Chapter 1110 - Wait For Me

Although there were countless experts in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and, if he took all of them out, he’d have the equivalent of a peak-level faction, this was still the God Realm. It was the gods’ territory, so building a faction entirely with Yao was still somewhat unorthodox. 


Besides, Ye Zichen was the type to see things through. Forming Upheaval was his original plan, and he didn’t want to abandon the gang he’d poured so much effort into just because he’d obtained the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


He wanted to use Upheaval to bring chaos to the stagnant pool of water that was the God Realm.


Of course, since he had access to the pagoda’s yao, he had to use them. Except the supremes, that is. They were currently beneath the Divine Mountains. Ye Zichen feared that, should he let the supremes into the outside world, they’d directly ascend to the Divine Mountains, or perhaps all the way to the Yao Realm.


For safety’s sake, Ye Zichen didn’t employ any of them. Instant, he used immortal-king-level yao and sent them to work for Upheaval. With so many immortal-king-level yao present, who would dare provoke them? 


The entire seventy-two districts would struggle to gather up a thousand immortal kings. 


By now, nevermind the Green Gang, he wouldn’t be afraid if the entire seventy-two districts took up arms against him!


When he considered this, flames blazed in Ye Zichen’s heart. He suddenly recalled the Xiao Family, who controlled the God Ream’s tribulation lightning. 


“Just wait! Sooner or later, I’ll visit you in person and ‘thank’ you properly for all the love you’ve shown me!”


His utterly sinister gaze made the residents of the first layer of the Yao Sealing Pagoda tremble involuntarily. Even the ninth-stage earth supremes, who could see that Ye Zichen was nothing but a peak-level immortal king, felt the very depths of their hearts quiver beneath his icy gaze.


Jiao Qi, Lei Zhen and the others glanced at each other. It seemed their new master wasn’t as simple as they’d first assumed. 


Ye Zichen disregarded the strange looks in their eyes, softened his expression, and smiled amiably at them. “You can follow me out, right?”


“Of course!” As Jiao Qi spoke, Ye ZIchen sensed their urgency and desperation.


They’d already been inside the pagoda for far too long. Jiao Qi, for example, was only a tiny little human-immortal level yao when the Five Elements Great Emperor captured him and threw him inside. By now, he’d already become a peak earth supreme expert.


In here, he was the leader of countless yao. He didn’t have to risk his life in warfare, nor did he worry about food, clothes, and other basic necessities. 


He’d even gotten married and fathered children…… but no matter what, he still longed to return to the outside world once more. 


In particular, he wanted to return to the Yao Realm. After all this time, he was incredibly homesick!


Practically every Yao trapped in here felt the same way; they all wanted to go out.


In the past, the Five Elements Great Emperor trapped them in here, but that was only so they could tend to the garden and refine medicines, talismans, and artifacts. Given his strength, there was no way he’d need such low level heavenly yao to do anything else for him. 


But their new master was different. He was only an immortal king…..


They’d have a chance to see the outside world!


“Great, glad to hear it. I know you must be sick of this place. So long as you give it your all, you’ll all have the opportunity to go outside. How about this? Jiao Qi, you guys stay here for now. I’ll take some immortal-king-level heavenly yao out first. Can you recommend a few?”


When Ye Zichen gave his command, undisguised despondency flashed across Jiao Qi and the other supreme’s faces. 


However, their new master said it himself: in the future, they’d all have chances to leave. Besides, given his current strength, there would definitely come a time when he needed their support. They’d already waited for hundreds of thousands of years, but now, they’d at most have to wait a few years longer. 


By the time Ye Zichen left the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, the sky was already growing dark.


Two stalwart men stood by his side. They were the two bodyguards Jiao Qi had recommended: Zhu Kang and Zhu Tai.


They were brothers at the peak immortal king level, and their true forms were netherworld porcupines.


Netherworld porcupines were a relatively common variety. They could be considered mid-grade divine beasts. Although they didn’t look particularly flexible, when they fought seriously, they could flit about like ghosts.


Furthermore, these two brothers were connected and could communicate telepathically, which let them seize the initiative in battle. That’s why Jiao Qi recommended them.


It’s worth noting that in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, earth supreme level experts were all over the place, yet they immortal kings had been sent out first. This pair of brothers’ hearts were full of vigor and drive; they wanted to strive for vindication and their fellow immortal king’s dignity. 

However, before they could show off, they needed an opportunity. Since leaving the pagoda, their new master hadn’t said a word. The brothers struggled to contain themselves, but they dared not disturb Ye ZIchen. They simply stood to his sides on high alert. 


“It turns out the Wu Family has rather sharp eyes.” 


As soon as he left the tower, Ye Zichen received a message from Wu Di telling him that the family had canceled Zheng Yunan’s arranged marriage.


He could marry Zheng Yunan now. In Wu Di’s eyes, this was naturally a wonderful thing, but he was concerned that his family was just exploiting her again, so he’d yet to respond to their offer. 


His emotions were complicated, so he decided to ask Ye Zichen for advice.


When he saw this news, Ye Zichen laughed, shook his head, and turned to the Zhu brothers. “Let’s go! Follow me back to Raging Flame City.




Raging Flame City’s Hundred Daybreaks Inn.


Even though Ye Zichen wasn’t currently staying there, they’d left his room unoccupied for him.


Ye Zichen sat in the inn’s private dining room sipping immortal brew. Zhu Kang and Zhu Tai stood guard outside, while Wu Di sat across from Ye Zichen in silence. He clenched his glass in one hand, but a long time passed without saying anything.


Wei Jiu and the others had provided him with an endless stream of recovery medicines, so Wu DI’s injuries were just about healed.


All that remained was his broken arm, which was still wrapped in bandages. However, this injury didn’t influence his daily life much.


Furthermore, this disaster had an unexpected silver lining; he was currently right on the threshold of becoming a mid-stage human immortal.


It would most likely be just a few more days until his next breakthrough.


“You called me out here so anxiously. What, did you just want to watch me eat?” Ye Zichen took a sip of wine and smiled playfully at his apprentice. For the most part, Wu Di’s temperament quite appealed to Ye Zichen, but when it came to women, he lost his usual decisiveness. To tell the truth, this was rather similar to Ye ZIchen back when he still lived in the Modern Realm.


After a long while, Wu Di finally set down his glass and knelt on the ground. “Please help me, master.” 


“You’ve always had your eye on Zheng Yunan, and now the Wu Family is willing to let you be together. What do you need my help for?”




“Do you think of her as some kind of commodity?”

Wu Di shook his head.


“In that case, what are you hesitating for?” Ye Zichen pressed his lips into a smile. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll personally lead you to her door to propose.”

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