Chapter 1107 - Opening the Yao-Sealing Pagoda

A peak-level faction like the Axe Gang had been obliterated just like that. This event was like a bomb; its aftermath shook the entire Profound Great District. 


Soon, the entire Profound Great District had heard about this. Moreover, they’d investigated thoroughly, and knew the inside scoop. 


According to rumor, the Axe Gang had captured the Wu Family’s qilin son, Wu Di, and in response, his master annihilated the entire Axe Gang single-handedly. Everyone in the Profound Great District, and many in the other districts, knew that the Axe Gang worked beneath the Green Gang. The other clans and factions were all waiting for the Green Gang to assassinate Ye Zichen. 


However, before long, half a month had passed, but the Green Gang simply let it slide; they made no movements at all.


Their inaction spoke volumes about Ye Zichen’s nigh unlimited power. His name spread far and wide. Soon, everyone beneath the Divine Mountains had heard of him.


Practically every clan and faction in the seventy-two districts now saw Ye Zichen as someone they couldn’t afford to offend. Among them, the Profound Great District’s Cai Family’s situation was the most uncomfortable.


It was like their house sprung a leak just in time for the rainy season; just one thing after another. 


Back at the Wu Family’s grand competition, Cai Tong had once attempted to have Wu Di killed. Now, Ye Zichen had revealed his immortal-king level strength and obliterated the Axe Gang.  This wasn’t just dangerous to Cai Tong and the other higher-ups; they feared that Ye Zichen’s wrath would spread to the entire family clan. 


And just now…..


Someone from the Wu Family had come to cancel the wedding and break their families’ marriage alliance!


“That Wu Family is really over the line. Back in Raging Flame City, when they were in a tight spot, they begged us for a marriage alliance, but now they’re flat-out canceling it? For the woman’s family to cancel a marriage is an obvious affront to our Cai Family’s reputation.” 


A few elders of the Cai Family were furious, including the Cai Family head, who glowered hatefully at the front door to their estate.


Just now, the messenger from the Wu Family, who’d announced the cancellation, had left through that gate.


He pointed to the letter preemptively annulling the marriage, which lay on a stone table. Although Wu Wenguang wrote humbly, and although he explained his difficult circumstances, and acknowledged that his behavior was shameless and detestable….




Breaking a marriage alliance was still breaking a marriage alliance!


The surrounding elders were still busily criticizing the Wu Family’s behavior when a fireball lit in the family head’s palm.


It was so hot, it seemed as if it could melt a person. The surrounding elders took a few steps backward just to be safe.


The next moment, they saw the family head slam his fist onto the stone table.


That letter was from the Wu Family and contained their request to cancel the marriage. With a single swing of his fist, the family head, Cai Nan, burnt that mark of the Cai Family’s shame to ashes. He attacked so viciously, his fist left an imprint on the table.  


The elders were utterly silent. Although the family head hadn’t said anything, they could still sense his intense fury.


“There’s no need to discuss this matter any further. They had to choose between our Cai Family and an immortal king. In their shoes, I would have done the same thing.” 


Just how lofty was an immortal king’s status in the seventy-two districts? Any family would want an immortal king’s backing! If they obtained it, they’d undergo a radical transformation, like a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate.


The Wu Family really had no choice; Cai Nan understood that.


Even if the Wu Family really wanted to back out of the marriage, they ought to have at least discussed it with the Cai Family first. Cai Nan thought himself an understanding, flexible sort. If the Wu Family wanted to cling to an immortal king for support, he could accept breaking the marriage alliance. 


But what the Wu Family had done showed concern only for that immortal king….


They wanted to exploit the Cai Family to draw closer to an immortal king. This…. Cai Nan couldn’t tolerate it.


With that, Cai Nan narrowed his eyes, looked ahead, and said, “Have Renfei and the other youths stay with Li Lu for a while.”


When the elders heard that, they froze, stunned. Li Lu was Cai Nan’s ex-wife.


Shortly after Cai Renfei’s birth, Cai Nan split up with Li Lu on account of marital disharmony. However, less than half a month later, she married into the Sky Great District’s Gao Family. 


This matter didn’t just shake the Cai Family; it was a major scandal throughout the Profound Great District. 


Cai Nan had gone into seclusion for years afterward. After leaving, he’d become an earth immortal, and he ordered the clan to never, ever bring up Li Lu’s name. 


In the past twenty years or so, Cai Renfei had never once seen his mother.


But now Cai Nan wanted to send Cai Renfei to Li Lu? The elders couldn’t help but ask, “Family Head, this…”


“I’ve already decided. I fully understand Li Lu’s way of doing things. Although we’ve never reconciled, she can’t possibly disregard Renfei’s safety. For his sake, letting a few members of our younger generation live with her is nothing. Go on then, don’t dilly-dally.” 


With that, Cai Nan furrowed his brows and returned to his quarters, but in his heart, he couldn’t help but sigh. “In the end, I still had to beg you for help!


Every faction took action. This was all because Ye Zichen eliminated the Axe Gang, yet the Green Gang did nothing. Countless people were moving on account of Ye Zichen, but the man himself was currently sitting in the Axe Gang’s former territory and staring at the Yao-Sealing Pagoda he’d obtained from the Five Elements Great Emperor’s mausoleum. 


Wei Jie and the others had already returned to the Mortal Great District to rebuild Upheaval, and Wu Di had gone back to recover from his injuries.


Ye Zichen had stayed behind by himself primarily out of concern that the Green Gang would send someone over. If that happened, he’d end this once and for all.


But he’d already waited half a month and had yet to see any sign of them. Bored, Ye ZIchen recalled the treasure pagoda he’d obtained earlier.


It was only about the size of his palm and was pitch-black from top to bottom. Its top was even flecked with rust.   


From the outside, there was nothing particularly special about it. However, as he was hunting the Axe Gang members, he sensed an unusual fluctuation from it.


Drops of blood.


Infusing spiritual power.


He tried all the usual ways of making treasures recognize their owners, but the pagoda didn’t react or acknowledge him in the slightest.  


Ye Zichen sat cross-legged on the ground. He held up the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and muttered to himself, “Weird.” 


There had to be something special about this Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been placed with the other ultimate treasures. Besides, just a few days ago, he’d sensed something unusual emanating from it.


Logically speaking, he’d already tried every way of getting the tower to recognize him but he’d yet to successfully form any sort of connection with it. 


“I made up my mind to take a supreme treasure, but I can’t even use it. That Five Elements Great Emperor really likes playing tricks on people, doesn't he? He ought to have at least left instructions, right?!”


He fidgeted with the tower for a while. Then, suddenly, he had a burst of inspiration. 


Perhaps, if he wanted to unlock the pagoda, he needed to use the complete power of the Five Elements…...


Ye Zichen didn’t hesitate any longer. He’d already wasted far too much time on the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. If this didn’t work, he was prepared to just give up on it. 


He held it in his palms and poured a non-stop stream of the Power of the Five Elements into the pagoda. When all five elements entered the pagoda, it suddenly lit up. The next moment….


There was a massive bang. Ye Zicheen felt as if the tower were swallowing up his mind and soul.


Then, an extremely low voice murmured right into his ear, “Is it you?” 

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