Chapter 1101- Turning Your Own Scheme Against You

“Ha ha ha, you’re finally here…..”


As soon as Ye Zichen spoke, there was a burst of wanton laughter as a few dozen men and women in black robes appeared in the Wu Family estates. Each had an axe emblem emblazoned on their chests. 


Their auras were all very powerful. Not even Ye Zichen’s overbearing pressure was enough to shake them. In fact, he vaguely sensed them pressing back against him.


“Your Excellencies.” At that moment, Wu Honghua, who was overcome with fear, shockingly rushed right towards these new arrivals, a subservient smile on his face.


“Your Excellency, is this who you were looking for?”


“That’s right,” said the middle-aged man standing at their forefront. “There’s no need for you to stay here. You can leave.” He nodded, and Wu Honghua reacted as if he’d been granted amnesty. Without so much as a second’s hesitation, he fled.


Once Wu Honghua left, that middle-aged man took a single step forward…..




His mid-stage sky immortal power burst out of his body. His spiritual power was so vast, it even somewhat suppressed Ye Zichen’s.


“Who are you?” Ye Zichen glanced at the middle-aged man and smiled indifferently.


“I am the third elder of the Axe Gang’s punishment division, Luo Gaoyang and you…. Are Ye Zichen, aren’t you?”


The way the Axe Gang members saw it, everything was under their control. They have quite a few sky immortal experts, and they were surrounded by countless earth and human immortals as well. They’d send over half of the Axe Gang’s elites just to capture Ye Zichen. Even if the aura Ye Zichen released just now was at the sky immortal level, he couldn’t possibly escape their combined assault.


“You’re still not qualified to know who I am,” said Ye Zichen coldly.


“You’ve got quite the temper.” Luo Gaoyong nodded, then tried a different question. “Then I’ll ask you this: were you the one who killed Huang Aogu, who we sent to lead our base here?”


“I am,” said Ye Zichen with a calm nod. “Then I’ll ask you a question in return. My apprentice…. Did you kidnap him?”


“We did,” said Luo Gaoyang in the same calm manner.


“That’s just perfect,” said Ye Zichen.


Luo Gaoyang didn’t quite understand what he meant by that, but he could tell that something about his demeanor changed suddenly as he spoke. 


“Let’s take this into the air. This is my apprentice’s family clan….. Every stalk of grass will one day belong to my apprentice. I don’t want him to inherit a ruined family estate.”


“Inherit the family? Surely you don’t think your apprentice will ever return here?”


“Who knows?” Ye Zichen made no effort to clear things up. He simply pressed off the ground and floated into the air. 


The sky immortal experts in the courtyard frowned and followed him into the air. One of them, an early-stage sky immortal, turned to their leader and asked, “Elder Luo, do you think that brat’s up to something?” 


From the start, Ye Zichen had seemed just a bit too calm, as if he weren’t the least bit concerned despite facing so many sky immortals. 


This was absolutely no mere act; he truly had that much self confidence. 


Luo Gaoyang’s brows were tightly knit as well. Despite his vast breadth of experience, he couldn’t see through Ye Zichen. He, too, had considered that Ye Zichen might have some tricks up his sleeve….


However, everyone here was an elite of the Axe Gang. Even with just their current numbers not even the peak clans of the Profound Great District would dare contend with them. How could Ye Zichen possibly have the confidence to do so?


He figured that Ye ZIchen was probably just bluffing. It’s just that his bluff was so skillful, they couldn’t see through his acting. 


“It doesn’t matter what he’s got up his sleeves. A thousand of us arrived here over half a month ago, and we’ve been waiting in ambush ever since. If he had allies, wouldn’t we know about it? Right now, he’s nothing but a beetle in a glass chair. Remember, when you capture him, you absolutely must take him alive. The boss said it repeatedly: he wants to see him alive.”


“Yes, sir.” 


On Luo Gaoyang’s orders, all of the sky immortal experts took to the skis. They formed a circle around Ye Zichen. Countless, tightly-packed earth and human immortals lay in wait just behind them.


Their combined aura turned the skies above Raging Flame City a deep, ink-dark black.


“So, this is a peak faction of the Profound Great District?” 


Wang Lei saw that the sky was jam-packed. There were at least a few thousand human immortal experts! When he saw this, he couldn’t help but sigh in astonishment.


He was the City Lord of Raging Flame City and a sky immortal expert at that, but…..


He had no way of commanding so many sky, earth, and human immortals! Furthermore, his family clan had no worthy successors; their next strongest expert was a mere peak human immortal. There was absolutely no way he could round up enough experts to contend with the Axe Gang. 


“Everything is clear now. I’m afraid that expert surnamed ‘Ye’ is the one who uprooted the Axe Gang’s local base. I have to say that he was really too impulsive. No matter how all-encompassing his strength, the local Axe Gang base has support from the Profound Great District’s main headquarters. Now they’ve come looking for trouble. I’m afraid that, with so many sky immortal experts, things aren’t looking good for him.”


“I’m afraid I have to disagree.” To his surprise, the head of the Liu Family shook his head calmly. “Since he dared provoke the Axe Gang, he naturally possesses sufficient strength to do so…. Perhaps, this expert will bring us a pleasant surprise.” 


Wang Lei glanced at the Liu Family head doubtfully. The Liu Family was the most mysterious existence in Raging Flame City. Everyone knew they were strong, but no one knew just how strong they were.


When he heard the Liu Family Head’s words, the City Lord couldn’t help but subconsciously glance at the sky…..


Could Ye Zichen really give them a pleasant surprise even in this sort of situation? 


After surrounding Ye Zichen, Luo Gaoyang smiled coldly and said, “Brat, you’re surrounded on all sides. Escape is impossible! I strongly encourage you to give in without a fight.” 


“This should be all of you, right?” 


To everyone’s surprise, even now, Ye Zichen’s calm smile had yet to leave his face. He simply coolly looked around at the troops encircling him without even the slightest hint of fear.


“You’re still bluffing?” sneered Luo Gaoyang. He had to admit: Ye Zichen’s acting was decent. However, bluffing even after all that was a bit over the top.


“To tell you the truth, you really ought to be honored. In order to lead you into our trap, we waited in Raging Flame City for a full two weeks. You’ve really got guts. How dare you kill Huang Aogu? Didn’t you know how lofty his status within the gang was?”  


“Is that so? Then I ought to feel deeply honored!”


Ye Zichen paused in mid-air and laughed, but the next moment, his gaze grew frigid as a spiritual fluctuation even more powerful than before exploded out of his body. At the same time, he pressed his lips into a smile and said…...


“But haven’t you realized that you’ve fallen into my trap instead?” 

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