Chapter 1109 - The First Layer of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s Hoard

As the Five Elements Great Emperor finished speaking, the last wisp of his soul lingering in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda vanished. 


For a long time, Ye Zichen stood there, the emperor’s bleak yet helpless words echoing through his ears.


From the moment the landscape painting recognized him to his master to this discussion inside the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, he’d always felt the desire to avenge the Five Elements Great Emperor. It was clear that he’d fallen to Zhou Wu’s despicable tactics, and that left him with an insatiable desire for revenge. 


He stood in the great hall, but made no move to start contemplating the scrolls the emperor left behind.


He was certain that, should he truly look into the time, it would take up a lot of time. His body was still outside in the ruins of the Axe Gang, so he couldn’t afford to meditate now. He had to keep alert at all times. 


The hall was built like a royal palace, and there was a door right behind the Five Elements Great Emperor’s throne.   


The five elements were carved on its surface. With a single glance, Ye Zichen knew that to open it, he needed to use his Five Elements Power. 


He circulated his Five Elements Power, directing it into his arm, and pushed on the door. The inscribed elemental symbols lit up, one after the other.


With a mighty bag, the door opened. There was no need for Ye Zichen to even push on it.


When he stepped into the palace’s courtyard, he saw countless vibrant immortal herbs and grasses; the garden seemed to stretch on without end. Furthermore, there were quite a few people here carefully tending to the medicinal plants. 


Most of them were sky immortals and immortal kings, but it seemed that there were a few earth supremes among them too. 


Around the edges of the medicine garden were a few rooms:


A pill-refining room.


An artifact-refining room.


And a talisman room. 


Ye Zichen’s sudden appearance stunned all those busy people. The instant they recovered from their shock, they set aside their current task and bowed to Ye Zichen. “Master.”


All of a sudden, over ten thousand sky immortals, immortal kings, and earth supremes were respectfully greeting him as master. Experienced as he was, Ye Zichen was dumbfounded by the sight of it. 


He suddenly recalled what the Five Elements Great Emperor had said to him: that the pagoda contained all the pets he’d captured.


Were all of these people yao?


Ye Zichen inwardly suppressed his astonishment and addressed the crowd, “Who’s in charge here?”


As soon as he asked the question, two men and a woman stepped out of the crowd.


Although the three of them weren’t particularly showing off their aura, he could still sense their powerful fluctuations of divine energy. Even Ye Zichen felt a faint sense of pressure before them.


“Your subordinate is called Jiao Qi. I am the leader of the first layer of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. My true form is a Blazing Leopard, and I’m a ninth stage earth supreme. These two are Lei Zhn and Meng Huairong. They are, respectively, a Black Tiger and a Blue Cloud Sparrow. They are ninth-stage earth supremes as well, and they serve as my assistants.”


The speaker was a competent-looking youth. When he mentioned the other two, Ye Zichen glanced at them as well.


Lei Zhen was tall and strong, but his eyes glinted with fierce light. When he sensed Ye Zichen’s gaze, he deliberately softened his expression, smiled, and nodded back at him.


The Blue Cloud Sparrow smiled sweetly at Ye Zichen. She was pretty and petite to begin with. Add that to a sweet smile, and she looked like a classic “girl next door” type, the type guys naturally wanted to protect.


Yet cute and sweet as she looked, she was a ninth-stage sky supreme and a vice-commander of the first layer of the Yao-Sealing Tower.


The people of the Divine Mountains were divided into Earth Supremes, Sky Supremes, Diviners, and Rulers……


All four of these levels were divided into nine smaller stages. The three people in front of him, for instance, were at the ninth stage. One more breakthrough and they’d become sky supremes. 


Ninth-stage earth supremes!


When he heard how strong they were, Ye Zichen’s heart thudded in his chest. The Five Elements Great Emperor really lived up to his reputation as a peak-level expert of the God Realm. “Pets” he captured at random were already earth-supreme-level experts!


This was still just the first layer, but it already had earth supreme experts.


According to the Divine Mountains’ four power levels, it seemed likely that the second floor would have sky supremes, the third would have diviners, and the fourth…. rulers!


Rulers stood at the peak of the God Realm. Any ruler was an existence powerful enough thaat even a casual motion would shake the Divine Mountains.


If the Five Elements Emperor had caught ruler-level yao too….


Ye Zichen didn’t even dare imagine what that would be like!


However, Jiao Qi’s introduction still hadn’t finished. 


“There are over seven hundred earth supremes, five thousand immortal kings, and countless sky immortals. Of them, there are over four hundred pill refiners, including fifteen at rank nine or higher. There are over two hundred and seventy artifact refiners, including twelve at rank nine or higher. There are over five hundred and twenty talisman masters, including six at rank nine or higher. This is actually just the first floor, so true experts are comparatively rare. If you can open the door to the second layer, you’ll see more of them. I heard that there are even ruler-level experts living on the fourth floor!” 




Ye Zichen’s mind blanked. Pill refiners, artifact refiners, and talisman masters were all rare in the God Realm, yet in the Yao-Sealing Tower, they were calculated by the hundreds?


There were over seven hundred earth supreme level experts…...


There was a fourth floor too. Had the Five Elements Great Emperor really captured rulers too?


Ruler-level yao ought to be considered Yao Emperors. How on earth had he managed it? 


He was so shocked, a long time passed before he calmed himself down. However, when they recalled that they’d addressed him as “master,” he decided he had to establish his status. He decided to ask a question at random.


“What have you been doing in here?” Ye Zichen asked, arching his brows.


“The former master placed us inside and ordered us to look after the medicine garden while refining artifacts, pills, and spiritual talismans. We’ve followed his commands to the letter for the past tens of thousands of years. We haven’t dared slack off, not even in the slightest,” said Jiao Qi.


Holy freakin' sh*t!


How could he calm down now? Nevermind Ye Zichen, even if a supreme, diviner, or heck, even a ruler were here, their hearts would be racing too!


Hundreds of thousands of years!


This Yao-Sealing Tower had existed for hundreds of thousands of years! Furthermore, its inhabitants had been working hard that whole time, producing an endless stream of pills, artifacts, and talismans. 


What kind of wealth was this?


Furthermore, this was just the first floor. There was still second, third, and fourth floor. They’d been building up resources for hundreds of thousands of years as well!    


No wonder the Five Elements Great Emperor said that, without the pagoda, his clan would struggle to reach the peak. If he opened all four levels, the resources weree comparable to peak-level family clan’s entire stash!


And a peak-level clan with hundreds of thousands of years of accumulated resources at that!


With this kind of hoard, what was the God Emperor? 


With this kind of treasure trove in hand, nevermind the God Emperor; Ye Zichen was confident he could even beat the God Emperor’s daddy up.


The God Emperor? Feh!


However, he couldn’t get too far ahead of himself. No matter how vast the Yao-Sealing Tower’s treasure trove, he only had access to the tip of the iceberg. 


It was better to play everything safe.


That said, with this type of vast hoard, he could accomplish quite a bit…...


For instance, making his Upheaval into a peak-level faction of the seventy-two districts!

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