Chapter 1100- Explosive Fury!

By the time Ye Zichen came to his senses, he’d already left the painting. He was back on the ancient path leading from Raging Flame City. His landscape painting separated from the jagged rock as well and flew back into his hands. 


“I’m out!”


When he looked over this familiara landscape and saw the landscape painting in his hands, Ye Zichen was somewhat baffled. 


As soon as he took the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, the apparition sent him directly out of the painting. At first, he assumed that he’d simply left the armory. That palace seemed like it had medicine rooms and a talisman room too. He’d hoped to go check out the other rooms too. 


“Petty.”  He grimaced at the rock, but he wasn’t actually all that resentful. He wouldn’t inherit the mausoleum, so even if he went to the other rooms, he might still have left empty-handed.


Staying there set his heart on edge as well, so heading back to reality now was good too. 


Furthermore, he hadn’t made this trip in vain. At least he’d received one of the ten supreme treasures, the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. That was good, even if the tower wasn’t particularly impressive-looking. 


“What exactly is up with this Yao-Sealing Pagoda?”


He frowned and was just about to carefully examine the pagoda when he sensed a transmission from the jade slip in his spatial ring. 


He reached his awareness into the slip, skimmed its messages, and immediately froze. His eyes flashed with grave light before he transformed into a beam of light and left the ancient path. 


Raging Flame City.


For the past two weeks, the biggest news in town was Upheaval’s obliteration.


It was just like when Upheaval displaced the Axe Gang; Upheaval immediately became a hot topic throughout  the city. This time, however, it was their destruction that became the focus of everyone’s discussions. 


The surrounding space distorted, and Ye Zichen appeared in Upheaval’s base…..


All he saw were the remnants of terrifying destruction. Someone had shattered their great gates, and there were signs of a vicious battle carved into every surface.


Even though it had already been a few days, he could still sense lingering traces of various daoist arts.   


Ye Zichen stood there looking over the remnants of Upheaval, the gang he’d poured his heart and soul into establishing. As he examined its battered state, his fists clenched tightly around his body trembled violently. 


“The Axe Gang!” Ye Zichen spoke through tightly clenched teeth. After a few more quick glances at his destroyed base, he vanished once moree. 


The second time he appeared, he was in the Wu Family Courtyard.




An overpowering immortal presence instantly enveloped the Wu Family estate. Instantly, everyone from the elders, to retainers and ordinary clansmen, and even the servants, trembled uncontrollably beneath the weight of this imposing aura. 


Clouds flowed in reverse, and heaven and earth changed color. 


Howling gusts of wind ripped up the courtyard’s flowers and trees by the roots. Dark clouds filled the clear and sunny skies and rumbled with endless thunder. 


Ye Zichen stood directly in the center of the courtyard, glowering coldly at the great hall before him.


“Wu Wenguang, come out and see me!” This angry roar boomed like thunder, so deafeningly loud that practically everyone in Raging Flame City could hear his fury. 


Many of Raging Flame City’s family clans sent people to investigate.


Meanwhile, atop the city tower, City Lord Wang Lei fixed his gaze on the Wu Family estates. The head of the Liu Family stood beside him. Their families had grown much closer since the Wu Family’s grand competition. 


Under the combined threat of the Wu Family’s alliance with the Cai Family and their newfound qilin son, they really had no other choice but to work together if they wanted to maintain their position. 


“How strong!” said Wang Lei solemnly after a lengthy silence. Even though they weren’t in range of that imposing immortal aura, that furious shout alone was enough to force his blood backwards through his veins despite his early-stage sky immortal cultivation. 


To accomplish such a feat, whoever had appeared in the Wu Family Estate had to be at least a peak-level sky immortal expert or even an immortal king.


The head of the Liu Family nodded silently, but he didn’t care as much as Wang Lei. Wang Lei was the city lord; he naturally had to guarantee the city’s safety. If a mighty expert appeared, even if they were only making trouble for the Wu Family, Wang Lei felt a great weight on his shoulders. 


Comparatively speaking, the Liu Family had far fewer concerns. 


“Wu Wenguang.” Yet another deep, angry roar reverberated throughout Raging Flame City. Ye Zichen fixed his gaze straight ahead. Before long, the terrified Grand Elder of the Wu Clan scurried out of the manor. 


“Respectful greetings, senior. Pardon me, but what has our Wu Family done to offend you and provoke your thunderous fury? Please enlighten us.” 


This white-haired elder, who looked like he had one foot in the grave already, respectfully greeted a man who looked like a mere youth in front of so many people. He even called him “senior”......


It was truly rather amusing. 


Ye Zichen narrowed his eyes and smiled slightly at the utterly terrified Wu Honghua.


“Who are you? I’m looking for Wu Wenguang. What, does he not dare come out and see me?”


“Reporting to Senior, this junior is the Grand Elder of the Wu Family, Wu Honghua. Our family head, Wu Wenguang, is visiting the Profound Great District’s Cai Family. In a few days, we’ll be celebrating our marriage alliance.” 


Wu Honghua was the strongest member of the Wu Family, but he was still just a peak human immortal. Not even the Axe Gang or an earth immortal expert could come to their estate and interrogate him so flagrantly. 


He had no way of determining Ye Zichen’s full strength. All he sensed was a terror so profound, his bones rattled in fear.


“I almost forgot. Your Wu Family is hosting a wedding with the Cai Family.” Ye Zichen pursed his lips. Hee smiled without a hint of mirth. Just looking at his insincere grin made Wu Honghua’s hair stand on edge. He’d lived for so long, yet this was his first time encountering such a situation.


He carefully lowered his head, but his aged eyes flashed with unconcealed terror. 


He was facing the full brunt of Ye Zichen’s immortal aura. He felt suffocated, as if this immense pressure were about to shatter his dao heart. 




“Don’t be nervous. I’m not the bloodthirsty type.” 


He chuckled and patted Wu Honghuaa’s shoulders. In Wu Huahong’s eyes, those warm hands and gentle smile didn’t seem so kind and friendly. He nodded in terror, only to hear Ye Zichen add……

“Have Wu Di come out and see me.” 


Wu Honghua’s expression instantly tensed up. He stood in front of Ye Zichen, his face a mask of terror. He suddenly felt a wave of foreboding wash over him. 


“Senior, you….”


“I…..” A devious smile surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face, then, the next moment, he stared deep into Wu Honghua’s eyes. “I am Wu Di’s master!” 

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