Chapter 1116 - The Gao Family


“Out with it,” said the youth impatiently.


The immortal king glanced at him, then replied, “This storefront used to belong to the Skyspan Trading Company, but half a year ago a man called Grandmaster appeared out of nowhere, bought up this building, and turned it into a general store.”


When he heard that, the youth looked askance at the immortal king and sneered, “Grandmaster Ye?”


“That’s right. This Grandmaster Ye is supposedly a rank ten or possibly even eleven pull refiner. Every so often he refines batches of immortal king pills here. Although they’re relatively expensive….. He has a one hundred percent success rate.”


Afterwards, the immortal king continued, “Young Master, pill refiners are like hornets’ nests, especially high-level ones. There are undoubtedly numerous mighty warriors by his side, and many more eager for him to owe them a favor. We…. Don’t you think we should…..”


“Should we what? He’s just a pill refiner, isn’t he? Do you really think my Gao Family is afraid of him? Rank Eleven? Even if he was rank twelve, I’d still tear down this shop of his!”


Right at that moment, the kneeling sky immortal human chair’s arms relaxed inexplicably.


The youth sitting on his back couldn’t react in time; he fell right onto the ground. When the sky immortal saw this, he hurriedly bowed and repeatedly kowtowed in a desperate attempt to plead for mercy. After his subordinates helped him to his feet, the youth frowned and kicked his human chair.


“You worthless dog. You can’t even serve as a proper chair! What are you even good for?”


A longsword suddenly appeared in the youth’s hands. It was completely blue, and emanated a faint chill. It was clear that this was no ordinary weapon. 


When he saw the youth raise his sword, the sky immortal begged even more desperately, but the youth paid him no heed. He raised the sword and swung, releasing a beam of light…..




Just as the blade was about to cleave the sky immortal’s neck, a stone hit the blade, knocking it aside. The force of the blow sent it flying from the youth’s hands and clattering to the ground. 


“You’re seeking death!”


The youth grabbed his sword arm and shouted. Just that brief strike sent tremors throughout his arm.

“You’ve really got quite the temper. I don’t care how you discipline your servants, but this is my store. Blood in my store is bad luck, isn’t it?” Still dressed in white robes, Ye Zichen emerged from his store. As soon as he stepped outside, all of the gathered attendants bowed to him.




Ye Zichen nodded to them, then looked at the youth for the first time. 


He looked around twenty, and was over six feet tall. He was clad in glittering purple robes inscribed with quite a few spiritual formations.。


His cheeks were prominent, his nose hooked, and his lips thick. When Ye Zichen glanced at his hands, he saw no calluses on his dominant right hand. It seemed like he rarely used his weapon. His left hand was covered in bandages, and his middle and index fingers were much shorter than usual. There were traces of blood on their tips; obviously, he’d lost the ends of those fingers not long ago.


Before long….


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but glance at Chi Mei. She hadn’t chopped this young master’s fingers off, had she?


He looked back at the youth and his attendants. They were all sky immortals. This silkpants was clearly at a much higher level than any of the ones he’d encountered in the Mortal and Profound Great Districts. There were even a few immortal kings mixed in with his subordinates, and the one standing right beside him had already undergone tribulation and was on the verge of condensing his core becoming a supreme. 


“That troublemaker.” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. Chi Mei was really nothing but trouble. He’d already made up his mind that as soon as he resolved this issue, he’d send her packing.


The next moment, he took a few steps outside, then greeted the youth. “My apologies, but I’m uncertain of what I’ve done to offend you so much that you’d surround my humble store so thoroughly. As they say, peace brings prosperity. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know and I’ll be sure to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.” 


“You….. you own this place?” snorted the youth.


“That’s right,” nodded Ye Zichen amiably.


“Looks like someone’s putting on airs.” The youth left him no face at all. The heavenly yao of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda wanted to avenge the insult, especially Meng Huairong. If not for Jiao Qi holding her back, she would have already sent this snooty young master flying. 


When they saw that Ye Zichen’s subordinates were about to make a move, the youth’s attendants stepped forward as well.


The crowd of onlookers grew increasingly large. From his attendants, it was clear that this was no ordinary family’s young master, but Grandmaster Ye was no ordinary person either. It was hard to say who’d win if they came to blows. 


“Everyone, step back.” Ye Zichen barked an order. Although the youth’s words irritated him, he maintained a smile as he responded, “I’ll take that as a compliment. Might I ask your name, Young Master? As well as your purpose for coming here?” 


“Well, you certainly know how to act humble,” laughed the youth wantonly. “Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m Gao Ruilong, a direct descendant of Qilin City’s Gao Family. Your performance has pleased me, so I won’t make trouble for you. Is that wench behind you your woman? How about this? Give her to me, and I’ll just take her and leave.” 




The onlookers gasped. There were only a few peak-level factions in the Sky Great District, but the most respected, awe-inspiring weren’t organizations, but rather family clans…..


Gao! Cui! Situ!


From the outside, it might seem like these were ordinary family clans, but everyone in the Seventy-Two Districts knew that these were branches of families from the Divine Mountains. 


Any family from the Divine Mountains was a transcendent existence that no one in the Seventy-Two Districts dared offend!


“Oh, so you’re from the Gao Family. I apologize for my rudeness.”


Ye Zichen had been in Ice Blue City for a while, so he knew a little about the Gao Family. For instance, he knew that they were from the Divine Mountain. 


To tell the truth, that didn’t mean much to Ye Zichen. It wasn’t worth making a fuss over. 


But even so, it was still best to give him some face. 


Gao Ruilong was quite pleased with Ye Zichen’s performance, but just as he was thinking to himself that this brat knew his place, he heard Ye Zichen say, “Might I ask how this humble pill refiner offended the young master of the Gao Family? I see that you’re missing two figures, but surely my wife wasn’t responsible?” 


Ye Zichen laughed, then frowned at Chi Mei. “It wasn’t you, was it?” 


“It was,” said Chi Mei pitifully. “Husband, you don’t know this yet, but this young master teased and tormented me. He even wanted to grab me…… So I… I was angry, so I……”


“Nonsense!” When Ye Zichen heard that, he shockingly exploded in fury. Gao Ruilong, meanwhile, still seemed to be enjoying the show. He could already imagine what he’d do to that wench when he got his hands on her.


So long as he caught her, hmph…..


But just as he was lost in thought, Ye Zichen spoke once more. “Despite everything he did, you only cut off two fingers? If he dared bully you, you oughta beat him to death! Why didn't you take a whole hand? You only took a couple of fingers then came here crying to me…. How embarrassing! Now then….. Go on and cut whichever hand he tried to cut you with right off! If you can’t do that, don’t even think of coming back here!”



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