Chapter 1105 - The Axe Gang’s Annihilation

He swung his immortal blade. A streak of golden sword light crashed into the ground with a bang,  forming a crevasse several meters deep in front of Jin Anlan.


A dark cloud suddenly appeared overhead, blotting out the skies.  


The collision of two immortal king auras made the atmosphere incomparably tense. Thunder rumbled through the cloud, making the immortals living in the city below feel as if the end of the world had come. 


Terror and uncertainty……


The mere entering immortal and human immortal spectators trembled from head to toe as they watched the two immortal kings fight. Even the earth immortals looked up at the ever-changing skies, their expressions grave.


The city lord sent guards throughout the city, and the city lord himself bore the brunt of it as he stood above his home….


Two clashing immortal kings would bring lethal devastation to his city. They couldn’t stop these two mighty experts from fighting, so all they could do was give their all to minimize the resulting damage.


When Ye Zichen said that he was an immortal king too, his bound allies, whether it was Wu Di or Wei Jie and the Upheaval gang members, were visibly stunned. 


  He was so young, yet he had such heaven-defying talent as a pill refiner, and now he was an immortal king, too? 


A few of the human immortals couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. If they compared themselves to Ye Zichen, it seemed they’d lived in vain. At the same time, however, they rejoiced; they were honored to serve such an incredible figure. 


“You have to win!” Wu Di and the others gnashed their teeth and murmured to themselves. Little did they know, when the remaining Axe Gang Members realized that Ye Zichen’s aura was as strong as Jin Anlan’s, or possibly stronger, their hearts were completely on edge too. They clenched their fists and prayed inwardly for their leader’s success. 


“You…. not bad.” Even though Jin Anlan was still blind with fury over Huang Aogu’s death, when he felt Ye Zichen’s imposing presence and saw the might of his sword attack, he calmed down somewhat. He had to admit that, although Ye Zichen looked younger than him by far, he had to take him seriously. 


His contemptuous expression faded without a trace. He now saw Ye Zichen as a true adversary. 


“I’ve always been like this.”  In response to Jin Anlan’s praise, Ye Zichen simply smiled indifferently.


Then, suddenly, Jin Anlan let out a wantonly arrogant roar. “But you still have to die!” With that, the air around him crackled with boundless electricity. 


The electricity shot directly into the sky, connecting with its heavenly lightning. Instantly, thunder rumbled throughout the sky. 


Jin Anlan’s hair turned silver, and the clothes on his upper body exploded. His tight, compact muscles brimmed with explosive power. He was like a vicious, primordial beast just before it attacked as he fixed his gaze right on Ye Zichen.  “No immortal king has fallen in the seventy-two districts in a thousand years. You…. will be the first in a long time. I’ll sacrifice your soul in Aogu’s honor.” 




Countless bolts of electricity struck the world below. Jin Anlan was like a beast formed of pure lightning; his entire body crackled and glowed with electricity. 


With a massive boom, even more heavenly lightning came crashing down from above. It was like the end of the world. 


At the same time, the city guards, who’d already spread throughout the city, shouted gravely, “Get ready….”  


The city lord even leaped into the air, his hands rapidly forming seals, as countless waves of his spiritual power spread outward.


They absolutely couldn't let this heavenly lightning hit the city. 


But at that moment….


“Thunder, disperse!”


The Dao of the Five Element’s strength stemmed from its control over the elements. Although Ye Zichen only achieved minor success with thunder, he could still override ordinary lightning-based techniques. 


His words were like a divine command; as soon as he parted his lips, the Laws seemed to suppress the heavenly lightning, forcefully erasing it.


He erased the heavenly lightning!


This sudden development would astonish absolutely anyone who heard it. The dispersed city guards stared up into the sky at a loss; they could no longer hear the sound of thunder rumbling through the clouds.


That heavenly lightning had been so powerful looking, yet halfway through its descent, it vanished!


The city lord was just on the verge of using his blood essence to guide the lightning from his city when it disappeared. Even though he was a peak sky immortal, he had no idea where it went or how it had vanished. 


Wu Di, Upheaval, and the Axe Gang members reacted the same way. 


Only Jin Anlan knew what had happened. H was the one who’d connected with heaven and earth to summon the heavenly lightning. When it vanished, he sensed that someone had erased it. 


“It was you!” After a brief pause, Jin Anlan’s gaze landed on Ye Zichen. He didn’t think his behavior had offended any mighty experts from the Divine Mountains and provoked them into erasing his heavenly lightning. 


He was quite clear that, given his current level, there was no way major powers from the Divine Mountains would even concern themselves with him. 




Only Ye Zichen could have done it.


Ye Zichen smiled calmly and nodded.  “It was me. Don’t embarrass yourself by playing with thunder in front of me any longer. I already gave you a chance. I can still give you one last opportunity, but you’d better take advantage of it.” 


With that, Ye Zichen shoved his blade into the earth.


This was nothing but an immortal grade weapon, but in his hands, it released power almost comparable to a divine artifact.


The moment the sword pierced the earth, the ground split, forming a rift that spread well over a hundred meters from the blade. 


Jin Anlan was astonished. He was now keenly aware that he’d offended an existence he couldn’t possibly contend with!


His wanton arrogance was based on his control over thunder, the most overbearing of the five elements. Yet, his opponent had erased his attack just like that. He had nothing up his sleeve stronger than heavenly lightning. 


In truth, the moment Ye Zichen erased his heavenly lightning, he’d already lost!


But he absolutely wasn’t the type to just sit and wait for death!


“Come to me, O Thunder!” Setting aside his concern over what had happened to his last attack, Jin Anlan tried once more to connect with the heavenly lightning. When he saw this, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh. “The same attack again? You really don’t have any fun surprises left, do you?”


He sighed once more then glanced at the sky. The roiling heavenly lightning vanished once more. Ye Zichen pointed at his sword and summoned it back into his hands. 


“You don’t have any chances left.” Ye Zichen pointed at the sky, and the vanished thunder and lightning rumbled through the sky once more. 


In an instant, a dragon of purple lightning came crashing down from above and landed directly on Jin Anlan’s head.


Heavenly lightning rained down on him, obliterating him completely.


By the time the lightning dissipated, Jin Anlan was burnt black. His body was still smoking as he fell to the ground. At the same time, Ye Zichen strode toward the Axe Gang’s main hall. No one dared stand in his way. 


“The Axe Gang?” Ye Zichen glanced at the sign hanging above the hall, an indifferent smile on his lips. He raised his sword and swung with all his might. “There’s no need for it to exist any longer!”


With a bang, the sign split in half!

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