Chapter 112 Fu Chengming’s Cousin

Chapter 112 – Fu Chengming’s Cousin

“No telling that kitsune,” Liu Qing’s delicate face frowned.

Ye Zichen raised his hand to smack her head, then smiled, “Ye Zichen.”

“Who let you tell her!” Liu Qing instantly turned angry like a lion cub. “I’m not going to be nice to you anymore.”

With that, she went back into the Dragon Eye.

Ye Zichen.

A hint of confusion flashed through Lucy’s eyes as if she didn’t know this name. However, she felt like she heard it somewhere…

Just as she was about to continue asking, her expression changed and dipped her head like an ostrich.

“Brat, I actually bumped into you here.”

A cold laughter sounded out from behind Ye Zichen. When he turned back to look, he saw the green hair that he dealt with the other day standing behind him.

He laughed coldly, “What, do you want me to pay your medical fees? I’m telling you, I’ve got money!”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then ignored him. Su Yiyun took a glance and laughed, “What’s going on?”

“I beat him up.”

“Grandson, you’re still being cocky? I’m telling you, my big bro came this time, just wait for death.”

Thus, the green hair left with his bros after saying a few fierce words.

“Ye-zi, do you need me to find some people?” Su Yiyun squinted his eyes and was about to take out his phone.

However, Ye Zichen shook his head, in terms of fighting, he, who had his body altered by the Body Enhancing Pill, has never been afraid of anyone.

Ye Zichen looked subconsciously towards Lucy…

“Where’s that girl called Lucy?”

Only then did Su Yiyun look at the empty seat beside him and shook his head, “No idea when she left.”


Ye Zichen was shocked.

He seems to have experienced this before!

“Big bro, it’s this brat!” At the same time, the green hair hurried over cockily once again. Hearing that, Ye Zichen turned back and looked, causing him to immediately reveal a playful smile when he saw green hair’s big bro, “Zhao Hu, this grandson is your lackey?”

“Young-Young Master Ye…”

Zhao Hu’s head buzzed when he saw Ye Zichen, then he immediately slapped green hair.


Green hair covered his face in confusion, which was met with another slap.

F*ck, you could have pissed off anyone, you actually pissed off this guy.

“Boss your ass, boss. Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Ye.”

This slap completely cleared green hair up. It was clear that the guy in front of him was someone that even their boss couldn’t offend.

All of a sudden, green hair kneeled on the floor in depression, “Young Master Ye, I was wrong.”

“I have no time to care about you, go to the side.”

Ye Zichen wasn’t that sort of person who wouldn’t let someone off when he was in the right. This green hair had already suffered in his hands, it was natural for him to want to get back at Ye Zichen.

What surprised him was Liu Zhu, who was beside Zhao Hu.

The two of them already seemed to have separated at the cold drinks store. Why did they get back together in a few days!

Ye Zichen snapped his fingers at Zhao Hu, then indicated towards Liu Zhu, “Why did you guys get back together?”

Liu Zhu’s face immediately turned pale.

At the same time, Zhao Hu also frowned, “Apologize to Young Master Ye.”

This time, Liu Zhu already lost all her cockiness back then, she lowered her head with a tremble, “Young Master Ye.”

“Stop,” Ye Zichen raised his hands to stop Liu Zhu’s apology, then shrugged with a smile. “We all came to the bar to have fun, why do this?”

“Young Master Ye, I really know my wrongs,” Liu Zhu nearly kneeled onto the floor, while she also started to sound like she was about to cry.

She was truly afraid. The old brother that she was always proud of had been taken away by the city’s police station, and still haven’t been released.

She bullied many people before using the fact that Liu Qiang was a police officer.

Without Liu Qiang’s protection, she was worried that those who she bullied before would seek her out. Thus, she could only return to Zhu Hu’s side without any other choice.

However, the person that caused all this was Ye Zichen.

She was truly afraid, if Ye Zichen still had a grudge against her, then even ten lives wouldn’t be enough for her to lose.

“Young Master Ye, really, I…”

“Woman, is there something with your brain? I won’t make it difficult for you, don’t think too much, you’re not worthy of me acting in person,” With that, Ye Zichen turned towards Zhao Hu with a frown. “Take her away.”

“Yes, Young Master Ye.”

Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun already lost their mood to drink after Liu Zhu. After they saved their wine at the bar, the two of them quickly left.

Ye Zichen prepared to leave on a taxi after sending Su Yiyun away.

However, a black van stopped in front of him, while several hulks walked down.

Ye Zichen could feel the dense murderous air from the men.


They were true soldiers that walked on the thin line between life and death.

“Please come with us?”

The tone lacking any emotions caused Ye Zichen to frown. He subconsciously activated Unbreakable Body as he started to gather qi in his hands.

“Who are you guys?”

“Please don’t make it difficult for us, come with us.”

“You’re so cute, you want me to go with you guys without showing your identity? How do I know if I live or die after I go with you guys?”

“Then I apologize.”

With that, the soldiers raised their right hands towards Ye Zichen.

Their actions were unified, and blocked off all paths for Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and released the qi within his body.

His arms moved along their arms ghastly…


Ye Zichen instantly dislocated two of their arms. After that, the remaining people backed off, while a magnetic laughter sounded out within the car.

“As I predicted.”

A smiling man appeared form the car, causing Ye Zichen to frown.

He didn’t seem to have gotten in to contact with such a person before.

“I don’t seem to know you.”

“Indeed, Young Master Ye doesn’t know me, but I have heard about Young Master Ye,” The man smiled gently, then indicated the people on the side to move back. “I’m friends with Xiao Hai.”

“Hai-ge’s friend wouldn’t treat me like this, you should mean the opposite.”

Ye Zichen’s nerves tensed up more and more as they spoke.

This unidentified person suddenly appeared with a bunch of soldiers.

They were either people from some sort of mercenary organization hired to kill him by his enemies.

Or, they had a request for him.

“Young Master Ye truly sees things clearly,” The man smiled. “Let me introduce myself, Dongfang Wenyi.”

“Tell me your purpose.”

“Actually, there are two purposes for me coming here.”

“Say it.”

“Actually, I didn’t lie to you, I am kind of friends with Xiao Hai. I heard that Old Man Xiao could recover due to the medicine from Young Master Ye gave him. So, the first reason is that I want to ask for medicine for my family’s old man.”

Dongfang Wenyi’s tone wasn’t fast or slow as he maintained the smile on his face.

“The second!”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes. If it was only to ask for medicine, then he wouldn’t have made a move to test him.

“Secondly, Fu Chengming is my biaodi.”

Dongfang Wenyi smiled brightly.

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