Chapter 1106 - Everyone’s Tendencies

Little did they know that, the instant Jin Anlan perished, the Sky Great District’s Green Gang exploded nto uproar. 


Jin Anlan had only broken through to peak sky immortal half a month ago. The plan was for him to come to the green gang in three months and take up a position as deacon of outside affairs. 


A few days ago, however, they received another message: Jin Anlan broke through to immortal king. 


To the Green Gang, a peak sky immortal didn’t amount to much. Some people were stuck at that level their entire lives without ever taking that final step to become immortal kings. However, after he broke through, everything changed; an immortal king was an important figure, no matter the faction. 


The Green Gang was no exception. 


When Jin Anlan broke through a second time, the Green Gang decided to promote him to deacon of internal affairs. This was no minor position.


However, just now, the man responsible for the spirit tablet room told them…..


Jin Anlan’s spirit tablet shattered!


No immortal kings had perished in the seventy two districts in over a thousand years. As soon as word got out, it sent ripples throughout the green gang. 


Numerous sect members couldn’t help but wonder just who had the gall to kill an immortal king.


And one of their Green Gang’s immortal kings at that!


The Green Gang’s elders didn’t hesitate; they immediately reported this matter to the gang leader.


Within their meeting hall.


Six dragon pillars held up the room. A dozen or so higher-ups of the Green Gang stood in its center. They were all here on account of Jin Anlan’s death. A middle-aged man sat upright in the foremost seat.


Alright. I understand what you’re trying to say,” said the man. 


“Boss,” his subordinates immediately chimed in, “how do you want to handle Jin Anlan’s death?”

“What is there to do? He’s already dead. In the future, no one is to bring up this matter. There’s no need to concern ourselves with the Axe Gang we established outside either.”


When they heard his response, the others in the hall were completely stunned. An immortal king had died and they were just going to leave it at that? They were just going to forget about the faction they’d established?


It’s important to note that the Green Gang had reached its current heights in large part due to the resources the Axe Gang provided.





The other higher-ups wanted to object, but their leader roared. His presence, cultivated over years of leadership, filled the room and bore down on them. Soon, no one dared speak.  


“Jin Anlan was an immortal king. If someone killed him, isn’t the murderer an immortal king too? No matter who it was, every immortal king has to be taken seriously. Do you really think we should go make trouble for an unknown immortal king? How stupid are you? Enough. This matter ends here. Going forward, no one is allowed to waste manpower or resources investigating this. Let’s keep Jin Anlan’s death to ourselves. That’s all. Go on, then!”

“Yes, sir.” 


The crowd cautiously left the meeting room. Once they’d all left, the gang leader hurriedly erased his overbearing expression, stood, and bowed to the curtains behind him. “Your Excellency, are these arrangements pleasing to you?”


“Pleasing? That depends.” Before long, a woman’s voice passed through the curtain. You performed well this time, but I’d just hate it if, after I left, you act willfully again.


“I wouldn’t dare,” said the gang leader with an obsequious smile. 


If outsiders saw this, their jaws would absolutely drop. The leader of the Green Gang was a renowned figure throughout the seventy-two districts.


He was an immortal king, and he wielded a demigod artifact. It was rare for him to encounter a worthy opponent in the seventy-two districts.


Furthermore, the Green Gang was a peak-level faction in the Sky Great  District. Other factions would have to team up if they hoped to oppose them. 


Yet this kind of existence was now behaving with the utmost caution, and even smiling subserviently!


“If Ye Zichen makes it to the Sky Great District, remember….. Lend him a hand.”


“This humble one shall obey.”


With a flash of light, the person behind the curtain disappeared. The leader of the Green Gang  maintained his bow long after she left. A full hour later, he finally sighed, returned to his chair and gazed ahead intently.


“Jin Anlan, your death was not unjust.” 




The Axe Gang, a peak-level power of the Profound Great District, had been obliterated. This news spread rapidly. In just a few days, everyone in the Profound Great District, and even the Earth and Sky Districts, knew all about it. 


After this battle, Ye Zichen’s name spread as well. Numerous factions of the Sky Great District snt people looking for him in hopes of recruiting him to their side.


Back in the Mortal Great District, word eventually got out that the Wu Family’s qilin son had been captured by the Axe Gang.


When Wu Wenguang heard this news, he immediately hurried back to the Wu Family estates. When he learned that the great elder was responsible, he couldn’t help but curse him for his senility, then tell him that Ye Zichen had single-handedly obliterated the Axe Gang.


When they heard this news, everyone in the Wu Family was utterly terrified; they worried that they’d become the next Axe Gang.


Wu Wenguang currently sat, frowning, upon the family head’s seat in the clan’s great hall. Practically every higher-ranked member of the Wu Family was present.  


The great elder, Wu Honghua, sat in a chair and hung his head like a criminal. He couldn’t deny that it was his decision and his behavior that brought the entire Wu Family to the brink of absolute calamity. 


“Family Head, Little Di is still Senior Ye’s apprentice. For his sake, Senior Ye won’t harm our family, right? Even if the great elder’s behavior offended him, he was doing it for the sake of the family. He had no other choice!”


“That’s right! So long as Little Di pleads for mercy on our behalf, who knows? We might even change our fates for the better!”


The clan’s higher-ups all chimed in at once, but Wu Wenguang didn’t take any of it in. Everything they were saying was built on the assumption that Wu Di would speak up for them, but would he really do so?


The Wu Family had always treated Wu Di quite harshly. Even that was putting it lightly; they’d practically ousted him from the family. 


Wu Di had become their qilin son and they’d transferred his mother’s memorial tablet to the ancestral hall. That improved his relationship with the clan somewhat, but the knot in his heart hadn’t necessarily come undone.


“It’s all your fault!” He glowered hatefully at Li Na. If her Li Family hadn’t been so extreme, he wouldn’t have such a headache now.


Li Na gnashed her teeth in response, but she didn’t dare object. After learning that Ye Zichen was an immortal king, her entire Li Family was terrified.


After all, it was her Li Family who’d always antagonized Wu Di.


“Right now, there’s only one way to save our family.” After a long, thoughtful pause, Wu Wenguang looked over the crowd and said, “we have to cancel our marriage alliance with the Cai Family and let Yunan and Wu Di get married.”




Everyone in the great hall was astonished. One even objected, “Family Head, we’ve already offended Senior Ye. If we cancel the marriage alliance now, won’t we offend the Cai Family too?”


“You fool!” Wu Wenguang glared at the dissenter. “No matter how strong the Cai Family is, do they have an immortal king? So long as Wu Di becomes a true member of our Wu Family, we’ll have Senior Ye’s terrifying strength behind us. Will the Cai Family dare attack us then? This matter is already settled. In a little while, I’ll send someone to deliver a message to the Cai Family and cancel the wedding!”


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