Chapter 1112 - Just Who Is This Guy?


The more he thought about it, the more flustered Wei Xingye felt. Despite himself, beads of sweat appeared on his face. His hands, which were still rubbing his jasper ring, started fidgeting at a much higher rate.


He didn’t think there was anything particularly special about himself, and furthermore, he’d never met this Grandmaster Ye before……


Was it because of someone in his family?


That shouldn’t be the case; he wasn’t from the Northern Divine Mountain’s seventy-two districts. He hailed from the lands beneath the Southern Divine Mountain; he’d only made his way here after countless struggles and setbacks. 


Was it for money?


But if he thought about it, although he did some business, it was trivial compared to Grandmaster Ye’s general store.


Nevermind the rest, just occupying this building was beyond Wei Xingye’s means.


This was the center of Ice Blue City. The resources needed to buy property here would bankrupt this whole family!


So what exactly was this Grandmaster Ye thinking?


“Boss Wei, there’s no need to panic. I called you up here for a reason, but this will only benefit you. This isn’t a crisis.” The white-robed man smiled, indicating that Wei Xingye could relax, then arched his brows.


I heard that your family leaves near the River Styx, and that you frequently cross the river to conduct highly-profitable business?”


When he heard this, Wei Xingye froze. 


When the white-robed man saw this, his gaze shifted. “What is it? You don’t want to say?” 


“If our master asks you a question, you have to answer it. That’s that! Who cares about your paltry trade routes? You’re still trying to hide it? Don’t you want the Sea Condensing Pill?” sneered the servant girl.


“Huairong.” He glared at her. The servant girl pouted her lips at him, but said nothing.


Wei Xingye was the smooth, tactful type, and the Sea Condensing Pill rally was important to him. Although it seemed like that servant girl had spoken out of turn, who knows? Grandmaster Ye might have told her to say that. 


Wei Xingye smiled and replied, “You’re right, Grandmaster Ye. I do indeed have business dealings with the Yao Realm. However, business isn’t particularly good. At most I can conduct trade with ordinary yao clans, but I have no contact with the various divine beast clans.” 


“Of course. The Yao Realm is, after all, on the same level as our God Realm. I’m afraid only existences on the level of the Skyspan Trading Company are in position to conduct business with the divine beast clans. Even so, Boss Ye, conducting business with other clans is proof of your capabilities.” The white-robbed man nodded, and Wei Xingye nodded with him.


“Grandmaster Ye, your compliments are a bit overly generous. I simply rely on my proximity to the River Styx. Since we unified under the God Emperor, our relationship with the Yao Realm has improved, so there are various ways in and out. In truth, it’s not that I’m so capable; anyone could do what I do. It’s hard enough to earn enough to eat. What is it? Grandmaster Ye, are you interested in this sort of business? If so, I can recommend you to a few yao clans.” 


Businessmen were businessmen. No matter the situation, they always cared about their own profit.


Wei Xingye was no exception. Although he knew he was here to ask something of Grandmaster Ye, he couldn’t help but ask. 


“Our master isn’t so poor as to try and steal your trade routes,” snorted the servant girl with a frown.


This time, the white-robed man didn’t stop her; clearly, she’d hit the nail on the head. When he saw Wei Xingye’s awkward smile, he spoke again, “You’re overthinking things, Boss Wei. If I really wanted to take it from you, do you think you could stop me?”


Wei Xingye felt a sudden chill. He suddenly recalled this building; to own such a place, Grandmaster Ye’s wealth was obvious with even a little thought. 


Also, there was something strange about that servant girl. Wei Xingye was a mid-stage immortal king, yet he couldn’t see through her. Grandmaster Ye, on the other hand, was just an immortal king.


Downstairs, he had everything from medicines, to treasures and talismans. There was obviously some major family clan supporting him from behind the scenes. 


If Grandmaster Ye really wanted to steal his business, he feared he truly couldn’t do anything to stop him.


Grandmaster Ye watched Wei Xingye’s expression shift, then smiled indifferently. “It seems you’ve understood!”


“Grandmaster Ye, I dislike beating around the bush. Why did you bring me here? Please enlighten me, “ said Wei Xingye. As he spoke, he cupped his hands in respect. 


“In truth, I called you over because there’s something I wanted to ask you. You’ve done business in the Yao Realm for quite some time. Have you ever heard of a woman named Xia Keke?”


Grandmaster Ye, was, of course, Ye Zichen. He arrived in Ice Blue City half a year ago and bought this building from the Skyspan Trading Company. With the inheritance from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, he no longer needed to refine and sell medicine to fund the resource pit that was his gang.


Instead, he was interested in this place’s flow of information!


Thanks to the Skyspan Trading Company’s influence, people would come here from other regions as well. It wasn’t even strange to see yao walking around. 


This is what appealed to Ye Zichen. He wanted to ask these visitors from other regions if they had the information he wanted. 


Before he arrived, Gu Zichen told him that there was news of Xia Keke in the God Realm. In truth, he’d only half believed it. However, coincidentally, this Wei Xingye made frequent business trips into the Yao Realm. Ye Zichen hoped he could provide him with some useful, but otherwise inaccessible information. 


“Xia Keke?” Wei Xingye frowned. “If she’s a yao surnamed ‘Xia,” she’s definitely a dragon. Grandmaster Ye, I’m afraid you’ve truly overestimated me. Although I have some status in the Yao Realm, I’m nowhere near capable of conducting business with dragons!” 


Indeed, experts could see through things at a glance. 


With nothing but a name, Wei Xingye could discern that Xia Keke was a dragon. From this, it was clear that he really did spend a lot of time in the Yao Realm. Otherwise, he would never have known something like the dragon clan’s surname; most people weren’t privy to that information.


In truth, Ye Zichen’s hopes weren't particularly high, but when he heard that Wei Xingye didn’t know anything, he couldn’t help but feel dejected. 


“You don’t even have access to rumors and hearsay?” 


“Grandmaster Ye, since you’re asking me this, you must know the dragons’ status in the Yao Realm. I only conduct business with ordinary yao clans; I have no contact with divine beasts, much less peak-level clans. Even if it's hearsay, I generally won’t go out of my way for it.” Wei Xingye sighed. When he saw Ye Zichen’s downcast expression, he added, “but if you really need it, I can leave you my contact information. Then when I get back, I can ask around and see if I can find any news of Xia Keke for you.” 


“Alright!” After a moment’s pause, Ye Zichen knit his brows. “It’s not just Xia Keke. There’s also Su Yan, Su Liu’er, and Lu Lu. All of them should be in the Yao Realm. Su Yiyun, too. He ought to be in the River Styx. If you can find news of them and, furthermore, verify its authenticity, I’ll reward you with a Sea Condensing Pill.”


Wei Xingye sat across from Grandmaster Ye, his breathing increasingly rapid. However, he wasn’t excited about the promised reward; instead, he was stunned by the list of people he'd been asked to ask around about. 


In the Yao Realm, some surnames were designated for specific clans. For instance, dragons were surnamed “Xia” while nine-tailed foxes were surnamed “Su.”


Everyone he was looking for belonged to a peak-level yao clan…...


Just who is this Grandmaster Ye!?

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