Chapter 1115 - Nothing But Trouble

Chi Mei’s expression didn’t seem the slightest bit faked. She bit her lips as if she’d heard earth-shattering news. Her eye bulged and her breathing grew ragged as she tightly clenched her fists.


Soon, she started pacing back and forth and muttering to herself, “No wonder he was in such a hurry to leave when we finally got out. He even told me that Ye Zichen took all the treasures! That sincere expression of his tricked me!”


When he heard her murmuring, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows and wonder about her relationship with Wu Yi.


They were siblings and descendants of the Five Elements Great Emperor. Was there any need to lie about receiving their ancestor’s inheritance?


However, neither her words nor her expression seemed fake.

“It really frickin’ pisses me off! To gather enough ingredients for the Sea Condensing Pills I sold everything I could possibly spare. I begged and wheedled and just barely scraped it all together but Wu Yi, he….. Argh! It’s utterly infuriating!”


Chi Mei continuously vented her fury. A few times, she was tempted to break things or set them on fire, but perhaps out of consideration for her inability to reimburse Ye Zichen’s losses, she refrained. Instead, she bit her lips and paced back and forth.


She slammed her fists into the table, grabbed Ye Zichen’s immortal brew and took a few swigs before finally calming down.


“Next time I see him,” she snorted, “I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!” 


“Are you sure you don’t want to go looking for him right now?”


When she saw how angry she was, Ye Zichen assumed she’d run off and look for Wu Yi right away. To his surprise, she decided to leave it for next time. In that case what does she plan to do first? Surely she doesn’t intend to stay here?


Chi Mei was a menace. Ye Zichen couldn’t relax with her around.


She was nothing but trouble; he didn’t want to spend any more time with her.


“Of course I’m going to go look for him right away, but you haven’t given me the pill yet. What happens if you run away while I’m looking for him? Then if he insists he doesn’t have anything either, haven’t I lost big time?”


Chi Mei replied with all sorts of excuses. Ye Zichen truly didn’t want to get involved with her, so he simply pulled a Sea Condensing Pill from his spatial ring and placed it on the table. 


“Here! A Sea Condensing Pill for you! Now hurry up and settle the score with Wu Yi! You absolutely mustn't delay!” Before Ye Zichen even finished his sentence he saw a breeze sweep by and the pill disappear without a trace. Chi Mei, meanwhile, opened the medicine bottle to examine it. In truth, this wasn’t just her; any immortal king who’d just received a Sea Condensing Pill would react in much the same way.


She carefully sensed its medicinal effect, then immediately put the lid back on and tightened it for fear that its medicinal properties would disperse into the air and lower its effectiveness. 


 “Sweetie, you’re just awful! If you had finished Sea Condensing Pills on hand, why did you demand all that stuff from me? I suffered a lot to gather up all those ingredients. Why didn’t you tell me you already had a finished product! I could have repaid you in all sorts of other ways!” 


As she spoke, she batted her eyes demurely and coquettishly. 


Ye Zichen really didn’t know how to handle this sort of woman. He rolled his eyes at her, speechless, then frowned. “Quit spouting all that nonsense. I already gave you your pill, so hurry up and leave.” 


“Do you really hate me that much?” said Chi Mei pitifully, her watery eyes filled with hurt. It really ached to see her exquisite face scrunched up with sadness and a little pout.


But Ye Zichen knew just what kind of person Chi Mei was, so there was absolutely no way he’d fall for her schemes. He nodded noncommittally and smiled coolly, “Yes, that’s exactly how much I dislike you.”


“Is that so?” Women really changed their tone quickly. Chi Mei was completely different from a moment ago. The instant Ye Zichen spoke, her expression darkened, and she laughed coldly, “If you hadn’t said that, I would’ve felt a little guilty, but since you did… .well, you deserve this.”


Ye Zichen instantly realized that something was wrong. He looked right at Chi Mei and asked,“What are you trying to say?”


“Nothing,” sneered Chi Mei. “It’s just that before I came here, I caused a bit of trouble for someone, and it seems like he’s rather influential in the Sky Great District. But I’m just a weak woman. How could I possibly defeat him myself? I had no choice but to say I was your wife and that if he had the guts, he could come looking for me in Ice Blue City. Given the time, he’s most likely arrived by now.”


Chi Mei’s expression was playful, and her eyes seemed to say…… How dare you bully me! I’ll teach you a lesson!


He just knew she was trouble! Before Ye Zichen could even speak, he heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside the door. 


It seems he’d fallen for her scheme.


Thud! Thud! Thud!


“Come in,” he said softly. The door swung open. Jiao Qi stepped inside, scanned both Ye Zichen and Chi Mei, and said, “Master, there’s a group outside. They’ve surrounded our general store. Their leader is currently shouting all kinds of nasty things. The others want to go teach them a lesson, but I stopped them so I could report to you first.”


“Chi Mei, you…. Not bad.” He glared at her. Anyone who dared surround Ye Zichen’s general store in Ice Blue City had to be extraordinary. It didn’t matter whether they knew Ye Zichen’s strength or not; just owning such a building proved that Ye Zichen was extraordinary. 


Even so, they still dared surround him. They were obviously high-status figures even within the Sky Great District.


Back when Ye Zichen was living in seclusion in Raging Flame City, Chi Mei had almost ruined everything by dragging him into the Five Elements Great Emperor’s mausoleum. Now he was happily gathering intelligence in Ice Blue City and she’d come to make trouble for him again.


Ye Zichen understood: so long as Chi Mei was around, he’d have no peace.


When she heard Ye Zichen helplessly berate her, Chi Mei shook her head and stuck out her tongue at him. 


Ye Zichen couldn’t be bothered with her. Instead, he turned to Jiao Qi and said, “Go out and take a look.”


“Wait, I’ll go with you,” tittered Chi Mei as she followed after them.


Outside the general store.


A long-haired youth sat before the shop. He was seated atop a “human chair.” Unbelievably, the man acting as his chair was a sky-immortal expert. Remember, although this was the Sky Great District, sky immortals were still elites! Yet now one was acting as another man’s chair. The onlookers couldn’t help but sigh at the youth’s lofty status.


At that moment, a middle-aged man appeared next to the youth. Waves of spiritual energy whirled around him, so strong that he was obviously an immortal king, and a strong one at that.


However, this mighty expert shockingly stooped over and cautiously glanced at the youth. 


The youth sensed someone to his side and arched his brows, but ignored the newcomer.


Although he was an immortal king, the middle-aged man wasn’t displeased with the youth’s behavior. “Young Master,” he said, “I’ve already investigated the man who owns this store.”

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