Chapter 1117 - Infuriated

When Gao Ruilong heard Ye Zichen’s words, his face went from red to black, his self-satisfied grin gradually shifting into a sinister glare.


“You fail to appreciate my kindness.”


The gathered onlookers could also feel that they were on the verge of a fight. Ye ZIchen looked back around and smiled amiably. “Are you talking about me?”


As soon as he said that, Ye Zichen strode forward. The yao of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda followed after him. In an instant, a formless pressure bore down on Gao Ruilong and his attendants. 


“So, you call yourself an heir of the Gao Family? Do you really think I don’t understand your family situation? You’re nothing but a concubine's son, yet you think you’re someone special? As for you….. Cai Renfei…..” Ye Zichen’s words suddenly changed targets as his gaze landed on Cai Renfei, who was hidden amongst the Gao Family attendants. 


“Don’t bother hiding. Do you really think I don’t see you?” 


When he heard that, Cai Renfei gnashed his teeth and stepped out of the pack of subordinates. When Ye Zichen first appeared, his heart clenched involuntarily, and he instinctively averted his gaze. Unfortunately, Ye Zichen noticed him anyway.


In light of the Axe Gang’s annihilation, the heirs of the Cai Family had no choice but to pack their backs and take refuge with the Sky Great District’s Gao Family. 


Yet to Cai Renfei’s surprise, he ran into Ye Zichen here, too.


“Senior…. Ye….” After some brief hesitation, Cai Renfei decided against swearing at him, and instead respectfully addressed Ye Zichen as “Senior Ye.”


Back in the Mortal Great District’s Hundred Daybreaks Inn, he’d witnessed Ye ZIchen’s profound strength for himself, so addressing him like that was reasonable. 


However, calling him  “Senior” didn’t mean that Ye Zichen would let him go. If he let Cai Renfei off that easily, it would ruin his plans. 


“Senior? I dare not accept such praise. After all, you’re the young master of the Cai Family. Ah? You’re not staying with the Cai Family anymore? Why’d you go all the way to the Gao Family just to become this guy’s dog? Is it because of me? In that case, I’m truly Sorry. Do you mind if I ask you a question? After giving birth to you, your mom remarried into the Gao Family and became the Gaao Family head’s third wife. Now you’re living here too. How does it feel?”


Cai Renfei’s smile instantly froze, and veins bulged on his tightly clenched fists. He looked at Ye Zichen, his body trembling from head to toe.


Gao Ruilong was already furious, so he was the first to explode, “You’re seeking death!” 


For all of his life, he hated nothing more than others discussing his origins. 


Yet Ye Zichen didn’t care at all; he even rubbed salt in Gao Ruilong’s wounds. Furthermore, his wife had bitten off two of his fingers….


“Kill him! And tear down that store of his!” His subordinates immediately charged him. The Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s yao didn’t hesitate either; both sides met head-on.


Just at that moment, Cai Renfei overcame his burning fury and shouted, “Stop!” 


Next, he ran in front of Gao Ruilong and tried to persuade him, “Brother Long, that’s actually the Ye Zichen who’s gotten so famous lately. He’s a full-on immortal king, and single-handedly destroyed the Axe Gang while intimidating the Green Gang so badly, they dared not retaliate. This really isn’t a good idea; we should endure. Offending someone like this means trouble.”


When he heard that, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown. Cai Renfei was shrewd indeed if he could endure all that provocation. 


Bearing insult was one thing, but if he ruined Ye Zichen’s plan, that would be a real problem!


Just as Ye ZIchen was pondering how to provoke Gao Ruilong and push him over the edge, he realized that he’d worried in vain; as soon as Gao Ruilong heard Cai Renfei’s attempts to persuade him, he slapped his half-brother right across the face.


“Scram!” Gao Ruilong kicked Cai Renfei right in the gut and shouted, “If not for you, I’d be a legitimate son. If your mom hadn’t given birth to you, my position in the Gao Family wouldn’t be so sensitive. For mom’s sake, I let you stay by my side, but now you want me to endure his insults? What even are you? You’re nothing but a cowardly bastard! How can you smile subserviently despite his insults? Hmph? Hurry up and scram! Get out of my sight!”


Compared to Cai Renfei, Gao Ruilong was obviously a brainless spoiled rich kid, the type Ye Zichen most enjoyed dealing with. 


That kick also saved Ye Zichen the trouble of further provoking Gao Ruilong, and even better, ruined his relationship with Cai Renfei.


Cai Renfei wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, got to his feet, and left without even looking back.


There was no need to stand by this sort of person!


If Gao Ruilong wanted to bump heads with Ye Zichen, let him! He’d regret it before too long! As for that kick and those insults, I’ll get you back sooner or later.


“Scum.” Even though Cai Renfei had already left, Gao Ruilong paused to curse him before narrowing his eyes at Ye Zichen and snorting, “You’re Ye Zichen?”

“What, are you afraid?” Ye Zichen arched his brows and laughed, “If you’re afraid, leave your left hand behind, then take your followers and get the hell out of here. Get out of my sight and quit interrupting my business!” 


“What a joke! Get him!” Following Gao Ruilong’s shout, all of the sky immortals and immortal kings rushed toward Ye Zichen and his general store.


A dozen or so immortal kinds were attacking in unison! Even in the Sky Great District, this was rare. The onlookers couldn’t help but sweat on Ye Zichen’s behalf. 


“Jiao Qi, teach them a lesson.”“Understood!” Jiao Qi cupped his fists and nodded, then rushed the incoming swarm. Meng Huairong stayed behind to ensure Ye Zichen’s safety.


When they saw that only Jiao Qi was fighting, Gao Ruilong’s subordinates were stunned.


However, they still couldn’t afford to hold back. They immediately readied their strongest attacks and launched them at Jiao Qi.


“Ludicrous.” Jiao Qi took one look at their spiritual techniques and laughed coldly. With a single twist of his body, he split into countless clones.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


His afterimages swept by. By the time his duplicates merged back into his body, all of those sky immortal and immortal kings were lying on the ground covered in blood. This all happened so quickly, no one could had seen his movements clearly.


“Master, we’ve already dealt with them.”


“What do you mean you’ve ‘dealt with them?” asked Ye ZIchen, glancing pointedly at Gao Ruilong. “Isn’t he still left?”


Jiao Qi immediately appeared by the young master’s side and stomped him to the ground. 


Ye Zichen glanced at Chi Mei. “Which hand did he touch you with?”


Chi Mei still had yet to process what had happened or recover from her astonishment. When she heard Ye Zichen’s question, she instinctively replied, “His left hand.” 


“You heard her! It was both hands, so chop them both off,” said Ye Zichen. 


“No, it….” Chi Mei was stunned. She’d clearly said…… but before she could explain herself, Ye Zichen’s expression darkened as she commanded, “Do it!”

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