Chapter 110 The Furious Taibai Jinxing

Chapter 110 – The Furious Taibai Jinxing

“You’re going to send them all of these stocks?” Liu Qing wandered around the storage, then was pretty much certain that he was going to send all of it after looking at Ye Zichen’s expression.

“But aren’t you afraid of them not helping you after getting all these products!”

Ye Zichen did have that sort of worry, if he was to send all of the products to them, it may affect the sales in the future.

Perhaps leaving some behind to advertise as new products in the future might better.

However, he already sent the price list over, so he couldn’t really not send all of it over. What’s more, he didn’t believe that this storeroom had all the snacks and drinks in the world.

As for working or not…

“I see that your group name is called Supermarket Spokesperson Selection, you might as well just leave one agent behind. If you make them compete with each other, then at least some of them will work properly.”

“You’re smart, little girl!” Ye Zichen raised his hand and knocked Liu Qing on the head.

Her idea truly worked.

“We’ll do as you said.”





Ye Zichen speedily sent all the items over, totaling to several hundred red packets, meaning that he sent several hundred types of products over.

What he got in exchange was an empty storeroom.

Although his hands were sore from sending it, the others had their hands tired out from receiving it.

His phone was instantly filled with notification of xxx received your red packet.


Your intimacy level with Yue Lao increased by 50. Current intimacy level: 230.

Intimacy level levelled up.

Current intimacy level: Trusted.


Your intimacy level with Monkey increased by 50. Current intimacy level: 225.

Intimacy level levelled up.

Current intimacy level: Trusted.



Ye Zichen’s phone became filled with notifications of the intimacy levels increasing. In just a few moments, Ye Zichen’s intimacy level with the five deities in the group all became trusted.

After a while, the deities that snatched all the red packets started to speak in the group.

Yue Lao: Celestial friend, these… <insert a row of astonished emojis>

Third Prince Nezha: Delicious… (It seems like he started to eat already)

Monkey King: Hahaha, generous.

Erlang Shen: Bro is generous.

Canopy Marshal: Delicious… (This guy started to eat as well)

It was as Ye Zichen had expected, the two people that he was worried about, Canopy Marshal and Third Prince Nezha, were truly people that caused others to worry.

They really started to eat the moment they got it.

However, this was also a risk that Ye Zichen had to take. Although the two of them started to eat, the other three haven’t!

“These are free trial products for you guys. I hope you spokespeople will help this sovereign bring a lot of revenue. As long as you guys do well, then this sovereign would definitely give benefits to you guys! Another thing, these are the only products for free trial, which means that these are for you guys to open the market in the Heavenly Court, if you eat it…”

Canopy Marshal: Eat it, then what?

Third Prince Nezha: You can’t eat it?

“You can eat it, just eat it if you want. But you guys wouldn’t be able to advertise in the Heavenly Court after that. Then you guys won’t be able to get discounts in the future. Oh yeah, there can only be one spokesperson in the end, it will be based on your sales results.”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and continued when he saw the silent group.

“Alright everyone, the following time is on you guys.”

Ye Zichen stretched lazily after quitting the WeChat group. He looked at the empty storeroom and took out the phone number that Su Yiyun gave him to stock up.

“Hey, hello, I want to import some stock!”

At the same time, in the Heavenly Court.

Nezha, who was wearing a golden armor and a red bellyband, with two buns on his head, put down the snacks in his hand with an expression of reluctance.

“Can’t eat it,” Canopy Marshal did have some self-restraint, he stopped eating the moment he decided to. However out of the pile of snacks Ye Zichen sent over…

It seemed like only several bottles of drinks remained.

Third Prince Nezha pouted in a troubled manner and looked at the pile of snacks beside him.

“Eating another one doesn’t matter, right?”

Just as he was about to open a jelly, the Immortality Peach Fairy flown over, “Third Prince…”

“Immortality Peach-jiejie.”

The Third Prince looked up happily. The Immortality Peach Fairy landed beside him and looked at the hill of snacks in front of him in confusion, “What are these?”

“Celestial Sovereign Nameless sent them do me. Do you want to try it, Immortality Peach-jiejie?”

The Third Prince handed a fruit jelly over, then thought of the message Ye Zichen sent in the group.

“Great deity Nameless needs cultivation experience. If Immortality Peach-jiejie wants to eat these snacks, then you can buy it from him.”

At the same time, at places around the South Heaven Gate.

Yue Lao took a different approach compared to Third Prince Nezha. He acted as an retailer.

You can try it for free, but if you want to buy it, you have to go to him!

He would sell it for a price that was 10% more than the price on the price list Ye Zichen handed him.

Meanwhile, Erlang Shen and the Monkey King also started up. All of a sudden, the South Heaven Gate suddenly became a market place.

When Ye Zichen finished ordering the products, the sky had already turned dark. Thinking about Su Yiyun, who helped him out, Ye Zichen called him to Spring Bar, near the school.

The two of them sat in a booth, while the table in front of them was covered with all sorts of drinks.

Su Yiyun raised his glass and cheers with Ye Zichen before revealing a confused expression, “Zichen, my friend said you ordered products from him again.”

“Mhmm, I sold all of the goods in the storeroom.”

“It was sold out?” Su Yiyun exclaimed.

He ordered the first batch, and in order to save some effort for Ye Zichen, he ordered quite a bit of each product.

According to his predictions, it would last at least half a month in that sort of isolated place.

However, Ye Zichen just told him that he was all sold out.

In a mere afternoon.

“Ye-zi, you aren’t kidding with me, right?” Su Yiyun gulped. No matter how long he hard he thought about it, he couldn’t think of a sales method to sell all of the stock in such a short time.

“It was given out for free. How could it not sell fast?”


Su Yiyun was completely speechless.

“You gave it all out?”



Su Yiyun didn’t know what to think about him anymore. Those stock cost several tens of thousands yuan, he just gave it out like that.

“You don’t get it. Just drink,” Ye Zichen touched Su Yiyun’s wine glass with his, then took out his phone to check Yue Lao and co.’s moments.

Out of them, Yue Lao was the most serious in it.

He continuously advertised in his moments, and the frequency that he posted at was as fast as the WeChat shop owners that Ye Zichen had on his contacts.

What’s more, he also replied to a lot of messages as well. It seemed like Yue Lao was going to be his commercial agent in the future.

As for Nezha and co., the moments didn’t show much, so he didn’t know about their situation.


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated, causing his shoulder to shake.

Did a customer come so quickly?

Ye Zichen took a look with infinite excitement, only to find that it was Taibai Jinxing that had messaged him.

“Little fellow, you’re challenging my bottom line.”

It seemed like Taibai Jinxing was angry!

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