Chapter 1113 - The Upheaval Gang’s Rapid Growth

A long time passed, but Wei Xingye didn’t respond. Ye Zichen, who was rather anxious, couldn’t help but furrow his brows.


“Is there a problem?” 


When he heard that, Wei Xingye looked pained.


Contacting peak-level yao clans was truly beyond his limits. With his current abilities, he could only interact with ordinary clans. 


Furthermore, the Yao Realm was enormous: at least three times the size of the God Realm. Finding information about the people Ye Zichen mentioned would be as hard as plucking the moon from the night sky.


As for Su Yiyun, who was in the River Styx, well….  There were many great factions in the God Realm, but Styx was the most mysterious of them all; even more so than the liches.


Those “living” in the River Styx were all souls of the departed. Getting information about them? There was only one word to describe it…..




However, the conditions Ye Zichen offered were far too tempting. All he had to do was ascertain his information’s veracity and he’d get a Sea Condensing Pill in return. To him, and to his entire clan, this was an opportunity they couldn’t afford to give up.


Even if it was difficult, he had to give it his best shot. Besides, there was nothing to lose. 


When Wei Xingye made up his mind, he said solemnly, “Grandmaster Ye, the people you’re looking for all belong to peak-level clans. Although I have some ability and status in the Yao Realm, encountering such high-level existences is beyond difficult. I don’t dare make any rash promises about finding all of them. Still, I’ll use every means at my disposal to find information about them.


Wei Xingye thudded his chest and spoke without exaggerating as if telling Ye Zichen to leave everything to him.


He only had so much ability, no more, no less. Grandmaster Ye was obviously no ordinary person. If he exaggerated his skills, it would only make Grandmaster Ye irritated and suspicious. 


In truth, Ye Zichen had also considered his request’s difficulty, and Wei Xingye’s response was within his expectations. “In that case, Boss Wei, I’ll have to trouble you.”

“It’s no problem.” Wei Xingye smiled heartily, but the look in his eyes suggested that he had more to say. 


Ye Zichen naturally understood his meaning. “If you want me to refine you a Sea Condensing Pill, you ought to have learned my rules before coming here.”


“Of course, of course!” Wei Xingye flipped his hand, summoning three sets of pill-refining materials and a spatial ring. He placed all of them onto the table. 


“Here are three sets of ingredients for Sea Condensing Pills as well as your one hundred million labor costs. Please feel free to inspect them, Grandmaster Ye.” 


As he said this, Wei Xingye’s heart ached at the thought of all those resources. The hundred million as only a small matter; he was, after all, still an immortal-king-level expert. Furthermore, he regularly conducted trade with the Yao Realm and did some reselling. His wealth wasn’t quite “astonishing” but he was wealthier than average even for an immortal king. 


No, the real problem was those three sets of ingredients. In order to obtain them, he’d sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears. If the refining failed, he would have lost the equivalent of half his life savings.


Ye Zichen merely took a quick, indifferent look. He didn’t even reach out to take them. Instead, he turned to his servant girl, who gathered them up in his stead.


“Come and get your pill in three days.” With that, Ye Zichen waved his sleeves and addressed the clean-cut Manager Jiao. “See our guest out.” 




“Master, why is Jiao Qi manager while I’m just a servant even though I’m so cute? I’m not convinced!” As soon as Wei Xingye left, Meng Huairong dropped the act. 


That “servant girl” was in truth, none other than one of the three leaders of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s first layer, the blue cloud sparrow Meng Huairong. The manager was another of the leaders, Jiao Qi. 


The immortal kings and sky immortals were busily expanding Upheaval’s influence. Ye Zichen wanted to travel as a solitary cultivator at first, but he couldn’t take Meng Huairong’s coquettish temper tantrums. Helpless, Ye Zichen had no choice but to bring her with him. Then he bought this building from the Skyspan Trading Company and established his general store. 


When he first summoned his earth supreme subordinates, Ye Zichen was somewhat concerned that they’d ascend. He didn’t relax until he called them out and nothing out of the ordinary happened. However, everyone working at his general store, from the manager to the clerks, was an earth supreme. 


If outsiders knew about this, it was hard to even begin to imagine their reaction.


Meng Huairong still pouted irritably. She was a pure-hearted girl. If he really had to describe her, Ye Zichen would have called her “simple and pure.” 


He reached out and patted her little head. He couldn’t help but chuckle, “You don’t get it, do you? Although you’re a servant girl, you’re one who’s by my side every day. In ancient times, the eunuchs by the emperor’s side were higher than many of the nobility. You’re not a eunuch, of course, but the principle is about the same. Jiao Qi and the others have to busy themselves with the general store, but all you have to do is pour my wine. Don’t you think you’ve got it rather good?” 


When she heard this, Meng Huairong batted her eyes. She didn’t quite get what Ye Zichen meant by “eunuchs” and ‘ancient times,” but she still felt that what he was saying made a lot of sense.


Ye Zichen didn’t want to linger on this topic, so he asked, “How has Upheaval been doing lately?” 


“Wei Jie visited a few days ago, but you were in seclusion and Jiao Qi and I didn’t want to disturb you. Lately, Upheaval has grown at a terrifying rate. We have bases in all seventy-two districts, and are spreading out to the land beneath the other Divine Mountains. We have bases in a few major cities of the Sky Great District, too. However, other major factions seem threatened by our rapid growth, so they’re showing signs of forming an alliance against us.” 


As she said that, as astonishingly cold look surfaced on Meng Huairong’s adorable face. “Master, should Jiao Qi and I lead a few of our brothers to beat some sense into them?” 


This sudden change in expression left Ye Zichen somewhat dumbfounded. She’d looked like a cute “girl-next-door” mere moments ago, but now she looked like a murderous witch.


He knocked her on the head, signaling for her to refill his wine glass. 


“How many times do I have to say it? This is a harmonious society; we can’t just go around beating and killing people. Besides, saying such things ruins your good looks. Didn’t I tell you earlier? In the future, you should act cute.”


“But those people don’t know who they’re up against. Wei Jie said….. He knows that our Upheaval gang’s rapid growth is influencing many other people’s profits. He once tried to build relationships with those other gangs and factions, but none of them gave him any face. Disrespecting Wei Jie is equivalent to disrespecting you, master!” Meng Huairong batted her eyes, then snorted indignantly. 


“Then just leave it to Wei Jie. I gave him all those resources and all that manpower; if he can’t even settle a mere seventy-two districts, I’ll be extremely disappointed in him.”


Ye Zichen lightly drummed the table and lifted his glass to his lips, but at that moment, someone kicked down the door….


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