Chapter 1102 - City of Blood

As soon as he spoke, Ye Zichen disappeared, leaving behind an afterimage. Before the crowd realized what had happened, he reappeared beneath a mid-stage earth immortal’s back.


He smiled broadly, his sinister, toothy grin resembling an asura. He wielded an immortal sword of unknown quality, but in his hands, it was like a divine artifact. He cut right through the earth immortal’s protective aura and sprayed the sky with blood. 


This was only the start. Whenever Ye Zichen vanished and reappeared….


At least one earth immortal or a whole group of human immortals fell. In his hands, that immortal blade was unmatched. Who knew how many people’s protective auras it shattered, or how many armors it destroyed? Nothing could stand in its way. The bloodstained blade glinted with cold light. 


“How is this possible….?


Even Luo Gaoyang, a sky immortal expert, felt this heart thud uncontrollably in his chest.


How was this possible?


Ye Zichen was actually an immortal king!


What was an immortal king? They were kings amongst immortals. Even a peak sky immortal would have struggled to face so many earth and human immortals’ joint attack. 


But an immortal king could rely on his defensive aura to simply repel and ignore their attacks. He’d cut through them like an asura, harvesting their lives like a farmer harvests wheat. 


This was, without a doubt, an outright massacre!


“Die!” With a mighty roar, the flying immortals feel like wheat before a scythe. They barely had enough time to struggle before Ye Zichen obliterated them.


Countless agonized shrieks and the sounds and slaughter echoed through the air. The strongest among them were sky immortals, but…..




He didn’t even try to fight back. An immortal king wasn’t an existence mere sky immortals could contend against. 


Those human and earth immortals became sacrificial pawns to buy times for the sky immortals to escape. They fled with all their might, but at that moment, Ye ZIchen laughed.


“Come to me, O Wind!” 


Tornadoes appeared overhead and whirled through the skies above Raging Flame City.


The fierce winds ripped up the earth, carrying it off into the sky. Facing these vicious tornadoes, the frantically fleeing sky immortals madly activated their protective talismans and tossed them forward with no regard for their cost.   


“Come, O Thunder!”


Boom! Rumble! Boom!


Several bolts of heavenly lightning instantly fell from the sky, obliterating countless sky and earth immortals. The sky immortals didn’t even have time to defend themselves before the lightning blasted them into nothingness.


Luo Gaoyang was the strongest of the sky immortals, but facing the combined might of the tornadoes and heavenly lightning, he could only frantically flee for his life.


He fully activated his protective aura, but the lightning was far too dense. Even though he was being extremely careful, a few bolts still landed on him.


His protective aura shattered into pieces and he coughed up several mouthfuls of fresh blood. 


The remaining human and earth immortals were scared out of his wits. In the face of life and death, everyone was selfish. The Axe Gang members, former sworn brothers, cast aside their allies and scattered in all four directions.


“Want to run?”


Ye Zichen had noticed them the moment he arrived in Raging Flame City. However, in order to trick them into showing themselves, he forcefully suppressed his inner fury and had that meaningless conversation with the old man of the Wu Family.


He only had one goal: obliterating every single member of the Axe Gang all at once.


Taking them all out at once meant that he’d leave no survivors….


“Come to me, O Flames!” With an angry roar, the sky filled with red flames. A sea of fire big enough to envelop all of Raging Flame City blazed overhead


The sky blazed with flames!


Divine thunder and lightning roiled through the clouds!


Fierce gusts howled through the air!


Countless human and earth immortal corpses fell to the ground. They carried enough treasure to make just about anyone in Raging Flame City red-eyed with desire, yet no one searched their corpses. 


Given the circumstances, they simply didn’t dare.


A few were brave enough to try it, but without exception, they died in the process.


Houses collapsed, the earth caved in, the river stopped flowing….


The immortal-king-level waves of energy spread throughout the city, and even to the surrounding small towns. All of them felt waves of pressure strong enough to destroy heaven and earth….


It was like the end of the world……


For Raging Flames City, the Thirteenth District, or even the entire Mortal Great District, this was like an apocalypse!




Up on the city walls, Wang Lei coughed up a mouthful of blood. The moment Ye Zichen summoned his Dao of the Five Elements, he took action. As City Lord, he poured all of his strength into a protective barrier to shield his citizens. 


It wasn’t just him. The other family clans sent their experts to help, too. 


At that moment, the hearts of everyone in Raging Flame City beat as one. 


But Wang Lei was a sky immortal expert. Naturally, he was the primary pillar of support for their barrier. When he coughed up blood, the barrier protecting the city instantly shattered. 


“This isn’t good!” Wang Lei’s eyes turned bloodshot. This was already no time to vie for supremacy with the Liu Family. Right now, he was just a city lord, and all he wanted to do was protect his citizens. 


He bit his tongue, using the pain to stimulate his nerves, and started circulating his spiritual energy once more, but at that moment……




They didn’t know where it came from, but at that moment, the citizens heard a calm whisper. In an instant, five-colored lights appeared above the city, enveloping it within. 


When the Liu Family Head saw the barrier and heard the voice that summoned it, he instinctively glanced toward the Liu Family estates. “Ancestor!” 


An elderly man, who looked well over a hundred years of age, stood in the sky above Raging Flame City. Both his hair and beard were white, yet he was vibrant and full of life.


He gently pointed into the air. The onlookers had the vague sense that he’d placed the multicolored light barrier. 


Wang Lei was standing to the side. When he heard this, he was stunned. When he looked at the elderly man he saw...


An immortal king!


He stared at the Liu Family Head in utter astonishment. He’d never looked down on their strength, but he never would have guessed….


They had an immortal king backing them!


Ye Zichen didn’t realize that he’d provoked such a commotion in Raging Flame City. Right now, he only cared about one thing: eliminating all of his enemies. 


In but a single, brief hour, all those human and earth immortals perished, as well as most of the sky immortals. Only Luo Gaoyang and another of his mid-stage sky immortal subordinates remained. 


“Die!” A low, demonic whisper appeared behind that lucky survivor. When he heard that soft, yet terrifying voice, his heart practically stopped, but before he could react, his head and body parted ways.


Blood spurted madly from his gaping neck, yet not a single drop stained Ye Zichen’s clothes. 


“Now it’s your turn.” Ye Zichen cocked his head to the side and disappeared into the air. Luo Gaoyang was terrified. He wanted to run….. But as expected, shortly after Ye Zichen next appeared, Luo Gaoyang fell to the ground, dead. 


Just like that, not one of the elites the Axe Gang deployed at Raging Flame City survived. 


Fresh blood… the skies were dyed red with blood! Raging Flame City, famous for its blazing fires, had become a city of blood!



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