Chapter 1103 - A Great Blade Swings at the Axe Gang

Ye Zichen had obliterated all those elites. 


The cultivators of Raging Flame City, who’d survived thanks to the Liu Family ancestor’s barrier, felt shaken to the core. Their eyes darted across the city, which was already stained red with blood. 


At that moment, Ye Zichen descended from the scar. He held his sword in his right hand. Blood flowed down the blade and dripped onto the earth. In his left hand, he held a severed head. When the crowd looked over, they saw that it belonged to Luo Gaoyang. 


One look into Luo Gaoyang’s lifeless eyes and they could sense what he’d been through before dying. His gaze brimmed over with undisguised astonishment, terror, and despair. 


Ye Zichen walked slowly through the city, leaving a trail of bloody footprints in his wake. At the same time, countless spatial rings and precious artifacts gathered around him.


Everyone’s eyes lit up with desire. All of those rings had belonged to at least a human immortal expert. Who knew how much they left behind after their deaths? It was hard to even imagine. However, all they could do was stare longingly. No one dared attempt to steal them, not even the ancestor of the Lu Family. He only nodded at Ye Zichen, then disappeared back into the city.




Countless bloodred footprints trailed behind Ye Zichen. When he made his way to the city’s transmission formation, he stretched out his hand and pointed to the guard.


The guard’s heart clenched as he gulped and trembled uncontrollably.


The guard was terrified. He’s witnessed Ye Zichen harvest the lives of countless human and earth immortals, like the incarnation of the God of Death.


He was worried that he, too, would become a ghost beneath Ye Zichen’s blade.


“Don’t be afraid. I’m not the bloodthirsty type.” 


Ye Zichen swung his sword in the air a few times, stuck it into the earth, and placed his hand on the guard’s shoulder. 


“Do you know where the Profound Great District’s Axe Gang is located?”


“The Thirty-sixth District,” said the guard. He was drenched in cold sweat, and the blood had drained from his face.


“Then could you please send me to whichever city of the Thirty-sixth District their headquarters is in?” asked Ye Zichen. “This….. Is my toll.”


He pulled out a single spatial ring from his vast sea of spiritual treasures and passed it to the guard. It was covered in fresh blood. The guard shook his head frantically. He dared not accept the ring.


“You don’t want the money?” Ye Zichen nodded, and didn’t press the issue.  He placed it into his spatial pouch, which was now like a river of precious stones, and stepped into the eye of the transmission array. “Sorry for the trouble.”


Ye Zichen summoned the immortal blade, and before long, his blood-drenched sword and Luo Gaoyang’s severed head stained the transmission array red.


The guard dared not delay. His trembling hands stretched forward and pressed a few buttons near the formation. 


The spiritual formation burst into light. Ye Zichen’s figure distorted, then disappeared without a trace.


As soon as he sent Ye Zichen off, the guard collapsed to the ground, drenched in cold sweat. Moreover, a wet stain spread from his privates as he stared dumbly into space.


At the same time, Wang Lei and the Liu Family Head arrived at the formation. 


When they saw the guard’s embarrassing state, Wang Lei was visibly displeased. This was a soldier he’d trained personally! But when he considered the limits of the guard’s strength, and that he’d just faced an immortal king’s full imposing aura, humiliating himself like this was forgivable.


He looked at the guard, sighed, and asked despite himself, “Just now, where was that senior headed?”


The guard had obviously already been scared out of his wits. The Liu Family Head infused some spiritual power into the guard’s body, which helped him regain his senses somewhat. 


Even so, the guard just sat there, shaking with terror, and murmured, “He went…. To the thirty-sixth district…..” As soon as they heard that, Wang Lei and the Liu Family Head couldn’t help but look at each other. Before they could say anything, however, the Liu Family ancestor appeared next to them.






Wang Lei and the Liu Family Head simultaneously cupped their hands in greeting. The Liu Family ancestor glanced at the transmission formations and sighed, “Everything is going to change.”


This ancestor was in deep seclusion; he absolutely never left. However, when Raging Flame City was on the verge of destruction, he had no choice but to leave isolation and protect his home.


A long time had passed since the state of the Northern Divine Mountain’s seventy-two districts had changed, but given Ye Zichen’s strength…..


He feared that the pond of stagnant water that was the seventy-two districts was about to undergo an earth-shattering transformation!


“Liu Qing, you absolutely must bear this in mind: should Upheaval re-establish itself, our Liu Family must support it with all our strength, and actively build a relationship with them.”


With that, the ancestor disappeared without a trace. Although he said this to the Liu Family Head, he did nothing to prevent Wang Lei from overhearing. As for how much Wang Lei could glean from his words, well, that depended on his own comprehension.


The ancestor feared Ye Zichen was already on the verge of becoming a supreme!




“Aogu, I’ll definitely avenge you.”


The head of the Axe Gang, Jin Anlan, wore mourning robes, as did the Axe Gang members accompanying him. This was at Jin Anlan’s request; he wanted them to pay their respects as well.


In the gang’s main hall, numerous gang members in funerary robes were setting fires. The blazing flames reached the heavens. 


Wu Di, Wei Jie and the others were tied hand and foot in front of the fire. Their spiritual seas were sealed as they knelt on the ground. 


This fire had been prepared for them; Jin Anlan wanted them to accompany Huang Aogu to the grave.


“Speak!” Jin Anlaan shouted at his captives. “Where is Ye Zichen!?” 

All of Ye Zichen’s captured allies had serious injuries, especially Wu Di, who was drenched in blood from head to toe. His hair was tangled, and his breathing was growing increasingly shallow. 


“I don’t know.” Wu Di stared, cold and ferocious, through his messy hair and laughed coldly. “If you’ve got guts, just kill me! My master will absolutely avenge me! You, the rest of the Axe Gang, and the Green Gang backing you, all of you will accompany to the grave! I won’t die in vain!”


“You won’t talk? Fine…… then I’ll just kill you!”


With that, Jin Anlan shouted in fury, “Someone, come here and set them ablaze” 


“They’re just the start. There is absolutely no way I’ll let that scumbag who murdered you escape.” Jin Anlan glanced at Wu Di and the other kneeling figures, but just as he was about to have a subordinate toss them into the flames, the servant responsible for cleaning the ancestral hall scrambled inside. “Gang Leader.”


“Hm?” Jin Anlan glanced at the new arrival coldly. The servant opened his hands, revealing countless shattered spirit tablets. 


“What’s this…….?” As he looked at the broken tablets, Jin Anlan’s pupils constricted. He felt as if some of the names on those shattered tablets were familiar.


The servant gulped and replied, terrified, “These are….. Elder Luo and the others’ spirit tablets. This is only a small portion of them. Practically every jade slip belonging to one of our elites…. shattered!”


Before those present could respond, another Axe Gang member rushed in from afar. His expression was panicked and he was missing an arm. Blood coursed from his open wound. He knelt before Jin Anlan, terrified, his gaze agonized, and said, “Boss! There’s someone outside carrying Elder Luo’s head! He’s killing his way inside!”


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