Chapter 1114 - Chi Mei Shows Up at the Door

Practically the same instant the door burst in, Ye Zichen set down his wineglass, and Meng Huairong shot forth and wrapped her hands around the new arrival’s neck.  


“Ye……” Before this new arrival could even speak, she felt herself surrounded by bloodthirst. She gulped, then shrieked, “Ye Zichen, now you want to kill me? You unfaithful jerk! I went looking for you as soon as I got out, and this is how you treat me? First you abuse me, then you abandon me?”


At around this time, Jiao Qi and the rest of the staff rushed over, their eyes glinting with phosphorus. All of them were visibly furious, with their brows tightly furrowed and their gazes sinister.


However, when they heard this new arrival’s words, they all came to a sudden stop. Only Meng Huairong frowned and said, “Jiao Qi, what are you doing? How could you let someone break into master’s private room?


To her surprise, Jiao Qi just kept on glancing at her meaningfully, but Meng Huairong didn’t get what he was trying to communicate, so she just stared at him blankly.


This new arrival was no ordinary troublemaker.  This was Chi Mei, the woman who’d dragged Ye Zichen into the Five Elements Great Emperor’s mausoleum, and most likely one of the emperor’s descendants. 


Meng Huairong might act cute around Ye Zichen, but don’t forget: she was still an earth supreme expert. Chi Mei had obtained great fortune in the emperor’s tomb and was now an immortal king, but compared to a ninth-stage earth supreme, she was utterly insignificant. They weren’t even close. 


“Huairong, let her go,” sighed Ye Zichen.


Meng Huairong immediately released her. At the same time, Jiao Qi turned to Ye ZIchen, cupped his hands in greeting, and said, “Master, when this girl arrived, she said she was your wife, so we……”


“I understand. You can head back downstairs and return to your own affairs.”  


Even without Jiao Qi’s explanation, Ye Zichen knew what Chi Mei was up to. She’d definitely said they were together. Even if Jiao Qi didn’t fully believe her, he still had to treat her cautiously just in case. Then, the moment he looked away, she’d used fluorescent powder to blind them and dashed  upstairs. 


If it were anyone else, that would seem too far-fetched, but for Chi Mei, anything was possible! 


Jiao Qi respectfully bade farewell and left the room. Ye Zichen turned to Meng  Huairong and said, “Huairong, you should follow them out.” 


“Oh.” She nodded and trailed after  Jiao Qi. 


Ye Zichen shrugged helplessly and said, “There’s really no getting rid of you, is there? I ran all the way here. How did you still find me?”


Against all expectations, Chi Mei through herself at him, wailing. He felt her petite figure trembling in his arms and her tears soak through his clothes. It seemed like she was really crying!


Ye ZIchen couldn’t help but feel a headache coming on. “What is it?”


“You unfaithful jerk! You used me, abused me, and abandoned me! I suffered so much just to find you, only to discover that you….. Have another woman! Have you forgotten our oath to be together forever? Have you forgotten our sincere, passionate love? 




Logically speaking, while Ye Zichen couldn’t claim to have bedded countless women, he’d at least spent time with a lot of girls. Chi Mei was obviously just spouting nonsense without any trace of shame or even pausing to catch her breath. This was his first time encountering such a situation.


An oath to be together forever? 


Sincere, passionate love? 


Had he crossed over into another world? 


He didn’t even bother consoling her. He simply pushed her aside and kept on drinking. In response, she looked at him tearfully and sobbed, “You….. you have to compensate me.”

“What do you want?” Ye Zichen glanced at her coolly, then refilled his wine glass. 


“Hee…. it seems you’ve done rather well for yourself, and your store seems like it does good business. It seems like you aren’t lacking the tiny amount of money I agreed to pay for my medicine, so…. How about…. You give me a Sea Condensing Pill for free?” 


Chi Mei tittered, her face flushed somewhat red, as if she were embarrassed.


“No.” Ye Zichen rejected her flat-out.


“You…. fine. How about this? You can just waive the labor fee, okay? Oi, Ye Zichen, we’ve gone through life and death together, and besides, from the look of things, it doesn’t seem like a few million will make much of a difference to you.” 




“Then you can at least give me a discount, right?”




“Sweetie!” When she saw how cold-blooded Ye Zichen was, she had no choice but to throw a coquettish tantrum. “I had to beg my friends for the three sets of materials. I went to so much trouble…. as for the money, I’m not just dead broke; I’m in debt! Please, just make it a little cheaper! Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to find work in the pleasure districts to repay my debts!


“Okay, go on then. When the time comes, tell me where to find you; I’ll come support you.” Ye Zichen still didn’t seem to care in the slightest. He even coldly lifted his wineglass and took a sip of jade wine. 


Chi Mei’s lips quivered, and her bright eyes blazed as if they were about to shoot flames. She glowered at Ye Zichen, then pulled the three sets of materials and the labor fee she’d promised him from a spatial ring. 


“You’re so cruel!” She slammed the money and ingredients on the table. Ye Zichen looked them over indifferently. When she saw him gather them up without even the slightest carelessness, Chi Mei gnashed her teeth in fury and clenched her fists so tightly, her knuckles popped. “Miser!” 


It’s not like Chi Mei had never been to the Sky Great District before. She knew that every inch of this part of Ice Blue City was worth a fortune. This building alone must have cost over a billion, and that was already a conservative estimate.  


When she got here, she took a look at his wares. Those pills, treasures, and talismans weren’t cheap either!


He was so rich, yet he still demanded her humble savings. It was truly infuriating!


When he saw her unwilling, bitter expression, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but arch his brows and chuckle, “You call me a miser, but aren’t you being awfully petty too? You received the resources of the Five Elements Great  Emperor’s mausoleum. Even if you just count Sea Condensing Pills’ ingredients, I saw at least a few thousand sets. You ought to be even richer than me now, so don’t cry about being poor, okay?” 


“Who obtained those resources? After going inside, I achieved minor success in the flame element, and went from sky immortal to immortal king, that’s all. How could I possibly be richer than you? Don’t talk nonsense. Way I see it, you’re the one who got those resources. When we left, I saw no trace of you, now here you are with such a valuable piece of property….Hmph.”


She glowered at him huffily, and from the look of things, she wasn’t faking it. However, only the three of them had gone inside, and he’d left immediately after obtaining the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. It seemed Chi Mei hadn’t obtained the inheritance either. Didn’t that mean…..


“I really didn’t obtain those resources either, but I did receive a bit of his inheritance. Weren’t those resources sealed so that only the emperor’s descendants could touch them, though? In that case, how could I, an outsider…..?”


“You’re right!”  When Chi Mei heard that, she seemed enlightened. She rose to her feet, her petite frame trembling with fury. She was now even angrier than before. “Wu Yi, I’m impressed. To think you’d dare trick me and keep everything for  yourself!”

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