Chapter 1111 - Grandmaster Ye

 Half a month later.


With Ye Zichen’s support and the Wu Family’s deliberate machinations, Wu Di and Zheng Yunan finally had their happy ending.


However, he only sent congratulatory gifts to their wedding; he didn’t make it there in person. Although Wu Di was sad that his master couldn’t make it, he knew Ye Zichen had many other, more important matters to attend to.


The Wu Family took advantage of the wedding to pass the seat of family head to Wu Di. In order to help his disciple take power as quickly as possible, Ye Zichen tasked four of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s immortal-king-level experts to stay by Wu Di’s side and protect him. 


Meanwhile, at Raging Flame City’s Upheaval gang base.


Ye Zichen’s grand ambitions would all begin here. He took out many of the pagoda’s sky and immortal-king-level heavenly yao. 


However, Ye Zichen feared that Wei Jie and the others weren’t strong enough to convince so many experts to follow them, so Ye Zichen left Lei Zhen as well. He’d take a position as vice gang leader and assist Wei Jie in expanding the gang’s influence. 


In short, with support from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s resources, Upheaval grew at an utterly astonishing rate.


Within just half a year, the Mortal, Profound, Earth, and Sky Great Districts all showed signs of Upheaval’s presence. Even so, their main headquarters was still in Raging Flame City.


The Sky Great District was the strongest of the great districts, and it was far larger than the other three. Within it were countless rival sects. The strongest factions would each claim a single city as their own. 


Ice Blue City.


This was one of the Sky Great District’s most vibrant and prosperous cities, and contained the Skyspan Trading Company’s main headquarters. Furthermore, under their leadership, the city gradually became a locus of trade of the entire seventy-two districts, and even the entire area beneath the Divine Mountains. 


No matter where you were in the city, it was like being in a crowded marketplace…..


The city streets were completely covered in weapon shots, medicine stores, and talisman stands. Countless adventures passed through here to conduct business.


Even more people came from the lands beneath the other divine mountains to buy goods.


It was clear that this was a city of commerce.


In the city’s most flourishing district, where every inch of land was worth a pile of gold, there was a six-story building only one floor shorter than the Skyspan Trading Company’s auction house. It was currently packed with shouting customers.


This store’s decorations were completely unexceptional. In the other parts of town, this wouldn’t mean much, but on this street, all the other stores were grand and luxurious. In comparison, this one looked rather crude. 


Worse, its sign had no design or style. It just looked like a wooden board upon which someone had casually written the words, “general store” in ink. This was the store’s trademark.


However, not even all that could influence this store’s booming business. 


Nobles, high officials, and all sorts of lofty figures flocked here, but none of them dared behave arrogantly. They stood cautiously inside looking at its various products, but they were focused on the stairs. 


They had an ulterior motive. They weren’t here for the various goods on sale. No, there was someone they wanted to see.


Thud thud thud.


Aat that moment, they heard the sound of feet descending the stairs. The guests, who’d been wandering leisurely through the store, immediately looked over and gathered around the stairs.


Among them were countless immortal king and peak sky immortal experts. They all squeezed forward, trying to get closer to the stairs. 


“Everyone, step back,” barked the clear-cut man on the stairs. His body emitted a wave of army and pushed all the gathered immortals back several steps.


They all calmed down. Once the man descended from the stairs, an immortal king piped up, “Manager Jiao, does Grandmaster Ye have any free time today?”


The other honored guests awaited the answer in equally nervous anticipation; all of them were here in hopes of an audience with Grandmaster Ye.


“He does.” The man nodded calmly, then pointed at an unexceptional-looking middle aged man standing in the middle of the crowd.


“Just you this time.”


The man Manager Jiao pointed to was briefly astonished, then overcome with joy.

He was an immortal king, but he was rather inferior compared to the numerous peak immortal kings present. 


He pushed aside those next to him and walked up the clean-cut man’s side. The manager didn't delay; he immediately turned and led this lucky guest up the stairs. 


“Manager Jiao…..” Seeing that they were about to leave, the other distinguished guests pressed forward, but before they could get more than a few steps, the manager forced them back.


“This is no place for you to act presumptuously!” After his angry roar, the other immortal kings went dead silent. The clean-cut man narrowed his eyes and glanced at them once more. “We have numerous treasures here. We might not be able to compete with the Skyspan Trading Company, but we surely have treasures that will be indispensable to your clansmen. Just pick one out, buy it, and head home!”


WIth that, the man led his chosen guest up the stairs.The instant they left, another man  walked over. He was middle-aged and wore an amiable smile on this face. He respectfully greeted their guests, then gestured for them to follow him. 


“Everyone, this way please!”




“We brought him, master.” The clean-cut man stood outside a room on the top floor and bowed deeply. Before long, they heard a noise from within as the door opened automatically. 


Inside, they saw a seated man in white robes. There was a bright-eyed servant girl in simple clothes standing beside him. She held aloft a tray of immortal brew. Whenever the white-robed man drained his glass, she’d refill it for him. 


“Master.” The clean-cut man cupped his hands in greeting, and his boss set down his glass, looked at their guest, and gestured to the seat across from him.


“Take a seat.” The guest did so without hesitation, then heard the white-robed man say, “What should I call you?”

“My name is Wei Xingye,” said the man, grinning. His figure was somewhat uncomfortable-looking: a bit bloated, and his fingers continuously fidgeted with the jasper ring on his finger.


“Boss Wei,” the man nodded, smiled, then looked Wei Xingye over and arched his brows. “Of all the immortal kings and lofty figures here, do you know why I chose you specifically?”

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