Chapter 1099 - The Yao-Sealing Pagoda

Ye Zichen had stared longingly at the ten divine artifacts for a long time. Although he’d only been in the God Realm a short while, and didn’t quite understand the ranking system or the treasure’s specific effects, there was one thing he understood clearly: they were all worth a lot of money!


It didn’t matter which one he grabbed; all of them would make others wild with greed. It didn’t matter what the treasures’ effects were; if they were valuable, that was good enough!


Especially in an unknown place like the God Realm, he needed treasure on hand!


He looked expectantly at the ghostly figure on the wall. In response, it shifted back and forth a few times. 


“Of course.”


Practically the moment the apparition replied, Ye Zichen dashed towards the secret room containing the ten supreme treasures. 


What immortal weapons? What demigod treasures? With Divine Artifacts placed right before him,, he’d have to be an idiot to choose anything less! 


The moment Ye Zichen entered in the hidden room, the apparition followed him and asked evenly, “Are you sure you want treasures from this room?”


“What, I can’t choose them?” Ye Zichen arched his brows. 


“Of course you can,” said the apparition without the slightest wave of emotion. “I said I’d let you choose a single treasure. That naturally includes everything here. The ten supreme treasures are no exception.”  From its perspective, none of this was important. He naturally wouldn’t limit Ye Zichen’s choice.


“However, before you make your choice, I must warn you that any one of those treasures will make even those on the Divine Mountains mad with envy. They’re like hot potatoes; if you grab them, you’ll burn your hands. I can see that you’re currently an immortal king and that you’re about to become a supreme. However, have you considered that once you step onto the divine mountains, even diviners and rulers will try and snatch away your treasures? Are you sure you’re strong enough to protect something so valuable?”


The apparation’s words hit the nail on the head. It fully understood Ye Zichen’s position.  


Below the Divine Mountains, Ye Zichen was strong enough to go just about whatever he wanted, but once he stepped onto the Divine Mountains…..


Everyone there was at least a supreme! He had various methods he could use to resist other supreme, but if diviners and rulers came, what could he do?


Did he really have enough power to protect a precious treasure?


An innocent man carrying an overly precious treasure was guilty of a crime. Anyone could understand that logic. Ye Zichen was, of course, no exception.


The ghost’s words seemed to pour a bucket of ice-water over his head; they completely extinguished the desire blazing in his heart. 


It seemed like he really wasn’t strong enough to protect something so precious. 


Even if he took one and tried to sell it instead of using it himself, he’d need a safe place to sell it off. He couldn’t guarantee that, after finding a good venue, the other party wouldn’t just look at his mere supreme-level strength and decide it was easier to just kill him and seize his treasures.


“You can only choose one treasure, and once you’ve chosen, you can’t change your mind. I recommend that you consider your future before making your choice,” said the apparition. Ye Zichen, who’d already started reaching for the divine artifacts, lowered his hand. 


Comparatively speaking, demigod artifacts suited him better. 


For a supreme to use a demigod artifact already meant he was doing well for himself. Demigod artifacts weren’t ordinary either, but at the same time, they weren’t enticing enough to lure diviners and rulers to attack him. At the very least…… they could truly become his precious treasure.


He glanced at the demigod artifacts on the walls, then back at the ten supreme treasures. 


In terms of appeal, the ten supreme treasures were still far more enticing. 


He scanned all ten treasures intently a few times. When he realized that me might not be able to protect them from theft, the way he looked at those divine artifacts changed. 


First of all, he couldn’t take the divine weapons and armors.


These would attract far too much attention; people would come from all over to steal them. Furthermore, he used his weapons and armor more than any other treasures; taking them would be equivalent to giving others a free meal.


However, he couldn’t take the auxiliary treasures either. 


In the God Realm, auxiliary divine artifacts were extremely rare. For instance, the Sea-Braking Boat used divine power to fly at speeds comparable to a peak-level diviner. 


Even if it wasn’t particularly useful to top-level experts, it would be a rare, irreplaceable treasure for their clansmen and descendants. 


He couldn’t take it, either. 


After eliminating the other nine treasures, there was only one supreme treasure left for him to choose.


The Yao-Sealing Pagoda 


Its description only had its name. Its label said nothing of its ranking, nor was there any explanation of its functions. It wasn’t particularly impressive-looking either: it was a pitch-black, miniature pagoda. It’s surface was flecked with specks of something that looked like rust. 


He still worried that he wasn’t strong enough to protect his treasures, but he didn’t want to just give up on all these precious treasures. If he did and regretted it later, it’d be too late. 


Ye ZIchen steeled himself and grabbed the pagoda decisively. 


No seals or barriers got in his way. Soon, Ye Zichen held the Yao-Sealing Tower in his hands.


It was very small; its base fit neatly on his palm.


He couldn’t sense even the slightest wave of divine energy like he could from the other divine artifacts. It was like a lump of scrap iron; it was inferior even to the demigod artifacts. Even Ye Zichen himself couldn’t help but wonder why he’d chosen it. 


Little did he know, the moment he reached for the Yao-Sealing Tower, the apparition on the wall trembled violently.


After a long while, it spoke once more. “Have you chosen? If you're sure of your decision, you can’t change your mind later. Take it and leave.”


He didn’t know why. There was obviously no one here to steal his treasures, but after taking hold of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, his heart thudded non-stop.


He made a crazy decision and chose one of the ten supreme treasures.


“Are you saying that now that I’ve touched it, I can’t change my mind?”


“Did I say that?” asked the ghost, as if it had forgotten its earlier words. “I can give you one last chance to change your mind. Do you want to swap?”


“Are you sure?” Ye Zichen was, internatally, somewhat hesitant.


The Yao-Sealing Pagoda was truly too ordinary-looking. Part of him really did want to swap it for something else, even if it was just a demigod artifact. 


However, since it was included amongst the ten supreme treasures, there was naturally something special about it.


Besides, he’d already decided. It was better not to be wishy-washy about it. 


He faced the apparition and said decisively, “I won’t change my mind.”  By now, he truly had his heart set on the tower.


The ghostly figure made no further attempts to persuade him. It simply laughed calmly. The sound of its laughter was deeply eerie.


“Ha…. Alright. Since you’ve decided, you can leave now.” 


Before Ye Zichen could even bow and thank the ghostly figure, he realized that he’d reappeared in the courtyard where the five doors had been. 


As soon as he disappeared from the armory, the apparition sighed inexplicably. “You’re one of heaven’s two chosen emperors. Of all the daos of heaven and earth, you chose the Five Elements. Of ten supreme treasures, you chose the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Young man, you really are connected to this emperor by fate. This is good too. Wu Yi’s personality is too extreme, and Chi Mei is too playful. I’ll pass everything onto you. You might truly be the best choice.” 

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