but our employees killed them all.”


“As expected!” Ye Zichen sighed to himself. There were naturally disadvantages to acquiring cash at such a ridiculously insane rate. There were people who dared rob even the Skyspan Trading Company, but looking at him from the outside, his faction’s strength was nowhere near theirs.


It was only logical that some people would try to rob him.


Those immortal kings were just the start. In the near future, more clans, and even people from the Divine Mountains would send their subordinates to rob him. 


“In the next few days, have the artifact refiners make a few extra artifacts. We should equip everyone here, and I’m not just talking a single sword and a simple set of armor; I want you all armed to the teeth. Everyone should get a full set of talismans as well. Also, get in touch with the Skyspan Trading Company and see if they have any god or demigod artifacts for sale. If they do, buy everything they have available.” 


“Master, this…..” 


“You’re thinking that you stage nine earth supremes are invincible down here, right? Let me tell you, those immortal kings are nothing but a sign of what’s to come. Our current wealth is enough to make even a diviner green with envy, and in the future, we might encounter even stronger opponents. Earth supremes, maybe even sky supremes. Got it?”


When Jiao Qi heard that, he realized how serious this was. As yao, they weren’t particularly concerned with money, but after hearing Ye Zichen’s explanation he didn’t dare take this matter lightly.


“Then I’ll go make arrangements,” said Jiao Qi. Then, without any further delays, he got up and left the store.


At the same time, Meng Huairong frowned and asked, “Master, how should we handle these people?”


She was naturally referring to the people who’d come just a little too late to buy pills, who were now throwing a fit in the store. In the past, Ye ZIchen would definitely have sent them flying, but when considered that some of them might have been sent from the Divine Mountains, he changed his mind.


“Sell to them! But tell them that since they missed the sale, the price has increased to 1.2 billion or the equivalent in treasures. This time, there’s no time limit; we’ll limit the quantity instead. How many Sea Condensing Pills do we have on hand?”


“Four or five hundred thousand!” said Meng Huairong. She wasn’t in charge of inventory, so she could only give a rough estimate. 


“Then let’s sell three hundred thousand. Tell them….. That we won’t sell any more after that, so if they're interested, they’d better hurry!”


“Understood!” Meng Huairong immediately went to implement his orders. 


Ye Zichen, meanwhile, grinned wickedly. “People from the Divine Mountain, hurry up! This big hunk of fatty meat can’t wait any longer!”


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