Chapter 111 Lucy

Chapter 111 – Lucy

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile when he saw Taibai Jinxing’s message.

He could imagine the enraged look of this geezer in the Heavenly Court.

“Taibai Jinxing is talking to you, he seems to be very angry,” Liu Qing sat beside Ye Zichen and stuck out her tongue when she looked over at the screen of the phone.

Of course that geezer is angry.

The Heavenly Court should be like a marketplace right now, it would be weird if he wasn’t.

“Hehehe, don’t be so worked up.”

“Do you know what you’re doing? The Heavenly Court is completely messed up now.”


Taibai Jinxing sent a few photos over, causing Ye Zichen to laugh when he saw it.

Liu Qing, who was on the side, also giggled. These photos were truly too hilarious.

Monkey Bro brought out a bunch of monkeys with his hair, while they all held products that Ye Zichen sent over in a way that seemed like they were calling people over to buy it.

In order to attract attention, Nezha rode his Wind Fire Wheels like he was doing tricks, while Erlang Shen showed off his abs and had his dog wag its head and tail as it held packets of snacks in its mouth.

Yue Lao was even more amazing.

He tied a packet of snacks around his head and yelled out like a peddler in the streets.

“Brat, I’m telling you, you have already severely affected the lives in the Heavenly Court. The Jade Emperor isn’t here right now, if he comes back later…”

“So what?”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. Could the Jade Emperor hit him when he returns?

Perhaps, Ye Zichen just needed to give him a packet of snack in order to turn the Jade Emperor into this fan!

“Geezer Taibai, just tell me exactly what you want. What, do you want to be my spokesperson as well? If you want, then I can give you a spot.”

“Spokesperson my ass.”

It seems like Geezer Taibai was truly angry.

Liu Qing also revealed a worried expression, “He really seems to be angry, shouldn’t you say some good stuff?”

“Ye-zi, what’re you doing? Drink,” Su Yiyun prodded Ye Zichen’s shoulder after seeing him keep on playing with his phone.

“Wait a moment, I have something to deal with here.”

After replying to Su Yiyun, Ye Zichen licked his lips and replied to Taibai Jinxing.

“Great deity Taibai, I have no other choice, I need cultivation experience.”

“If you need cultivation experience, then go into the Underworld’s group to provide information for me. I’ll naturally give you cultivation experience.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but twitch his mouth at the reply.

The heck use was that little.

One Fiery Eyes of Truth needed a million cultivation experience. If he exchanged it with cultivation experience from missions, then god knows when he’ll be able to get it.

“Oh yeah, how is it with you and the Underworld?”

Taibai Jinxing sent another message over. Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and though.

Wouldn’t this old guy beat him to death if he spoke the truth?

But if he lied…

What is he supposed to do if he was found out?

“I’m asking you!”


His temper is really bad.

Liu Qing also worried for Ye Zichen as she looked at the message. Ye Zichen licked his lips and answered forcefully.

“Didn’t get in.”


An old man with white hair nearly throw his phone in anger in a certain dark manor in the Heavenly Court.

He glared at the message on the screen angrily, then finally calmed down after a long time.

“Which step did you get to?”

“Which step…”

Ye Zichen frowned, then answered honestly.

“White Impermanence got a row of Yuxi from me for King Qinguang’s birthday feast as his present. I feel like I can get in very soon.”

“King Qinguang’s birthday feast?”


“Who let the Underworld have birthday feasts!”

Geezer Taibai was angry once more. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel speechless as he looked at the reply.

You’re asking me, but who am I supposed to f*cking ask?

I’m just a mere mortal, were the higher-ups in the Underworld supposed to report to me when they wanted to hold a birthday feast?

“Hurry up to get into the enemy underworld, there are plenty of benefits…”

Taibai Jinxing directly left after saying that, causing Ye Zichen to look at it in consuion.

From this geezer’s words, why does it feel like…

Although Ye Zichen looked calm, his back was already covered in cold sweat when he finally managed to send the geezer away.

Nobody knew what these deities were capable of, if they got into a disagreement and that old thingy was going to descend…

Of course, he didn’t know whether the geezer could descend or not.

But if he really descends and to teach Ye ZIchen a lesson.

He couldn’t deal with the old fellow at all.

“This Taibai Jinxing is so mean,” Liu Qing pouted with a frown, while Ye Zichen raised his head to rub her head, before letting out a long sigh after putting his phone back into his packet.

“It’s dealt with?” At this moment, Su Yiyun also spoke up. He raised his eyebrows and asked after seeing Ye Zichen’s burdened expression, “Do you need help?”

“No need, I can deal with it.” Ye Zichen raised his wine class and toasted Su Yiyun.

At that moment, a long white leg suddenly appeared in the seats on the other side of the booth.

“Hottie, can you buy me a glass of wine?”

Ye Zichen looked up upon hearing that, and couldn’t help but be shocked.

They say that beauties appeared in bars. This wasn’t a lie. If the girl was in Polytechnic University, she would definitely be one of the school beauties.

The girl wore blue jeans and a white tank top that revealed her midriff. However, it was her that did caused the tank to reveal her midriff, since she tied the front part up.

Her hair was wine-red, and she had a lip piercing, causing her to be rather enchanting. However, this was completely different from the air she gave off.

“Buying a drink for the beauty is our pleasure.”

Before Ye Zichen could reply, Su Yiyun directly made space for her.

Since the girl took the chance to sit down, Ye Zichen could only accept it silently, since it wasn’t right to say anything.

“Your friend is truly the same sort of thing as you,” Liu Qing frowned. This caused Ye Zichen to smile.

This girl just liked to pick out his problem, he was already used to it.

“Beauty, I wonder what should we call you?” On the other side, Su Yiyun had already started to chat with the girl.

The girl raised her glass and took a sip with a smile, “You can call me Lucy.”

“Tsk, a western name. She’s clearly nothing good, just a slutty fox,” Liu Qing snorted. Meanwhile, she pulled on Ye Zichen’s clothes and glared at him. “I’m telling you, don’t talk to this kitsune, do you understand?”


“I’m asking you, did you hear me?” Liu Qing was a bit annoyed, so she pouted really hard.

Ye Zichen revealed a playful expression, “Why, I think the girl looks pretty nice, how did she turn into a kitsune?”

“She is because I said she is. You’re screwed if you dare to talk to her,” Liu Qing floated in midair as she put on her had on her waist and looked down upon Ye Zichen.

“Hahaha….” Ye Zichen laughed loudly, causing Su Yiyun and Lucy to be shocked.

“Ye-zi, what are you laughing so idiotically for!”

“Ah, sorry.”

Ye Zichen raised his wine glass with an apologetic smile. When Lucy saw him, her eyebrows instantly twitched.

She fluttered her long eyelashes as if trying to remember something…

“Hey, you, what’s your name?”

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